difference between getc and getchar

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Difference between fgetc and GETC

The function getchar is defined to be equivalent to GETC (stdin ). the difference between the first two functions is that GETC can be implemented as a macro, whereas fgetc cannot be implemented as a macro. this means three things.   1. The

Distinguish between getch, getche, fgetc, GETC, getchar, fgets, and gets in C Language

First, these two functions are not functions in the C standard library, Int getch (void) // read a character from the standard input. When you enter the character on the keyboard, the screen does not display the character you entered. That is, do

Distinguish the getch, getche, fgetc, GETC, getchar, fgets, and gets functions in C Language

  Two original posts: http://www.cnblogs.com/younes/archive/2010/01/05/1639482.html Http://blog.csdn.net/cxyol/archive/2006/03/18/628324.aspx   FirstTwo functions are not functions in the c Standard Library: Int getch (void) // read a character from

Scanf, gets, getchar, cin, cin. get, cin. getline, getline summary, cin. getcin. getline

Scanf, gets, getchar, cin, cin. get, cin. getline, getline summary, cin. getcin. getline I. scanf Scanf can be used to read numbers, characters, and strings; Conclusion:(1) When scanf reads a single character (% c) from the buffer, if the first

Re-discussion of Getch () and GetChar ()

The original: Getch () and GetChar () re-discussion In the C language character handler, Getch () and GetChar () are often confusing two functions, and they all have "strange" features that make beginners feel confused. There are a lot of

Differences between file Terminator EOF feof

  Address:Http://bbs.chinaunix.net/viewthread.php? Tid = 981231 & extra = & page = 2 I don't know the differences between the two. I don't know how worried it is. I just can't understand it. I can't figure it out. It's a long time, but I still don't

C Programming Language (2nd edition • New version) Chapter 7th input and output

Input and output are not part of the C language itself. This chapter describes the standard library , focusing on input/output, and introduces string processing, storage management, and mathematical functions;The ANSI standard defines these library

Linux File Operations (2)

Standard I/O Library The standard I/O Library and its header files provide a 10 thousand interface called by the underlying I/O system. this library is not part of ANSI Standard C, and the system call we mentioned earlier is not. However, this

Ctype,sdtio and Stdlib

CTypeThe functions in ctype.h are used to parse characters. Common methods are as follows:ToLower (): Returns the lowercase form of the parameter. If it is lowercase, it will return to that lowercase character directly.ToUpper (): Returns the

C file I/O SUPER detailed tutorial, o SUPER

C file I/O SUPER detailed tutorial, o SUPER This article mainly referencesC Primer Plus (5th & 6th Edition) You can choose to read part of this article, some content may be too obscure to readers who are not familiar with MS-DOS.Basic knowledge of C

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