difference between if and while

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The difference between while and if

While is used for looping statements, and if for judging and branching statements.Since you do not specify what the procedure is, only the generalities.In the If statement, the common format is:if (judging condition) {EXECUTE statement}The structure

Difference between a do while loop and A WHILE LOOP

Difference between a do while loop and A WHILE LOOP1. The do while loop first executes the loop body and then judges the loop condition. If it is true, the next loop is executed; otherwise, the loop is terminated;The while loop first determines the

Popular understanding the difference between T-Test and F-Test "turn"

Transferred from: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_4ee13c2c01016div.htmlOrigin of 1,t test and F-TestIn general, in order to determine the probability of making a mistake from the statistical results of samples (sample), we use statistical methods

Day 4: loop structure (while, do... While, ),... While

Day 4: loop structure (while, do... While, ),... While1. Loop Structure (while, do... While,) 1.1. What is a loop structure In daily life, there will be a lot of things that need to be done repeatedly, such as four seasons of every year, 7 days of

Process synchronization and communication, the difference between process and thread synchronization, the difference between process and thread communication "go"

This article was reproduced from: http://www.cnblogs.com/youngforever/p/3250270.htmlThese two days to see the process of synchronization and communication, read a few books on the introduction, but also from the Internet search a lot of information,

A description of the difference between a for, while, do, three loop statement in Java _java

In this paper, we introduce the difference between the for-, while and do-three circular statements in Java, which are shown in the following detail: The first type: For loop The format of the loop structure for statement: for

Python full stack __python difference, input, if, while

First, the initial computerCPU memory hard Disk operating systemCPU: Is the brain of the computer, central processing Unit, mainly responsible for data operation and calculation, is the computing center.MemoryMemory: Temporarily stores data for use

Please take the time machine of switch, if and while

I. Switch, if and while time machineDo you know what a choice is? What is judgment, or do you know what a loop is? For example, a car and a bike, what would you choose? So will you judge right and wrong? Rain, not always in circulation! These are

The difference between a for loop and a do......while

The difference between a for loop and a do......while In fact, in the functional, there is no difference, because the for loop can implement the Do......while can also be implemented, Do......while can implement for can also be implemented. But

The difference between do and while!

1#include"stdio.h"2 Main ()3 {4 intA=0, b=1;5 Do{//In this case the Do while is the first completion of the operation in {} in judging while () in the loop//6a=a+b;7b++;8 } 9 while(bTen);Tenprintf"a=%d\nb=%d") One A - - the - Main (

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