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The principle analysis and precaution _vbs of VBS script virus

The popularity of the internet has made our world a better place, but it has also made people unhappy. When you receive a message with the theme "I Love You", when you click on an attachment with a mouse that is almost shaking with excitement, when

About recent appearance Logo1_.exe basic introduction and removal techniques _ virus killing

in fact, we only need to install a new poison tyrant, basically will not have the problem, if your computer has a problem, you must use the rising, rising in this aspect of the anti-virus ability is really limited, we recommend to Jinshan next

Panda burning Incense virus, panda virus kill, the latest variant clear, Delete method super recommended virus killing

Recently, Jiangmin technology issued an emergency virus warning, a disguised as "panda incense" pattern of the virus is crazy crime, has dozens of of corporate LAN has been hit. Companies from different parts of the country reported to the Jiangmin

Introduction to Anti-Virus engine design

Introduction to Anti-Virus engine design 1. Introduction The main content of this article is as follows: Design and compile an advanced anti-virus engine. First, we need to explain the word "advanced". What is "advanced "? As we all know,

Pandatv virus, pandatv virus exclusive, latest variant removal, recommended method

Recently, Jiangmin Technology issued an emergency VIRUS alert. A virus disguised as a "pandatv" pattern is committing a crime. Dozens of enterprises have suffered heavy losses on their local networks. When companies in different countries report to

A description of the virus naming rules

Many times we have used anti-virus software to find their own machines such as backdoor. rmtbomb.12, trojan.win32.sendip.15 and so on these a string of English also with digital virus name, at this time some people on the Meng, so long a string of

Linux-based virus data

Linux-based virus data-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following section. Although there are not many viruses spread in linux, there are also some. I have collected some

Simple Analysis of a USB flash drive Virus

USB flash drives, a mobile storage device, provide great convenience for people to store data due to its advantages such as small size, large capacity, and easy to carry. But thanks to this convenience, the virus also has a chance to take advantage

The understanding of U disk virus and its preventive measures

With the U disk, mobile hard disk, memory card and other mobile storage devices, USB disk virus also flooded up. U disk virus as its name implies is transmitted through U disk virus. Since the discovery of U disk Autorun.inf loophole, the number of

Dos. Provides 5 anti-virus software for DoS

Jiangmin anti-virus pure DoS (floppy disk + CD + U disk + NTFS General) v20050805 free version (The virus database version 9.00.607 is updated to 2005.07.29) Usage: KV. rar decompress the package and run kV. bat. The graphic selection menu is

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