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Stereoscopic 3D mode "Turn"

1920x2160 frame, which is twice times the height of 1920x1080.) Frame packing is the default format for the HDMI 1.4 standard. Any product that is marked as HDMI 1.4 compliant must be able to support this format. It is the standard output format for Blu-ray 3D players, although some of these players have additional options. Frame packing a higher requirement for the projector's processing power, since the projector must be able to separate the encapsulated two frames and display them sequential

The biggest acquisition of the year: $85.4 billion for Cnn,hbo, Batman's parent, Time Warner, the content giant

completely away from the U.S. wireless business increasingly fierce competition. 650) this.width=650; "Src=" Http:// -wmp_4-s_3429044090.png "title=" 2.png "alt=" Wkiol1gml5jw5kc6aafc079q7is750.png-wh_50 "/>Strong alliance, how to move forward?At T-year after the acquisition of T-mobile failed, has re-adjusted the strategy, in recent years has gradually shifted its focus to media video. Last year, he bought

is agile bi really a disruptive bi innovation?

chart.Shared AnalyticsAfter you create a workspace, there are several options that you can use to share your work with others. You can share files by using some common methods (such as email, placing files on a local area network), or you can share the file with IBM Cognos bi through the sharing option in the IBM Cognos Insight menu, as shown in.650) this.width=650, "alt=" Cognos "class=" Img-thumbnail "src=" Webp.jpg "/>After you complete the

[Unity3D] Unity3D game development: 3D item display by mouse rotation and scaling; unity3d Game Development

[Unity3D] Unity3D game development: 3D item display by mouse rotation and scaling; unity3d Game Development Dear friends, I am Qin Yuanpei. Welcome to follow my blog. My blog address is Recently, bloggers have focused on camera rotation, scaling, and other issues. Today we will share with you a feature that is commonly used in 3D presentations, that is, right-click the mouse to achieve rotation, scroll wheel to achieve scaling, and middle mouse to achieve translation. T

Coding and decoding study notes (3): Mpeg1 and Mpeg2 in Mpeg Series

standards have been developed and are currently being developed for MPEG: MPEG-1: the first official Video audio compression standards, followed by the Video CD is adopted, the audio compression level 3 (MPEG-1 Layer 3) referred to as MP3, it has become a popular audio compression format. MPEG-2: broadcast quality video, audio, and transmission protocols. It is used in digital TV-ATSC, DVB, ISDB, Digital Satellite TV (such as DirecTV), digital cab

Movie control, how to get information from video file names

, the sound effect will be specified during release. At last we talked about the video compression encoding format. Are you dizzy when you see the Xvid, x264, and MPEG4 that you just mentioned? MPEG (Moving Picture Experts Group) refers to a "dynamic image Expert Group" organization that studies video and audio encoding standards. Today, it refers to a series of formal review procedures for video encoding standards developed by this group. The following video-related standards have been develope

Common Linux commands during performance testing

First step: View server resourcesCat/proc/cpuinfo has several CPUs that are several logical CPUs (but not actual CPUs, physical CPUs)Number of physical CPUs queried: Cat/proc/cpuinfo | grep physical (there are several in Physical-id)Number of query logical CPUs: Cat/proc/cpuinfo (there are several cores in the actual 1 CPUs)Query Memory: Free Total joinsStep Two: Deploy the environment, modify the configuration fileVI filename: Q exitStep three: Monitoring during testing, viewing logsView overal

Windows 7 ignored seven performance

fingerprint recognizers, to photosensitive components, to accelerators, and so on. For example, photosensitive elements, not only in the dark where the keyboard can be automatically lit, but also through the program to perceive the intensity of light, so that automatically adjust the size of the font, so that it easier to read. 5. Improve battery time during DVD playback Microsoft has done two things on Windows 7 to improve the DVD playback experience. First, the DVD playback process has been

[state-Embedded notes] [005] [Detailed Linux commands]

name view current path: pwdCompress packaging Commands. Tar indicates files packaged with the tar command. GZ indicates files compressed with the gzip command. bz2 represents a file compressed with the BZIP2 commandCompression decompressionCompression: gzip name Bzip2 nameDecompression: gzip-d name bzip2-d namePackaging compressionPackage: Tar cvf newname.tar oldnameUnpacking: Tar xvf namePackage compression: Tar zcvf newname.tar oldnameUnpacking: Tar zxvf nameDisk Management class commandsLoad

Linux commands--monitoring related

with Semkey -s semid removal of signals identified with Semid 5.uptimeThe following information is displayed in turn: The current time, how long the system has been running, how many users are currently logged in, the average load of the system in the past 1 minutes, 5 minutes, and 15 minutes.6.freeView the size of the memory space in the system.7.topThe system performance can be viewed dynamically, and the CPU, memory usage resources and re

Basic instructions under Linux.

Tags: bz2 api find Direction password Free NETWORK Service what are the date openWhat do you see in a directory (folder)? ------------ls-lWhere is it? -----------------pwdChange Path-----------------CDCreate directory-----------------mkdirDelete directory-----------------Rfdir can only delete empty directoriesRM can delete files and directories at the same timeMan Help file1. User commands2, system invoke the pretext API3. C library function4, System equipment related5. Configuration Files6. Gam

1-1. Common commands for databases and RedHat Linux

somefileView File Content in real time for debugging Date-s 10/09/2009Modification date Date-s 13:24:00Modification time. date is displayed directly. DF-KView File disk space DF-VView a file space DuView disk space usage FreeView memory usage TopView the current system resource usage Vmstat 5 10Refresh once in less than 5 seconds, refresh 10 times; time, Timex, uptime, iostat, SAR CAT/proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | WC-lObtain the number of CPUs Serv

Several commands for observing system resources

FreeView the memory that is idle or used in the system.UnamePrint system Information, kernal, cups, hardware, and more.UptimeShows how long the system has been powered on, and the average load of 1, 5, and 15 minutes.NetstatView network-related information, network connections, routing tables, Interface states (Interface Statistics), masquerade connections, multicast members (multicast memberships), and more.DmesgCheck the core (kernel) for hardware t

Disk mount and view under Linux

Dfviewing system partitions and usageHow to use:Df-h (automatically according to the size of the unit to fit the display)Df-i (view inode usage)FreeView Swap partition UsageDuView the specified directory size (space-consuming size)How to use:Du-h/etc/(view/etc/directory size, including self-directory size)Du-s/etc/(view/etc/directory or file size, not including subdirectory size)FDISK (partitioning the disk)How to use:Fidsk-l (View the current partiti

Linux Stress test software Stress installation and use guide

waiting for I/O, memory, etc., as usual time >1, then be concerned. I/o read/write load can be evaluated. Daily management of other systems To view the number of CPUs in the system:cat/proc/cpu InfoMonitor the system status to see where the pressure is:vmstatProc column displays process-related informationR indicates the number of processes running and waiting for CPU time slices, such as the number of long-term > server CPUs, indicating that the CPU is not enoughSwap indicates me

Linux Source code compilation

Tags: href yum source/usr httpd full Appach definition how MoDFirst, lamp compilationlinux+apache+mysql+phpPHP can be found by Appchae to parse PHP script, to operate the database through PHP1. Installing the GCC compilerHow to compile the source code C language under LinuxView Memory FreeView hard Disk Fdisk-lView Mount Status Df-hCompile process: build configuration file, compile, installIn the Software installation package. h file is the C-language

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