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Python uses scapy analog packets to implement ARP attack, DNS amplification attack example _python

Scapy is a powerful interactive packet processor written by Python that can be used to send, sniff, parse, and forge network packets, often used in network attacks and tests. This is done directly with Python's scapy. Here is the ARP attack way, you can make ARP attack. Copy Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/python """ ARP attack """ Imp

Analysis of DNS amplification attack principles

servers are set to loop queries, these third-party servers send these requests back to attackers. The attacker stored a 4000-byte text on the DNS server for this DNS amplification attack. Because the attacker has added a large number of records to the cache of a third-party DNS

XML-RPC amplification attack: "Violent aesthetics" against WordPress"

attack. A Core Command server can use the DNS or NTP protocol to respond to the amplification attack, increasing the original attack intensity by 50-times. Any type of amplification attacks will benefit hackers. Free up big attac

An example of using scapy to simulate packet arp attacks and dns Amplification Attacks in Python-Python tutorial

This article describes how to use scapy to simulate packets in Python to implement arp attacks and dns amplification attacks. This article focuses on the use of scapy, for more information, see scapy, a powerful interactive data packet processing program written in python. scapy can be used to send, sniff, parse, and forge network data packets, network attacks and tests are often used. Here we will use pyt

Use scapy to simulate DNS amplification attacks

First, there are two simple explanations for DNS amplification Attacks: 1. Counterfeit the source IP address as the IP address of another person 2. The requested record must be large, for example, in TXT format, KB On Machine A, you can send A query to the DNS for the TXT record and forge the record into someone else's ip address. This can be understood as a

Examples of ARP attacks, DNS amplification attacks using scapy analog packets in Python

Scapy is a powerful, interactive packet handler written by Python that can be used to send, sniff, parse, and spoof network packets, often used in cyber attacks and tests. This is done directly with Python's scapy. Here is the ARP attack mode, you can make ARP attack. Copy the Code code as follows: #!/usr/bin/python """ ARP attack """ Import sys, OS From Scapy.a

"Vulnerability Learning" memcached Server UDP Reflection Amplification attack

1. PrefaceFebruary 28, the Memcache server was exposed to the presence of UDP reflection amplification attack vulnerability. An attacker could exploit this vulnerability to initiate a large-scale DDoS attack, which could affect the network's uptime. The vulnerability is due to the way that the Memcache server UDP protocol supports the insecure, default configurat

The reflection and amplification attacks & NTP reply flood attack based on NTP

response message, the local time of device A is 10:00:03 am (T4) During the entire NTP interaction process, both parties can obtain the parameters T1, T2, T3, and T4. 1. round-trip latency of NTP packets: delay = (T4-T1)-(T3-T2) = 2 seconds 2. time Difference Between device A and Device B: offset = (T2-T1) + (T3-T4)/2 = 1 hour Through the addition and subtraction of the four parameters, we will find that the network delay is "eliminated" during transmission, and the transmission time difference

The idea of CDN traffic amplification attack

we have a common CDN node site, through this CDN node reverse proxy access to the site, there is a lag and can not open the situation, only that. We cannot assess our attacks because of the inability to capture the performance data of this node of the security treasure. And our experiment is missing a control group, in the end because the dead cycle of traffic amplification caused by the CDN node lag, or the 2000 thread itself can punch the CDN node.

DNS attack principle and Prevention

return the record in the cache once a customer queries it. Preventive Measures to Prevent DNS attacks DNS amplification attacks on the Internet is growing rapidly. This attack is a large variety of data packets that can generate a large number of fake communications for a target. How many fake communications are there

How to detect NTP amplification Attack Vulnerability

How to detect NTP amplification Attack Vulnerability 0x00 Introduction NTP amplification attacks are actually DDoS attacks. Through the NTP server, a small request can be converted into a large response, which can direct to the victim's computer. NTP amplification uses the MONLIST command. The MONLIST command causes t

[DNS Security] DNS rebinding attack

I have understood this attack for a long time and do not understand what it means to "rebind. After A little understanding, I found that the attack principle is literal. Refresh the DNS A record and bind it to another address. In the following section, I reference the note of a fairy "To mount a DNS rebinding

A leveraged attack against DNS Cache servers

Today, I found a domestic machine with abnormal traffic. I found that the DNS Cache service running on this machine was used as an amplification lever for attacks. Let's take a look at it. When a traffic exception is detected, check the TCP session on the server first, and find some abnormal things. After the service is disabled, the traffic decreases, but it still does not return to the normal level. So li

Man-in-the-middle attack-DNS Spoofing

In the previous article (man-in-the-middle attack ARP poisoning), we discussed dangerous hacker attacks and practical ARP poisoning principles. In this article, I will first discuss how to detect and prevent ARP poisoning (or ARP spoofing) attacks, and then I will review other man-in-the-middle attacks-DNS spoofing.ARP cache attacks are very dangerous. It is important to create security awareness and analyz

Analyzing a DNS server denial of service attack _dns server from a network-breaking event

Event Causes and analysis This incident is a linkage event, mainly divided into two parts: 1, the Dnspod site's DNS server by more than 10Gbps traffic DDoS attack the suspect because it is the competition between the network game between the business, causing a server operators launched thousands of zombie hosts to Dnspod launched a DDoS flood attack, Causes the

Man-in-the-middle attack-principle, practice, and defense of DNS Spoofing

Domain Name Server authorized by baidu.com to the local DNS server. The local DNS server continues to initiate a query to baidu.com to obtain the IP address of www.baidu.com. After obtaining the IP address corresponding to www.baidu.com, the local DNS server transmits the IP address to the user in the form of a dns re

Resolving DNS attack problems using Dnscrypt

server. Another clever approach is to use DNS. There are many network vendors that have their own DNS servers, and allow anyone to query, and even some are not their customers. and general DNS uses UDP,UDP is a connectionless transport layer protocol. With the above two conditions as the basis, it is very easy for those attackers to launch a denial-of-service

Primary DNS attack methods

This article will introduce several main DNS attack methods. I hope this technology will help you. Use DNS servers for DDOS attacks The normal recursive query process on the DNS server may be exploited as a DDOS attack. Assume that the attacker knows the IP address of the at

Routing optimization Master router DNS hijacking attack outbreak, CSRF point in the weakness of the router

Name Service provider 114DNS found a "monitoring data anomaly." Then, the security team successfully traced to launch this DNS hijacking attack "culprit", and the first time the attack to the Tp-link and other domestic mainstream router manufacturers. 114DNS and Tencent computer stewards say a new round of DNS phishi

Understanding about DNS cache poisoning attack principles and defense

hundreds of thousands of users are redirected to a trap site set up by hackers by embedding a server with a cache poisoning attack. The severity of this issue is related to the number of users who use domain name requests. In this case, hackers who do not have a variety of technologies can cause a lot of trouble, so that users can tell others their online banking account passwords and online game account passwords in a confused manner. In this way, t

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