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Computer can not browse the web but can login QQ, solution summary

Computer can login QQ, but can not browse the Web, solution summary"Note": For reference only, personal experienceThis morning, the computer suddenly can only log on QQ, can not surf the internet, never encountered this problem I began various Baidu

How do I clean up the DNS cache on my computer?

Many people may encounter this situation, sometimes visited the site is now suddenly unable to find the server, this is why? This is the impact of the DNS cache, because after the first visit to the Web site will have a certain amount of time after

Linux Centos 6.5 DNS master-slave replication configuration (bind-9.8.2)

Test environment:Os:centos 6.5bind:9.8.2Software Installation method: YumMain Dns:realserver1 Dns:realserver2 server: test01 Step: Environment preparationMounting the ISO disc provides a

Java implementation method to clean DNS cache _java

This article illustrates the Java implementation method to clean up DNS cache. Share to everyone for your reference. The specific analysis is as follows: First, test environment Os:windows7 x64 Jdk:1.6.0_45 Second, I found four ways to clean up

"DNS Service Record" + "Mariadb,mysql database"

DNS service to fill in the record,1) About: servername in the configuration/etc/resolv.conf of the secondary DNS server points to itself.SlavesVim/etc/named.rfc1912.zones"Add changes to"Zone "Hxl.com" in {Type slave;Masters {;};File

07-linux DNS in detail (iv)

"DNS details in 06-linux (iii)" Nine, configure the master-slave DNS server to implement domain name resolution fault tolerance 1. Experimental environmentZhangyujia.com ( is the primary zone, and COM ( is

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 & CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users

Investigate how CVE-2015-5477 & CloudFlare Virtual DNS protects its users Last week, ISC released a patch to fix a remote vulnerability in the BIND9 DNS server. This vulnerability causes the server to crash when processing a certain data packet.The

Analysis of DNS caching problem under Nodejs _node.js

Accidentally saw an article about Nodejs sending an HTTP request does not cache DNS results. This means that if you write an HTTP capture program based on Nodejs, not providing DNS caching will allow each request to be silly repeatedly resolved

Analysis on DNS caching in Nodejs and nodejsdns Cache

Analysis on DNS caching in Nodejs and nodejsdns Cache I accidentally saw an article about sending http requests under nodejs without caching dns results. This means that if you write an http collection program based on nodejs and do not provide dns

Windows7 how to quickly clean up the DNS cache with commands

1. First, we also press the Win7 flagship computer keyboard Win+r shortcut to open the computer's running window, in the open running window, we enter CMD and click Enter, so you can open the Win7 flagship computer command Prompt window. 2. In

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