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DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration.

DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, master-slave configuration, and dns master-slave configuration. DNS server: Describes DNS service principles, installation, a

IIS Web Service Settings failover

configuration work.2.3 Web Service settings failoverA. Deploy a good website and deploy failover clustering;B, save the script "Clusweb7.vbs" to "Windows\system32\inetsrv\clusweb7.vbs"C, open "Failover Cluster", right-click "Services and Applications", configure the service or application, select through the script;D.

Configure the DNS service in Liunx and the DNS service in Liunx

Configure the DNS service in Liunx and the DNS service in Liunx When you Ping the host name, you can map the IP address of the host, and vice versa. Configure and specify the DNS server to quickly deploy the cluster. You do not need to modify the HOSTS file on each host to r

DNS. COM is free of charge for DNS domain name resolution service and can be accelerated

For domain name management, we must select a third-party DNS service provider when using domain name resolution During website construction, even free domain names are more stable than the original domain name platform. After all, most domain name registration platforms only provide domain name registration services. Stable resolution services are specialized by third-party businesses.If we are a Chinese we

RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client Configuration

Article Title: RHEL4-DNS Service (8) DNS Client configuration. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems, and open source. The previous articles introduced the configuration of DNS servers (for

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)

DNS domain Name service and build cache DNS server detailed (2)1.DNS Service Installation: BIND, full name is Berkeley Internet name Domain, this software is maintained by ISC/etc/named.conf: The main function is to define the working properties and areas of the bind process

Linux service configuration-DNS Service

I. DNS (Domain Name Server) DNS is a domain name resolution service. The service types include: high-speed cache DNS service, primary domain service, and secondary domain

Set up the DNS service in linux and set up the linuxdns Service

Set up the DNS service in linux and set up the linuxdns Service I will not elaborate on the theoretical knowledge too much here. Need to Know: http://baike.baidu.com/subview/22276/15346050.htm? Fr = aladdin Go to build Software used: Vmware workstation 10 rhel6.3 (64-bit) Operating system used: [Root @ wang ~] # Uname- Linux wang 2.6.32-279. el6.x86 _ 64 #1 SMP W

Service Domain DNS Daquan

Service Domain DNS: Service DNS Server Common DNS:English domain DNSPrimary DNS name: ns11.xincache.comSecondary DNS name: ns12.xincache.comNote: There are 5 groups of

CentOS establishes bind service as an intranet DNS Resolution service installation record

This router does not support static domain name resolution services because the intranet has changed routers. So you can only set up a DNS service yourself.The DNS server software chooses bind, and directly yum installs bind on-line. The other two package bind-libs,bind-utils are updated directly:Yum-y Install bindThe installation process is not released.After lo

Kubernetes How to implement service discovery with Kube-dns

Outline: ? How to discover services in Kubernetes ? How to discover the services provided by pod ? How to use service discovery Services ? How to use the Kube-dns discovery service ? Kube-dns principle ? Composition ? Domain name format ? Configuration Note: this share is based

Set up DNS service on CentOS 7

Set up DNS service on CentOS 7 Document Description: This document uses a case study to deploy DNS services on CentOS 7. This case is only a summary of my knowledge about how to deploy the DNS service. It is not a case in the production environment. In addition, the CentOS s

Network Configuration instance-DNS service, DHCP service, switch management VLAN configuration, Static Routing

directly switch from one port to another. R0 (config-if) # ip add R0 (config-if) # no shut // you do not need to configure the frequency here. One CIDR block is enough. R0 (config-if) # exit R0 (config) # ip rout The configuration of S2 is as follows: S2 # conf ter S2 (config) # int vlan 1 S2 (config-if) # ip add S2 (config-if) # no shut S2 (config-if) # exit S2 (config) # ip default-gateway // if the

Bai Xiao Sheng take you to play Linux system service Building series----DNS service building one (forward parsing)

Tags: share ADO size HTTP folder rfc1912 Cloud disk follow utilsThe construction of DNS forward parsingExperimental environmentSystem Environment: centos6.5 Installing the DNS Environment package rpm-ivh/mnt/packages/bind-9.8.2-0.17.rc1.el6_4.6.x86_64.rpm To configure the DNS master configuration file vim/etc/named.conf Configuring the Zone Profile Vi

Kubernetes (k8s) How to use Kube-dns to implement service discovery

Outline: How to discover services in KubernetesHow to discover how pod-provided services use the Service Discovery service to use the Kube-dns discovery service Kube-dns principleCompose domain name format configuration Note: This share is based on the Kubernetes 1.2 versio

DNS Service details for Linux

I. dns theory: DNS: Domain Name Service (domainnsmeservice) role: Resolving Domain names to IP (forward parsing) or resolve IP to domain name (reverse resolution) The classification of DNS top-level domains: Organization domain:. com.net.org Country domain:. cn.tw.jp.. reverse domain: Resolves IP to domain name

Kubernetes Cluster Deployment DNS Service

Kubernetes Cluster Deployment DNS ServiceIn Kubernetes each service will be assigned a virtual IP, each service under normal circumstances will not change for a long time, this is relative to the pod of the indefinite IP, the use of the cluster app is relatively stable.But the service's information injected into the pod is currently using an environment variable,

DNS service.

# DNS Server > D is the region.N is the nameS is a service ### DNS services > 1. cache Domain Name ServerYou can find the domain name resolution for you, but it cannot be resolved.Go to the public network to find the real Domain Name Server, go to the domain name resolution, after you come back, put it in your own cache, it is for you, you are requesting the same

Linux DNS multi-service Setup

A: What is DNS why there is DNSDomain Name Systems (English: Domain Name System, abbreviation: DNS) is a service of the Internet. The internet was born early because the number of access to the Internet is very small, there is no dedicated DNS server to the entire Internet domain name, at that time only in our host fil

Kubernetes through Kube-dns Discovery Service

Kube-dns compositionKube-dns can solve the service discovery problem, k8s registers the service name as a domain name into Kube-dns, and can access the services it provides through the name of the service.Kube-dns of four componen

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