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Popular links for penetration testing, forensics, security, and hacking

Are you still looking for a tool to complete your daily activities, or are you just looking for new tools that you can try to play? No need to worry, because today is your lucky day! Today, I will mention a variety of links, resources and editing tools that can be used for penetration testing, computer forensics, security, and hacking is maintained by NJ Ouchn (@toolswatch) and Maxi Solder (@maxisoler). This is

Electronic Forensics Service

Tags: HTTP Io ar use for SP file data on Shanghai weizhuo Information Technology Co., Ltd. is China's first professional company dedicated to the introduction and absorption of advanced technologies in the field of electronic forensics. It is the first company to start the introduction and supporting R D of Electronic forensics equipment in China, alibaba Cloud provides comprehensive and professional elect

Security Technology Department, IOS forensics analysis

Security Technology major IOS forensics analysisBasic InformationAuthor: (US) Morrissey, S.) [Translator's introduction]Translator: Guo Yongjian Han Shengzhong LinPress: Electronic Industry PressISBN: 9787121173943Mounting time:Published on: February 1, August 2012Start: 16Page number: 584Version: 1-1Category: Computer> Security> comprehensive For more information, security technology, IOS forensics analysi

Triathlon Linux Forensics

Tags: Set assignment img dmesg extension firewall roo src hidden01 on-Site forensics and computer forensicsA static one dynamicOffline forensics equipment on-site forensics-Hard disk copy machine (mirror the hard disk, copy and then forensics, forensics process is not allowe

Anti-forensics tool-DECAF

Anti-Forensics software DECAF (full name: detectandeliminatecomputerpolicedforensics, detection and removal of computer court scientific evidence extraction device ). The DECAF program is only kb. It can delete temporary files of coprocessor, kill the process, erase all logs of coprocessor, and disable USB. In order to make coprocessor unable to trace and even create a variety Anti-Forensics software DECAF

File system Forensics analysis (12th: NTFS analysis)

for NTFS because everything is a file and it is difficult to look at the file system Metadata section of the file system classification before reviewing the properties of the metadata classification. In other words, reading this chapter before you begin reading the 13th chapter will make you less confused. File System classification Content classification Meta Data classification File name classification Application classification Panoramic Other topics Summarize There are a lot of data structu

Bootkit hard drive Forensics-Lecture 2

Bootkit hard drive Forensics-Lecture 2 DriverStartIo routine In the previous article, we can know that DriverStartIo is used by micro ports to execute some hard disk I/0 requests. Like the IoCallDriver routine, DriverStartIo generally runs two parameters, one device object and one IRP. However, most hardware devices do not access and connect through the microport. In most cases, they access through the normal port. (In the first lecture, we will intro

[Mobile Forensics] Apple is moving to block the back door?

After the "backdoor" incident, Apple seems to have started its own action, in the latest release of iOS 8 Beta5 release, iOS forensics expert Zdziarski mentioned many background services in the packet sniffer service has been disabled, Reflects Apple's focus on security and user privacy.We can even guess that in the upcoming iOS 8 this fall, Apple is likely to block the "backdoor" event involving highly forensic services such as

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection case

Unix/linux System Forensics Information collection casein the Unix/linux System Forensics, the timely collection of hard disk information is very important, "Unix/linux Network log analysis and traffic monitoring" in the book, will be discussed in detail a variety of common system process system calls and image file acquisition methods. Here are a few examples. collect running processesIn Unix/linux

Disk Analysis of Rootkit forensics

The process of disk analysis is the process of extracting a disk image file or a physical consistent copy of a compromised computer into a set of unknown binaries, which contain malicious software that requires forensics, through a series of complex processes. And the rootkit is going to do exactly the opposite, destroying the forensics process; we have two strategies to do this, one is the scorched-earth s

Use of the memory forensics tool Volatility in Linux

#01 Overview Volatility is an open-source memory forensics analysis tool for Windows, Linux, MaC, and Android. It is written in python and operated by command lines. It supports various operating systems.Project address:Https:// document only describes how to use it. For details, see CheatSheet. For details about Linux commands on the official website, refer: Bytes Processeslinux_pslistlinux_psauxlinux_pstreelinux_psli

Bootkit hard drive Forensics-lecture 1

Bootkit hard drive Forensics-lecture 1 Some time ago, I received an email asking me how to bypass the bootkit hard drive filter. This highlight is that my MBR spoofing code can be driven by a popular forensic tool. Although I believe that hard disk forensics should not be installed in a running system, instead, it should be installed in a pure version of the system. According to this theory, I wrote a tool

Quick Start to computer forensics

Under the premise of ensuring the above basic principles, computer forensics is generally carried out in the following steps: 1. Avoid any changes, damages, and data damages to the target computer system during forensic check. Or virus infection. You need to unplug the network cable and shut down the machine in time. 2. Use data recovery software (such as finaldata) to completely recover and back up the system All data. (Note: the installation and rec

Phone Forensics Rumors End

, after removing Gesture.key, Mobile phone picture still have graphics lock, someone said, see, kill Gesture.key also useless, graphics lock still in??? In fact, this time, the graphics lock has failed, how to slip into the mobile phone desktop.4. If the exhibit is an iphone 4s model, then the photo deletion will not be saved.Ans: (X)After study, if once JB's machine species, even if later iOS has been upgraded to iOS 9 above, with Dr Wondershare and other tools for data recovery, still may get

W Essay motor moto XT615 boot freezing unlimited restart forensics

Hello,dr. WondreBrought to you the recovery of the XT615 card screen recovery infinite restart case.After the boot, freezing, always stay this screen, and then infinite restart!After the author analysis, must be due to the program caused by the bug, so decided to use our forensic machine fixed system, extract image.Finally extract 1g of the body memory, the successful acquisition of important data!All rightWebsite: Https:// S1 DATAThank you!W Essay motor moto XT6

Use the BEC to do mobile phone forensics

Belkasoft Evidence Center makes me very impressed that it supports lots of Evidence type. I have to admit that it's one of the most powerful forensic tools I ve ever seen. Now I ' d like to add a physical image acquired from an Android phone.Let's take a look at the what BEC have found.WifiPicturesGeolocationsDocumentsBy the To, BEC supports lots of popular chat Apps far beyond your imagination. You know this it would take lots of effort if your do forensic on those Apps manually.Use the BEC to

IOS 8 Potential forensics issues

Apple officially released an iOS 8 push upgrade todayProbably figured out a bit:1. It can be determined that the so-called backdoor services such as file relay, which exist in IOS 7, have been revised, and the features currently oxygen and our use of this service will no longer apply to iOS 8.2. iOS 8 imessage support send voice messages, by default, if the user does not select the retention, the voice message will be automatically deleted after the first hearing two minutes, given the user base

Docker Source Code Analysis (a): Docker architecture

1 Background 1.1 Docker introductionDocker is a container engine project based on lightweight virtualization technology from Docker, the entire project is based on the go language and complies with the Apache 2.0 protocol. Today, Docker can quickly automate deployment of applications within the container, and can provide container resource isolation and security

Docker management commands integrated version summary, docker Summary

Docker management commands integrated version summary, docker Summary Docker management commands integrated version Summary Docker version Docker config Docker config create Docker conf

Docker Source Code Analysis (iii): Docker daemon Boot

1 PrefaceSince its inception, Docker has led the technology boom in lightweight virtualization containers. In this trend, Google, IBM, Redhat and other industry leaders have joined the Docker camp. While Docker is still primarily based on the Linux platform, Microsoft has repeatedly announced support for Docker, from p

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