docker image inspect example

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[Docker]docker Command Docker inspect

Docker InspectEstimated reading Time:2 minutes Description Return low-level information on Docker objects Usage Docker inspect [OPTIONS] name|id [name|id ...] Options Name, Shorthand Default Description --format, F Format the output using the given go template

Docker download image (MySQL for example)

Tags: docker use command Mirror warehouse default IMG Info Specify hub TPSFirst, the official mirror WarehouseHttps://, common operationThird, use the command to view MySQL[[email protected] fw]# Docker search MySQLThe list above is actually the using the command to view download MySQL version 5.5 (default download the latest, through ta

Docker Quick Start-create a docker Image

--dir /app/src[...]16. Label The label command is used to add metadata to an image. The elements are specified as key-value pairs. LABEL When you use label to specify metadata, one label can specify one or more metadata items. When multiple metadata items are specified, different metadata items are separated by spaces. We recommend that you specify all metadata using a label command to avoid generating too many intermediate images.LABEL version="1.0

Docker-image container Basic operations-common commands

can connect to registry, everyone can easily get a mirror from the repository through the pull command. Docker uses the default repository for Docker hubs, which can be used to build Mirror connected to the Docker hub at home, which speeds up image acquisition. Daocloud Boot2docker A lightweight Linux vi

Docker Tutorial: Docker Image Export and migration

specifying a URL or a directory Example/imagerepoNote: Users can either use Docker load to import a mirrored storage file to a local mirror library, or you can use Docker import to import a container snapshot to a local mirror library. The difference between the two is that the container snapshot file discards all history and metadata information (that is, only

GitLab construction and maintenance (based on Docker image sameersbn/docker-gitlab)

GitLab construction and maintenance (based on Docker image sameersbn/docker-gitlab)1. Read the basics of this Article Familiar with git Familiar with docker 2. GitLab introduction 2.1. Overview GitLab is an open-source project used for warehouse management systems. A web service built on Git as a code management t

Docker image, container, warehouse concept and application of detailed _docker

Docker image, container, warehouse concept Docker mirroring Docker mirroring (image) is similar to a virtual machine image, and can be interpreted as a read-only template for the Docker

Basic Docker Image

Registry operations Docker login # log on to a registry Docker search # search for images from the registry Repository Docker pull # download the image from the repository to your local device Docker push # push an image to

Build Springboot project with Maven plugin, generate Docker image push to Dockerhub

/etc/maven/settings.xml2. Create RepositoryRegistered Account: on the Create Repository , for example: docker-spring-boot-demo-maven-plugin , such as3. Modifying the POMThe project pom.xml is modified as follows: Note that imageName the path is consistent with the path to the repoImage nameWill Docker Mirror push to the Do

Create a docker image using Dockerfile

The command used in Dockerfile has a base image specified from the from from, and in general a usable dockerfile must be from for the first instruction. As for the image, it can be any image image that is reasonably present. The from must be the first non-annotated instruction Dockerfile. The from can appea

How Docker uploads the image to the Docker hub

1 First you have to prepare a hub account, go to register it!2 Create a new warehouse at the hub, which is similar to the one on GitHub. Creation---> Create repository (Creating a knowledge Base) and then just a name, I'll call it Ubuntu, so the path is Wherein/ubuntu.3 Run Docker PS View container, here is to get to container ID4 Commit a container command: Docker commit CONTAINER ID

Pursuit of Minimalism: The Evolution History of Docker image construction

foundation for storage, reuse, and transmission of containers, and the container mirrors "sit on the wheel" and spread to every corner of the world, helping the rapid development of container technology. Unlike earlier kernel container technologies, such as Solaris Container and LXC, Docker also provides developers with a good set of tools to experience, including dockerfile for mirroring builds and a domain-specific language for writing Dockerfil. T

To play a Docker image

designate registry? Let's pull a more fully named Image:Above I tried to pull an Ubuntu image and specified a private registry registry for my native machine. Here is the code snippet for the pull command in the Docker CLI ( docker/api/client/command.go the CmdPull function in)At run time, the above taglessremote variable is passed into the localhost:5000/ubuntu

Dockerfile configuration tutorial generates Docker image and implements Docker deployment

Docker there's a dockerfile, why should we use him?To put it simply: we used to Docker run to create a Docker container that sometimes comes with a lot of parameters.Like what: The code is as follows Copy Code Docker run-d-P 22-p 8080:8080 Ruifengyun/ubunt-redis "Redis-server redis.conf /us

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operations

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operationsWhat is Docker? One of the first questions I encountered about docker is what can docker do? What is docker? Here, let's take a look at Baidu encyclopedia's brief

CentOS7 installing docker, running Nginx image, CentOS image

Summary General idea: The Yum command installs Docker directly, downloads the desired image and launches 1, Environment, CENTOS7 Minimal 64-bit, Docker must have 64-bit system2. Install directly via Yum command, Yum installs Docker3. Start Docker and set it to boot(1) Start, systemctl start Docker.service(2) boot up,

Basic Introduction and example of Docker

Basic Introduction and example of Docker Docker has developed over the past few years. Particularly since the 2013 s, with the open source of an LXC-based advanced container engine, Docker has been well supported in both linux and windows, in addition, many companies have used dock

CentOS7 installing docker, running Nginx image, CentOS image

1, Environment, CENTOS7 Minimal 64-bit, Docker must have 64-bit system2. Install directly via Yum command, Yum installs Docker3. Start Docker and set it to boot(1) Start, systemctl start Docker.service(2) boot up, systemctl enable Docker.service(3) Help, Docker--help(4) Overview information, Docker info(5) Mirror view,

Deep understanding of Docker image size

built. There are two main ways to modify updates:1.ADD or Copy command : The role of Add or copy is to add content to the container when the Docker build builds the image, as long as the content is added successfully, the layer image currently being built is the size of the added content, such as the above command ADD / , The newly built layer

Docker Base image creates its own concrete implementation _docker

Docker Base Image Creation In the learning attitude, want to understand the creation of Docker Base image method, in the official website, in Baidu, in the relevant forums, find relevant information, here record the implementation of the steps, I. Environment Host operating system: OS X, need to install VirtualBox;C

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