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Doctype, strict DTD and transitional DTD do not conform to the theory and practice

If not Doctype, HtmlAnd XHTML, Strict DTDAnd TransitionalDTD, Quirks ModeAnd StandardBefore reading this article, we strongly recommend that you read the DOCTYPE, HTML, XHTML, Quirks Mode, and Standard Mode WebpageWhy are the results of this

DOCTYPE, HTML and XHTML, Strict DTD and Transitional DTD, Quirks mode and Standard mode

In the HTML declaration DOCTYPE general will have the following several: Yes, there are HTML and XHTML, as well as transitional and strict. As the name implies, XHTML means that the document is written in XML format, while HTML means that the

Why use & lt ;! DOCTYPE & gt; Declaration. Use doctype to declare

Why declaration. Use doctype to declareInstance: We often see code like this: document title document content ...... Note:At the top of the list, we can see a statement about "DOCTYPE" (document type), which tells the browser which


Author DTD _ Baidu Encyclopedia:   DTDDocument Type Definition(Document Type Definition)DTD is a set of syntax rules for tags. It is part of the xml1.0 specification and is a validation mechanism for XML files.

HTML <! Doctype> label _css/html

By default, the interpretation criteria for FF and IE are different, that is, if a Web page does not declare DOCTYPE, it interprets the following HTML with the default DOCTYPE. Under the same standard, different browser models have differences in

HTML5 Standard Learning –doctype

The so-called DOCTYPE, originally the concept of XML, that is, through a specific syntax, as a kind of metadata, to describe the elements allowed in the XML document, as well as the composition of the elements, nested rules and so on. Specific

HTML5 Standard Learning –doctype

Transferred from: previous article mainly describes the composition of the HTML document, while superficially touching the concept of "label omission", this article

DOCTYPE detailed description

The DOCTYPE statement follows certain rules that indicate what set of rules the reader should use to interpret the markup in the document. DOCTYPE not scary, but take it away, will make you scared and afraid. Recently in the blue ideal around,

[XHTML tutorial] Moving to the XHTML standard (5) (xhtml dtd)

Address: Fan weixiao The XHTML standard defines three document type definitions.The most common is the XHTML transitional.The XHTML standard defines three types of documents, the most

HTML & lt ;! DOCTYPE & gt; tag, htmldoctype tag

HTML tag, htmldoctype tag By default, the FF and IE interpretation standards are different. That is to say, if a webpage does not declare DOCTYPE, it will explain the following HTML with the default DOCTYPE. Under the same standard, different

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