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Do you care about URL history when registering a domain name?

Many times when the webmaster in the registration domain name is to think of what domain name to register what domain name, but many stationmaster's domain name is not included after registering, this is what reason? I registered a domai

Windows Server 2003 domain control migrated directly to the 2012[history of the most detailed]

Windows Server 2003 domain control migrated directly to the 2012[history of the most detailed]If you have any questions, please contact qq:185426445, or add group Microsoft Unified Communications China (a), Group No.: 222630797, can also contact me, Mobile: 18666943750, non-sincere do not Disturb, thank you!Environment Introduction:First of all, my environment, the experimental environment is relatively si

. TK suffix Free top-level domain name registration (attached tutorial)

Latest news: dottk Free top-level domain name in addition to support forwarding, you can already set a, cname, MX record and modify DNS server! Dottk Free top-level domain names are not stable and cannot be accessed from time to time. It is suitable for watching and not for website construction! Dottk provides a free top-level domain name for yourname. TK. The

Some views on the official prohibition of personal registration in CN domain Name

China Internet Information Management Center announced 11th, starting from today, registration. CN domain name should provide business license or organization code certificate. This also fundamentally means that the individual will no longer register the CN domain name. As an Internet practitioner, the individual believes that this should be regarded as a histor

The longest history of 100 Internet domain names is only 23 years (list)

According to foreign media reports, the PC World website recently identified 100 longest-history Internet domain names, the first computer manufacturer symbolics registered In addition, HP's ranked ninth, IBM's, sun's, and Intel's ranked Eleven, twelve, and thirteen respectively, both registered in March 1986. The following are the 100 longest-

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