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Summary of some of the website is conducive to search engine optimization of the small common sense and SEO optimization

Web site for search engine optimization of the small common sense1. Try to use independent IP and space reasons: under the same IP and other sites punished, may have an impact on your stand. If your station and a lot of garbage, pornographic station

120 Acura website (from Network) _ Common Tools

0, the need for software computer class 0 A very promising, but just start the need for green Soft Forum, open registration, I have a lot of good, often find software there The blue green Soft (specially

WordPress SEO? WordPress website Ultimate Optimization Guide

Original address: The latest news, the Oriental Design Institute WordPress SEO series of video tutorials are continuing to update the current, in order not to let the video spread too much, set

10 tips to prevent foreign host dealers from being ripped off

Now the virtual host market competition is very fierce, host companies have resorted to all the tricks, including a more despicable means. To avoid being ripped off by host operators, here are 10 tips:  1. Try not to use the host provider's domain

A tutorial on web information capture using Ruby program _ruby topics

Websites no longer cater to human readers alone. Many sites now support APIs that enable computer programs to access information. Screen capture--it is still convenient to parse HTML pages into a time-saving technique for forms that are easier to

25 Criteria for judging refuse collection points

1) Reciprocal link request pages.This is the link request page, if the site has a link request page, to other webmaster login their own site, to establish links. Personally think, and can not generalize, to see this link request, whether

What kind of website is the garbage station?

Many times, I have heard the term "junk site". The word has different interpretations in the eyes of different owners, and there are different definitions in the eyes of different users. Basically, the search engine's view is that the quality of

Share the Web2.0 resource list

I found a website that is also focused on the related fields of Web2.0 like me. There is an article I want, this is an incomplete list of over 450 Web websites, mainly about online collaboration websites, email-related, Image Generation,

Summary of scenarios for four types of NoSQL databases

Key-Value DatabaseApplicable casesNow let's talk about a few things that are appropriate for using key-value databases.1 Memory-Touch Session informationTypically, each network session is unique, so the session ID values assigned to them are also

Recommendation: always find the best FREE e-book download website

ArticleDirectory More free ebook Resources More free ebook Resources Reading books is one of the best ways to acquire knowledge, while reading e-books is also the main way for IT people. Where can we get the e-books we need? Today we

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