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What is the difference between Seo for second-level domain names and Seo for first-level directories?

Tags: use issues, work hours, user relationship optimization Summary Recently, many customers have consulted the customer about the difference and connection between Seo for second-level domain names and Seo for the first-level directory. The customer thinks that in actual work, only by correctly understanding the relationship between the second-level

Ii. Seo impact on Seo from entry to proficient domain names

-China is regarded as a normal Made in China phrase. Keyword appears in the website name, which has a great impact on the ranking. The more advanced the keyword appears, the more effective the keyword is. generally, the title of the homepage is the name of the website, which is equivalent to making an external link for your core keywords during the link. Good Example: Mobile Phone home, website core Keyword: mobile phone. Seo

Picking sesame watermelon domain name seo function baidu seo suggestions misleading webmaster

Almost all seoer know that the shorter the domain name is conducive to users to remember their own site domain name, and the Web page (or site) domain name URL contains keywords (English or whole spelling form) for keyword ranking optimization has a certain role in promoting.    "Baidu Search Engine Optimization Guide 2.0" to strengthen the seoer

SEO: Baidu search engine domain command skills domain analysis skills

Usage: domain: Analysis of domain command usage skills When we are doing seo, the importance of reverse links must be clear to every seoer. We usually like to know how many reverse links a competitor has, which websites do their reverse links usually exist? Are their import links of high quality?Baidu uses the

SEO Domain Name Small impact is very far

For Web site SEO, to its refinement, then first have to start from the domain name, although the domain name is small, but perhaps only one character will bring different results to the site optimization. So how to choose an SEO domain name? First, the length of the

SEO Novice must know 10 domain name knowledge

Today to talk about the domain name of that matter, can let SEO novice comprehensive understanding of a good domain name for the role of SEO, do seo friends should be very clear, domain name is decided to rank one of the factors,

Mixed kid: The old domain name for website SEO some value

The story has been circulating such a topic: Choose the old domain name for the site optimization rankings have effect. I believe that often mixed with the forum will be regularly exposed to such topics, and a lot of online search, the day before yesterday a friend in QQ asked me to choose the virtual host things, and then said to buy the domain name, because I was really a little busy, did not answer, toda

What kind of domain name in SEO marketing more advantages

Baidu Optimization Guide has made it clear that "the use of what form of domain name after the Baidu search results did not affect, but the domain name suffix to be easy to user memory", I see below, think Baidu has a kind of commerce realm, but the dream Dongfeng in many practices found that the different forms of domain names in search engines to get the weight

Seo tutorial-requirements on the selection and use of website domain names based on Baidu weight

During the SEO tutorial, I often find that many webmasters and friends are very concerned about the problem of increasing Baidu weight for new websites, for this reason, Seo tutorials have carefully prepared a series of tutorials to increase the weight of Baidu based on their Seo experience, hoping to help you. Today, we will first discuss how to quickly increase

Two-level domain name, SEO blockbuster

Already promised to write this article, has not written, is worried about this article, will cause a free space, but in order to fall behind the webmaster, not so much. First look at Seochat's latest news about Google algorithm: (1) The dependency of the import link.   (2) The richness of the content of the page, whether for visitors to provide more information, more user experience. (3) Google in the update of the reverse link at the same ti

SEO actual case of "old domain name" let the new site get high attention

Recently busy, have no time to touch the computer. In the afternoon into an SEO exchange group, see a friend to talk about the advantages of the old domain name, attracted the author's eyeball, so it is natural to use the SEO angle borrow tools to see, the results of the author found that this site is just a new station, but also a speculative method, and then to

Basic Seo concept: What is the difference between link and domain?

Although we write this topic under the category of Seo entry, according to the information we have found on the Internet, many people have misunderstandings about the differences between link and domain, that is, this problem is not simple. Here we will give the answer directly, without example, not to mention why, to be more concise and clear. If you have different opinions, go to the corresponding search

Cannot ignore: SEO work Domain name and host factor

Site SEO work and technology to create a site like the need to integrate the various properties of the site. I in the previous Web site SEO work cautious use of a few strokes and the correct work steps have been to the SEO work deployed to share. And today to talk about is a people often overlooked things, domain

View the value potential of domain name with SEO

Domain name, whether for individuals or enterprises are an intangible assets, and a good domain name, its creation is enormous. Because of the openness of domain name registration and the particularity of its structure, the value of domain name has brought infinite accessibility. such as the recent hot Fry founder Jack

SEO question three: How to deal with the site domain name point

Seo Netizen Austin David sent me an email earlier and asked the following questions: Good morning! I have always preferred your "I am a stone I am afraid of who".I would now like to ask you a question: for Web site search engine optimization, how to deal with the site domain name pointing to the problem:I have two domain names: and (thi

What is the effect of using a domain name that has been removed for SEO?

Now there are a lot of webmaster friends on their own site is not included in the home is very uncomfortable, and feel the work of every day is a kind of torture, slowly will be the network to promote the feeling of boredom, and soon will not be doing network promotion and other work, in fact, to tell the truth, Do network promotion, especially when SEO often to appear to encourage the promotion of personnel, if only do not have the effect of doing wo

SEO How to do domain name, directory, Web page naming

completely different, the main reasons are two: (1) Domain name can not use the "_" this character, only use in the directory and the name of the Web page, (2) skf_bearing.html will be recognized as skfbearing, in Word, less. Combination of directory and Web page names Directory as far as possible directory keyword, that is, large classes of English or phonetic naming, the Web page as much as possible to specific keywords, that is, a single page to

Apache/tomcat jsp for URL rewrite SEO optimization/Level two domain name points

apache|js|seo| level two domain name | Optimizing Apache took a long time, but it took a long time to say that mastery is far from enough. So this four or five days there is a lesson in the taste of the inside: since the company can not provide a good system administrator, can only be a self-concurrently. After the combination of Apache and Tomcat to optimize the processing of

From the perspective of SEO to analyze how to select the domain name and the corresponding skills

The author has written an article before, is that the site in addition to have high quality content and stability of the chain, in some details should also pay special attention, and this detail includes the choice of domain name. But most stationmaster does not care about this, because stationmaster thought as long as the website succeeds, the domain name will be flourishing, but now is a "fast food time",

Ye Jun: Site domain name selection techniques and the impact on SEO

The site's domain name selection is sometimes a big problem. When choosing a domain name many people like to use the company name, personal or name-related words or phrases, but they do not take into account the impact of the SEO, the choice of domain names and site content has a close relationship.   How to choose t

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