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Debian System learning Note (3): Locale

3.Modifying the system language environment(1) According to the dpkg package after the set language#apt-getinstall dpkg#dpkg-reconfigure localesSelect:en_us. UTF-8 UTF-8 confirm OKto add English language packRemote Console Chinese display normal

Simple solution to Ubuntu change locale problem

This article addresses the issue of "Ubuntu Install Chinese language Pack" "Ubuntu Server Chinese Problem", "Ubuntu change locale", "Ubuntu locale setting", "Cannot changes locale" (ZH_CN. UTF-8) "," Linux Chinese garbled "," modification of the

Linux locale missing and installed __linux

the problems encountered: 1.-bash:warning:setlocale:lc_all:cannot change locale (En_us.utf8) Sovled: Locale-gen en_US. UTF-8 Update-local en_US. UTF-8 2.en_us. UTF-8. Cannot open Locale definition file ' translit_neutral ': No such file or

Adjust and change the ubuntu time zone, time, locale

Adjust and change the ubuntu time zone, time, locale, and time (1) execute tzselect to select the time zone echo & quot; TZ & amp; #39; Asia/Harbin & amp; #39; exportTZ & quot; & gt ;~ /. Profile (2) sudocp/usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/change ubuntu time

Adjust and change the ubuntu time zone, time, locale

Adjust and change the ubuntu time zone, time, and locale to change the time zone. Time (1) execute tzselect to select the time zone echo "TZ = 'Asia/harbin'; export TZ" >> ~ /. Profile (2) sudo cp/usr/share/zoneinfo/Asia/ShangHai/etc/localtime run

Python locale error:unsupported locale setting

1. QuestionsWhen installing the package with PIP install, you will be prompted:Traceback (most recent call last):File "/usr/bin/pip", line 11, insys.exit(main())File "/usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/pip/init.py", line 215, in

About how to install and configure the fcitx Input Method In Debian locale

For details about how to install and configure the fcitx Input Method for Debian in e-file locale-Linux Release Technology-Debian, see the following. I use debian etch to call up fcitx under locale as en_US. Gnome Desktop System. Install fcitx and

How to change the LANGUAGE = en_US in locale? Sudodpkg-reconfigurelocales only changes other

How does one change LANGUAGEen_US in locale? Sudodpkg-reconfigurelocales only changes other -- Linux Release Technology-Debian information. The following is a detailed description. $ Sudo dpkg-reconfigure locales After selecting zh_CN.UTF-8 $

About Linux locale

Use the locale command to list the current parameters. You can use dpkg-reconfigure locales On Debian to add and modify locale-related content. The following problem Source: http://bbs.chinaunix.net/viewthread.php? Tid = 392799 I used Red Hat

Local installation in debian

How to install local In debian-Debian information of Linux release-details are as follows. When you install a program in debian, the following error message is displayed for Per because the local settings are not configured: Perl: warning: Setting

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