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PHP implementation Imitation Baidu Library, bean Ding Online document effect (word,excel,ppt to Flash), _php tutorial

better, and the format of support more, in theory, as long as the things can be printed, can be converted, just can't concurrency, so the meaning is not big, if you can use this principle, write a conversion server, to solve the concurrency problem, the first should be the most appropriate. The second type can only convert OpenOffice supported formats, and the server requirements are very high. Do not know Docin and Baidu document is what kind of solution More readers interested in PHP related

PowerPoint 2010 Direct ppt to video file

the following. First, the basic steps to convert PPT to video in PowerPoint 2010 In PowerPoint 2010, open a PowerPoint presentation in the. pptx format, and click the orange "File" button in the upper-left corner of the PowerPoint interface. Note: The file used to turn the video must be. pptx format, if not, first use Save As to convert the format.

WIN8 System 2010 version of the production of PPT broadcast propulsion?

Recently started a new WIN8 system notebook, Office is 2010 version, today to try to make a play mode for the "advance" special effects of the tutorial, notebook Office software is required to install the Oh, it is best to put a 360 software butler. 1, click on the lower left corner of the red box and then open ppt. 2, access to the operating interf

PPT Production Tutorial: How to make PPT

PowerPoint (PPT) is designed to make a presentation (commonly known as a slideshow). Widely used in various conferences, product demonstrations, school teaching and so on. Learn how to make ppt, become a good helper to improve work efficiency. PPT contains a lot of features, we can choose their parts according to personal preference and needs.1. "New

[Excel] The right mouse button menu does not create new word, Excel, ppt What to do?

Many friends after installing Office (2010 or 2013, etc.), found that right-click New does not have Word, Excel, PowerPoint and other items, but their office is clearly installed. What should we do at this time? Here, this article provides you with a simple solution.1. Click Start, locate the Run command line, enter Regedit, and open the registry.2. Locate the HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT directory on the left and exp

PHP implementation of imitation Baidu Library, bean-Ding online document effects (word,excel,ppt to flash) _php tips

, solve the concurrency problem, that the first should be the most appropriate. The second type can only be converted to OpenOffice supported formats, the server requirements are very high. I don't know how the Docin and Baidu documents are going to work. For more information on PHP-related content readers can view the site topics: "PHP operation Office Document tips summary (including word,excel,access,ppt

Office2016 in the Excel/ppt right-click menu Flash fallback what to do?

Office2016 in the excel/ppt right-click menu Flash fallback what to do? In the WINDOWS10 system environment, after installing Office 2016, open an Excel or Word document casually, right-click in the document, pop-up function menu, have not seen clearly the menu disappears, and then click right Button pop-up menu is also a flash back, a flash. You cannot select o

About the requirements processing method for online preview word,excel,ppt,pdf.

. Click the Security tab, select Custom in the launch and activation permissions and access permissions groups, and thenAdd an ASP. NET account and IUSER_ computer name, customize---Edit* These accounts exist only if IIS is installed on the computer.4. Make sure that each user is allowed access, and then click OK.5. Click OK to close the DCOMCNFG. If you do not see Microsoft Offfice Word in Component Services, you will need to reinstall Office. 2.WORD Application.Documents.Open function re

Tutorial on converting PPT to PDF

content on the PPT will be completely processed and converted, and finally, the converted PDF file is released for users to download.How to convert an online PPT file to a PDF file:Open the software interface and select the conversion format from PPT to PDF. Currently, the software supports conversion from PDF to word, word to PDF,

A tutorial on the animation effect of PPT turn book

Are you tired of the prosaic presentation? Have you already hated the lack of new pictures? is not still wood has mastered PPT animation effect of the book? Today's PPT Tutorial network and everyone together to the book "Over and Over". 1. First choose "Custom Graphics Tool", draw a rectangle, fill color (as shown below). 2. Copy the sec

PPT graphic tutorial for changing line chart and data (pedometer instance)

calculated with the function average (), the second group is used to make the data label, the value takes 11000, so the position is fixed above the chart. The third group used to customize the data label, the lowest value with min (), the highest value with Max (), today's value with the formula = recent value, the average with average (), to calculate the data, to be used. Sixth step: Click "Design-Edit Data", The series name fills in randomly, thex-axis series value takes one group of

tutorial on using Excel macros

Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) is a macro language of Visual Basic that can be used primarily to extend the application functionality of Windows, especially Microsoft Office software, including Excel, PPT, Word, Outlook, and so on. Excel documents developed with Excel VBA need to turn on Excel's macro functionali

Phpexcel Simple Read Excel file example, _php tutorial

',7=> ' G ',8=> ' H ',9=> ' I ', 10 = ' J ',11=> ' K ',12=> ' L ',13=> ' M ', 14=> ' N ',15=> ' O ',16=> ' P ',17=> ' Q ',18=> ' R ',19=> ' S ', 20 = ' T ',21=> ' U ',22=> ' V ',23=> ' W ',24=> ' X ',25=> ' Y ',26=> ' Z ');//echo $highestRow. $highestColumn; /read a column for ($row = 5; $row Add: small make up here to recommend a site of the PHP format beautification of the layout tools to help you in the future of PHP programming code layout: PHP Code online format Beautification tool: Http:

Excel tutorial (1)

Label: style blog HTTP Io strong file 2014 lineIn the previous section, we talked about the PPT tutorial. In this section, we will talk about the preparation of Excel.We still use WPS this time. Please do not uninstall WPS. Be sure to install the deletion.Create an Excel file.(To open this interface, you must press the button !)Double-click the first grid and cli

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