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Crawler (iii) Parse JS, grab the real play address of Youku free video

tools :Google Chrome + Fiddler grab KitNote: Here do not post code, "only talk about ideas!!!" 】Original URL = "A random movie link" called it the original URLStart Analysis:Open fiddler, then

"Invalid URI: Failed to parse certificate Authority/host" occurred

This error occurs because a slash is missing in the URL, and the normal URL is "http:" with two slashes behind it, and I accidentally delete a slash when I modify the IP address portion of the URL in the configuration file, for example:

Crawler (iii) Parse JS, grab the real play address of Youku free video

tools :Google Chrome + Fiddler grab Kit Note: Here do not post code, "only talk about ideas!!!" 】 Original URL = "A random movie link" called it the original URL Start Analysis: Open fiddler, then open

arp-Address Resolution Protocol (in-depth understanding of ARP protocol in practice)

A host that communicates in the same network (which is not specifically referred to as an Ethernet network) must have the MAC address of the target host to correctly send the data to the target host, so how to know the MAC address of the target host.

Jquery.ajax report parseerror Invalid json error reason and workaround: Cannot parse

(默认: 自动判断 (xml 或 html)) 请求失败时调用时间。参数有以下三个:XMLHttpRequest 对象、错误信息、(可选)捕获的错误对象。如果发生了错误,错误信息(第二个参数)除了得到null 之外,还可能是 "timeout" , "error" , "notmodified" 和 "parsererror"。The first parameter returned by the error event XMLHttpRequest has some useful

Use SPRINGMVC to appear failed to start component [Standardengine[catalina]. Standardhost[localhost]. Standardcontext[/springmvcfiletest]]

The following shows the error that I ran Tomcat when I was using SPRINGMVC because of a problem with the Web. XML configuration.Severity: A child container failed during startjava.util.concurrent.ExecutionException:

Example of using Python to parse XML through DOM and SAX

This article mainly introduces how to use Python to parse XML application instances through DOM and SAX. For the two parsing methods, Python has related modules available for use. For more information, see XML. DOM RequirementThere is a table with

About resolving Oracle login: ora-12154: tns: failed to parse the specified connection identifier

I started to learn about Oracle, so today I plan to install Oracle 10 Gb. After the installation is complete, test whether the job works normally. During installation, the global database configured is tmt. However, when using SQL Plus to log on,

[ExtJS5 Study note] 27th cmd packaging error C2009:yui Parse error (identifier is a reserved word => debugger;)

This address: article Sushengmiyan--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------------A strange mistake

C # scan IP address legality, numeric character Conversion Function

// Reference SpaceUsing system. net;Using system. Threading; Private void button#click (Object sender, system. eventargs E){// Thread class: Creates and controls threads.Thread thscan = new thread (New threadstart (scantarget ));// Thread. Start

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