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php 0 = = ' false ', 0 = = False will be equal, and false!= ' false reason.

First look at a special case: Var_dump (0 = = ' false '), returns BOOL (true), PHP determines 0 equals any string, Var_dump (0=== ' false '), returns BOOL (false), and the congruent contains type and value to be equal. Var_dump (0 = false),

BOOL and bool True vs. false vs. False in C + + (reprinted)

Http://blog.chinaunix.net/uid-28458801-id-3941112.htmlThe difference between false/true and False/true 1. The difference between false/true and false/true: False/true is a new keyword in the standard C + + language, and False/true is through #

False is true or false-or injection tutorial

There are new or injection tutorials in the website. You can find them and see them together. Author: fallen leaves flying & Huaxia chicken head 4 [s.s.s.t]Source: evil baboons Information Security Team (www.eviloctal.com) Note: The first Script

AspNetPager is an instance of comparison between true and false pages, and aspnetpager is a real and false page.

AspNetPager is an instance of comparison between true and false pages, and aspnetpager is a real and false page. It has been a while since learning BS. BS is designed for Web pages, including the data retrieved from the database and displayed on the

Zhenyang (true positive rate), false positive (false positive rate), Auc,roc

These concepts were known a long time ago, but they are often forgotten because they are not the same as their cognitive habits. So simply to summarize these concepts, and then forget to look for (other articles too verbose, computational methods

Ask a small white question: why PHP is often used! ==false true, why don't you just use ===true?

For example, the following code: $str4="php-class,mysql-class,div-css,0,dreamweaver";$s=strtok($str4,',');while($s!==false){ echo $s.""; $s=strtok(',');} while ($s ===true) {} Why can't it be displayed?True where to use it ~ ~Beginners Please

[Python Multithreading] Detailed daemon attribute value None,false,true difference (v)

This article introduces several examples of the differences between daemon attribute values in Python multi-threading.Review:The previous article briefly describes the modern operating system in which each process considers itself exclusive of all

Recall (recall rate); Precision (accuracy rate); F1-meature (Comprehensive evaluation indicator); True Positives;false Positives;false negatives.

Recall (recall rate); Precision (accuracy rate); F1-meature (Comprehensive evaluation index); These parameters are often used in information retrieval (such as search engines), natural language processing, and detection classifications.Precision:

Site traffic is true or false to judge there is a good way

We do network promotion, especially the marketing of advertising, the most worry may be false traffic, false traffic not only can not bring us any customers, will continue to waste our advertising costs, but also to the server or virtual host to

A Python interview question: given d = [true, False, True, False, true], use list D to return the list in just one sentence [0,2,4]

Preface: Or I, a naively small white, risking his life to the company of a forced lattice interview, go to interview on the way to experience some twists and turns, the bus death not come, finally almost missed the interview time, this is not what,

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