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Simple security settings After purchasing a Linux VPS server

After we have purchased a VPS or server for a Linux system, the general merchant will give you a root account, and the default password will not be too long, which is not safe. Often customers because of weak password and hacked password caused the

Discussion VPS3.0: Use VPS to hang Vagex to make money automatically

Because it is too long, it is estimated that a lot of people will not mind to see the summary, so I would like to say in the ahead. Do not modify the process of their own, step-by-step copy can be copied. I was forced to do it, I heard it was a good

How to Set up Apache + a free signed SSL Certificate on a VPS

 PrerequisitesBefore we get started, here is the Web tools need for this tutorial: Google Chrome Browser Apache installed on your VPS (cloud server) A Domain name you own Access to a email address at this domain, either:

Big talk VPS0.2-VPS/VPD's fool-type LNMP installation

Opening Talk about the VPS remote connection control after a lot of like the author of the small rookie began to sharpening, and then in that is the breathtaking LNMP a key installation process I hope everyone give a applause ah. And you VPS talent,

Linux VPS Server Security Settings Tutorial

We need to do some basic security when we have a VPS or server that has a Linux system open. First, turn off the SSH password login First, you need to have your own SSH Key, if you use the Windows system, you can use the Putty under the Puttygen.

Simple security settings After purchasing a Linux VPS server

first, close the SSH password loginFirst of all, you need to have your own SSH Key, if you use Windows system, you can use Putty under the PUTTYGEN. EXE generates a private key and a public key.The first step is to run PUTTYGEN. ExeIn general, we

Introduction to virtual private server (VPS): installation and running (1)

We areThe first article of the virtual private server (VPS)This article discusses why VPS is used. This article describes how to install and run VPS in detail. You may have thought that you must have an account to experience VPS. No matter what kind

Linux VPS Practical Simple Security Configuration

Today, share with you the most basic security configuration of VPS.First, modify the SSH portVPS Default SSH port is 22, those who scan the poor lift password, also bound to start from 22, so, modify 22 for an additional number, is very necessary.OK,

Linux VPS Server Security Configuration steps detailed

We need to do some basic security when we have a VPS or server that has a Linux system open. There are probably several areas:1. Prohibit root account ssh, use custom account ssh;This way, the hacker must first guess the account number, then can

Optimization scheme for Linux VPS server with Insufficient memory

Ever since I moved one of my websites to the Linode 1G VPS, I've always felt a little less normal. First of all dnspod monitoring on the display site can sometimes access, sometimes not. The WP Supercache plugin then restarts after a frequent

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