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Example of the push of a local git project to a git server Xcode6

Xcode also upgraded to the 6 version, Swift also out of 2.0, I would like to do a small project in the new environment try not to because git operation of the code mistakenly deleted, the morning study under the Xcode6 git under the operation of the special record; The tragic record, last night I'm going to push the local gi

Git with git push appears failed to push some refs to git ... The workaround

Error message:[Email protected]/k/cocos2d/yc (master)$ Git push-u Origin Masterto [email protected]:yangchao0718/cocos2d.git! [Rejected] master, master (Non-fast-forward)Error:failed to push some refs to ' [email protected]:yangchao0718/cocos2d.gitHint:updates were rejected because the tip of your current branch is BehinHint:its remote counterpart. Integrate the

Git's initial use & amp; Git common command query & amp; Git push & amp; Git pull

Git's first use Git common command query Git push Git pull before introducing installation and simple use, let's take a look at The introduction in Baidu Encyclopedia: ---------------------------------- Git --- The stupid content tracker, dummies content tracker. In Linux

[Git] [Resolved] When using Msysgit/git/tortoisegit on a Windows system to access the repository of the GIT protocol. Git push will get stuck and not respond.

Found in accordance with the git push stuck to Google, can search a lot of previous peer sent blog has mentioned, but seemingly no solution. This problem has been solved in the latest version of Msysgit, hoping the solution will spread out. Let more programs ape classmates see.=====================Ah ah ah, studied for two days, finally found solution. Go to the shouts for a while=====================The pr

Git push: Three modes of push local change to remote warehouse

/master2c13da0b38b794581790ed0122a674d6ad6113ba Looking back at the storage model created by the branch we have learned, the essence of the push is the creation of a commit object in the remote and the updating of the pointer. That is, if User B is pushed at this point, then the X descendant will point to B,b's parent and point to X, and then our X descendants are already pointing to a, so we fail. 2. Programme I: Mandatory coverage In some cases, yo

Intellij idea using Git@osc to push local code to GIT

1. Install Git for Windows First install git for Windows recommended this: you can right-click a git command-line window with the corresponding path in any directory--git bash and start up faster settings--version Control--git--path to

Git push Origin Master fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to being a git repository fatal:could not read

Push in Xcode hasn't reacted in a long time, and then it stopped. Son, I tried push in the terminal, and there was an error: Git push Origin Master Fatal: ' Origin ' does not appear to be a git repository Fatal:could not read from remote repository. Sure you have the corre

Create a remote git repository within the LAN and push the local warehouse push to the remote repository

Create a remote git repository within the LAN and push the local warehouse push to the remote repository 1. telnet to the server in the LAN first 2. switch to a folder in the server, Then create a new folder to use as a git repository (the folder name is best with the same name as the warehouse folder that is being p

How to solve the problem that occurs during git ==== push. Error: failed to push some refs

When we use git to push the file to the repository, the following problem occurs: ! [Rejected] Master-> master (fetch first)Error: failed to push some refs to '[email protected]: yaogengzhu/ajax. Git'Hint: updates were rejected because the remote contains work that you doHint: Not Have locally. This is usually caused by another repository pushingHint: to the same

(turn) about git warehouse initialization and GIT push action

Git initialization 2010-08-26 16:53 **********************************************************Install a remote repository for git 2010-05-28 Linux View Comments Need to push code to a remote repository Initializing an empty warehouse on a remote server Mkdir/home/git/myapp.git Cd/home/

Local git repository and remote repository creation and correlation and GitHub upload (git push) error:src Refspec master does not match any solution

GitHub Upload Project Method:Install Git on your computerGit Bash HereThe general process for creating and correlating local git repositories and remote repositories is:1. Initialize this local folder as a Git manageable repositoryGit initNote: Git will automatically create a unique branch for US masterWe can find a di

Git push encountered a problem "Fatal:no destination configured to push to."

Zhanhailiang Date: 2014-12-02[root@~/Wade/Lua/historybrowsing] # git pushfatal:no destination configured to push to.Check out the corresponding manual:[root@~/Wade/Lua/historybrowsing] # git help pushThe reason is that there are two workarounds for the missing push destination address:1. Add the "Destination address" p

About the git-2.6.3-64-bit version of Git push

When I recently learned about Git and learned to GitHub, there was a command that git push would run out following questions:Upon enquiry:The matching--"Matching" parameter is the default behavior of Git 1.x, which means that if you perform a git

Solution Fatal:remote Error:you can ' t push to git://*.git problem _linux

Solution of Fatal:remote Error:you can ' t push to git://*.git problem Today, when Git push Fatal:remote error: can ' t push to git://*.

Git add, view, extract, push, delete remote repository (GitHub) tutorial, gitgithub

Git add, view, extract, push, delete remote repository (GitHub) tutorial, gitgithub Add remote database To add a new remote repository, you can specify a simple name for future reference. The command format is as follows: git remote add [shortname] [url] This example uses Github as a remote repository. If you do not ha

$ git push Warning:push.default has not been set, its default value in Git 2.0 has changed from ' matching ' to ' simple '. To no longer display this information and maintain the traditional habit of

Just using git push error "$ git pushWarning:push.default has not been set, its default value in Git 2.0 has been from ' matching 'Change to ' simple '. To no longer display this information and maintain the traditional habits, make the following settings:git config--global push.default matchingTo no longer display thi

git push and Git pull

git pushIf Git push is used directly, without repository and Refspec, then branch.branchName.remote (not origin) is found in the configuration file based on the current branch branch name. Then push all the local-tracking branch (i.e. there is a corresponding remote-tracking branch) to the remote repository. Those comm

Sourcetree push a local git project to a remote Git repository

1. Create the corresponding project in the remote Git repository;2. Generate the local SSH key using the command line;3. Paste the public key into the location of the remote repository;4.SourceTree set the address of the remote repository;5. Push the local branch to the remote repository;Note: 1.http buffer cannot transfer large files if it is set too small;2.SSH Client Select OpenSSH, do not choose Putty/p

Git uses-git to push the error solution

git fetch origingit reset --hard origin/mastergit pullExplanation: Fetch would download everything from another repository, the the one marked as "origin". Reset would discard changes and revert to the mentioned branch, "Master" in Repository "origin". Pull would just get everything from a remote repository and integrate. See documentation at Http://

Git linux git push to code cloud

Enter Https:// to view your account number and email address, put it down in Notepad and use it below. Open git input command git config–global "yourname" carriage returngit config–global "[Email protected]" Enter$ ssh-keygen-t rsa-c "[Email protected]" (please fill in the email address you set) enter Then appears:Generating public/private RSA key pair.Ent

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