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Nginx Web Caching service and the open source Ncache module of Sina Network

Tags: nginx cache squid Storage Cache server #nginx Web cache service with Sina's Open source Ncache module # # What is the Web cache Web cache located between the content source Web server and the client, when the user accesses a URL, the Web

Initial knowledge of HTML and CSS

Tags: now into the format nested property mode pixel relative ons---restore content starts---PS ApplicationsVolume size w.h-How to: window, info, top right panel options, ruler units, pixelsTransduction-How to: Slice tool, file, save as Web all

Tomcat deployment Web project Common ways

Label: # Web project deployment to Tomcat method summaryA: The final release structure of the Web project is: The project is named EnvProjectstructure in Eclipse: Eclipse Export War Package: env for Upper directory Text description:Env meta-inf

URL related in JS

Tags: object keyword search dir silent pre prot rip regexFirst, look at a function to parse the URL, the general format of the URL is Http://domain.com/?search=a#hashfunctionparseURL(URL){var a= document.CreateElement(A); /Create an A element a.

Token, the difference between a cookie and a session--study notes

In the interface test, often encountered the request parameter is the token of the type, but perhaps most testers of the difference between the token,cookie,session or smattering. To this end I consulted a large number of information to do the follow


Tags: char character contains one important tar quotation mark Ken ChineseThe previous section of the study came into contact with HTML and CSS this week.First of all, it's a conceptual thing.World Wide Web Consortium is currently the most

CSS Common Selector

Tags: Word signature affects strong port token HTML element other margin# # #CSS选择器的分类# # # #标签选择器Just use the tag name as a selector.Syntax: Tag Selector {CSS property name: CSS property value;}Weight: 1```<style>div{color:red;}</style>&

Lock in C + +

Tags: constant under construction support Seve Balance star kind time@ (C plus plus) [Summary,lock] # Lock in C++11 # # Mutex Wrapper C++11 offers a variety of types of mutex wrapper, mainly with lock_guard,unique_lock and scoped_lock,shared_lock

Token, Cookie and session difference--Learning notes

when you do interface testing, you often encounter the type of request parameter is token, but perhaps most testers have a smattering of token,cookie,session differences. To this end, I consulted a large number of data to do the following summary. Th

Use JWT in Go combat--golang (JSON Web Token)

Tags: one security duration CTO Mars Package memory writer warhttp://blog.csdn.net/wangshubo1989/article/details/74529333Previously wrote a blog about how cookies are used in Golang:Use cookies in combat –goLet's talk a little bit about how to use

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