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Hangzhou Electric OJ 15th ACM first question Hearthstone

problem DescriptionCDFPYSW loves playing a card game called "Hearthstone". Now he had N cards, he wants to split these cards into 4 piles.Let's assume the number of cards in each pile is A1, A2, A3, A4. It must be satisfied that:a1 * K1 = a2 + a3 + a4 A2 * k2 = a1 + A3 + a4 a3 * K3 = A1 + a2 + A4 A1, a2, A3, A4 Must be positive Because cdfpysw are clever, there must be a-to split there card. Can you tell CDFPYSW?InputThe first line was an integer T,

HDU 5816 Hearthstone

,0,sizeof(DP)); LL p,n,m; scanf ("%i64d%i64d%i64d",p,n,m); LL N=n+m; for(LL i=n;i) scanf ("%i64d",Val[i]); dp[0]=1; for(LL st=0;st1) { if(dp[st]==0)Continue; LL Dam=0, num_a=0, num_b=0; for(LL i=n;i) { if(st (1; } if(dam>=p)Continue; for(LL i=0; i) { if(st (1; } if(num_a+1Continue; for(LL i=0; i) { if(st (1Continue; Dp[st+(1Dp[st]; }} LL ans=0, all=Fac[n]; for(LL st=

hdu-5816 Hearthstone (pressure dp+ probability expectation)

of your turn, you draw a-card from the top of the the card deck. You can use any of the cards in your hands until to run out of it. Your task is to calculate the probability so you can win in this turn, i.e., can deal at least P damage to Your enemy.Inputthe first line is the number of test cases T (tThen come three positive integers P (pOutputfor each test case, output the probability as a reduced fraction (i.e., the greatest common divisor of the numerator and denominator is 1). If the answer

SDUT2883 hearthstone//stirling

Fifth session of the provincial race: HearthstoneCombinatorial mathematics.n Races, M tables (n>=m). Each race is a table, and each table is used at least once.The idea behind the question has been how to fill the M table with n positions.is actually the Tao Stirling number model, the direct set formula M!*{n m}#include #includestring.h>#defineL 1000000007intMain () {intn,m; Long Longa[101]; while(SCANF ("%d%d", n,m)! =EOF) {a[0]=0; for(intI=1; i) A[i]=1; for(intI=3; i) for(intj=i

2015 Shenyang Tournament Online tournament 1012 (water)

#include #include#include#include#include#includeSet>#include#include#defineINF 0x3f3f3f3f3f3f3f3fusing namespacestd;intt,t[5001000];intMain () {intcas=0, T1,t2; scanf ("%d",T); while(t--) { Long Longans11=-inf,ans12=-inf,ans21=-inf,ans22=-inf; CAS+=1; intn,a,b; Long Longans=0; scanf ("%d%d%d",n,a,b); for(intI=1; i) {scanf ("%d",T[i]); } for(intI=1; i) { if(1ll*a*t[i]*t[i]>ANS11) {ANS11=1ll*a*t[i]*T[i]; T1=i; } } for(intI=1; i) {

Multi-Objective genetic algorithm------NSGA-II (partial source parsing) Two-yuan tournament selection tourselect.c

There are two functions in a tourselect.c file:Selection (population *old_pop, population *new_pop)Individual* Tournament (individual *ind1, individual *ind2)First, the code of the first function is as follows:1 /*Routine for tournament selection, it creates a new_pop from Old_pop by performing tournament selection and the Crosso Ver*/2 voidSelection (population

Codeforces 357C Knight Tournament (set)

Descriptionhooray! Berl II, the king of Berland is making a knight tournament. The king has already sent the message to all knights in the kingdom and they in turn agreed to participate in this grand E Vent.As for your, you ' re just a simple peasant. There ' s no surprise that's slept in this morning and were late for the tournament (it is a weekend, after all). Now is really curious about the results of t

Ural 1218. Episode N-th:the Jedi Tournament

1218. Episode N-th:the Jedi Tournamenttime limit:1.0 SecondMemory limit:64 mbdecided Several Jedi Knights to organize a tournament once. To know, accumulates who the largest amount of force. Brought each Jedi he lightsaber with him to the tournament. Is different the lightsaber, and Jedi different are. Three parameters there are:length of the Saber, force of the Jedi and how good the light side of the force

Simultaneous search for maximum and second largest tournament algorithms

Problem: Look for both the maximum and the second largest value in an array, assuming that the number of elements in the array is n greater than 2method One : Iterate through the array, set the Max and Secondmax flags, and update max if there is greater than Max, and update Secondmax if there is less than Max but greater than Secondmax.Comparisons: Finding temporary Max and Secondmax in a[0] and a[1] requires a comparison. The worst of the remaining number of n-2 needs to be compared with Max an

Python fourth week multi thread and multi-process line Cheng, five car tournament

. """ ifMoney:self._lock.acquire ()#add lock, start is parallel, lock and turn into serial, unlock and turn into parallel. Try: New_balance= Self._balance +Money Time.sleep (0.01) Self._balance=new_balancefinally: Self._lock.release ()classAddmoneythread (Thread):def __init__(self, account): Super (Addmoneythread, self).__init__() Self._account= AccountdefRun (self): Self._account.deposit (1)defMain (): account=Account () tlist= [] for_inchRange (100): T=addmoneythread (ac

Shenyang Regional Tournament Summary

precedence over individual ability, a person's ability after all is limited, five hours of time is easy to be bound to live, try not to open a problem, more than one person more than one way of thinking, more special examples.3, believe that their ability, if you feel you can do it and let go, WA has to say.4, fight to the last moment.AchievementsAchieve success:1. First time to participate in regional races2, the first time in the last hour a problem3, the first time no work and returnThe firs

(Hdu step 5.2.6) determine the tournament position (the number of points for which the degree is 0)

Topic: Determine the position of the match Time limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others) Total submission (s): 338 Accepted Submission (s): 181 Problem description has N teams (1 Input inputs have several groups, the first behavior in each group is two n (1 OutputGive a ranking that meets the requirements. There is a space between the queue numbers at the time of th

Cloud Chain International Link Tournament main office: Soft cool Shenzhou Digital new financial technology Group Group

Yun Hai Chain International block chain contestMain Office: micro-Software Hot Cool Shenzhou Numerals new Financial Science and Technology Consortium"Activity Theme"The core concept of the "cloud Sea chain" is that, in the era of progressive maturity of the district chain, the spirit of the new and actual practices is to encourage developers to explore more of the new block chain scene in the race.known for its centrality, transparent sharing, irreversibility, and the keys and private keys encry

HDU 1285 determining the tournament position (topological sorting)

Determine the position of the matchTime limit:2000/1000 MS (java/others) Memory limit:65536/32768 K (java/others)Total submission (s): 14854 Accepted Submission (s): 5929Problem description has N teams (1Input inputs have several groups, the first behavior in each group is two n (1Output gives a ranking that meets the requirements. There is a space between the queue numbers at the time of the output, and no space after the last.Other Notes: Qualifying rankings may not be unique, at which point

[cf678e] Another Sith tournament ([JZOJ4648] Championship)

Description The rules of Sith tournament is well known to everyone. N Sith take part in the tournament. The tournament starts with the random choice of both Sith who'll fight in the first battle. As one of them loses, he place is taken by the next randomly chosen Sith who didn ' t fight before. Does it need to being said that all battle in the Sith

The seventh session of Shandong Province Swiss-system D tournament (merge sort)

].score+1, Eg[i].cap); Eg2[l2++]=eg[i+1]; } Else{EG1[L1++].push (eg[i+1].id,eg[i+1].score+1, eg[i+1].cap); Eg2[l2++]=Eg[i]; } } intA=1, b=1, c=1; while(aL2) { if(eg1[a].score>eg2[b].score| | eg1[a].score==eg2[b].scoreeg1[a].ideg2[b].id) Eg[c++]=eg1[a++]; Elseeg[c++]=eg2[b++]; } while(A]; while(B];}intMain () {//freopen ("In.txt", "R", stdin); intt,r,q; scanf ("%d",t); while(t--) {scanf ("%d%d%d",n,r,q); N1; for(intI=1; i) {scanf ("%d",Eg[i].score); Eg[i].id=i; }

Topology sequencing-determining the tournament position

elements first: #include#include#include#include#include#include#include#includeUsingNamespace Std;#define INT __int64#define INF0x3f3f3f3fConstint MAXN=555;int team[MAXN];int Head[MAXN];int point[MAXN];int NXT[MAXN];int edgecnt;BOOL Vis[MAXN][maxn];int Ingrade[MAXN];voidIni(){Memset(Team,0,sizeof(Team));Memset(Head,-1,sizeof(Head));Memset(Point,-1,sizeof(Point));Memset(NXT,-1,sizeof(NXT));Memset(Vis,0,sizeof(Vis));Memset(Ingrade,0,sizeof(Ingrade)); Edgecnt=0;}voidAdd_edge(int U,Int V){edgecnt+

2015 Changchun Online Tournament 1006 (suffix array or minimum notation)

voidMakeheight (intN) - { About intI, j, k =0; $ for(i =0; I i; - //the nth character ranking is 0,sa[rank[i]-1] out of bounds, so don't count - for(i =0; ik) - for(K. k--:0, j = Sa[rank[i]-1]; R[i + K] = = R[j + K]; k++); A } + the CharStr[n]; -STD::stringAns1,ans2; $ intidx1,idx2; the intMain () the { the intt,n,m; thescanf"%d",t); - while(t--) in { theans1 = Ans2 =""; thescanf"%d",n); Aboutscanf"%s", str); the for(intI=0; ii) theR[i] = str[i]-'a'+1;

(algorithm Getting Started Classic tournament priority queue) LA 3135 (previous K description)

queries registered in Argus at once. It is confirmed and all the queries has different q_num. Your task is to tell the first K queries to return the results. If or more queries is to return the results at the same time, they'll return the results one by one in the Ascendin G Order of Q_num.InputThe first part of the input is the register instructions to Argus, one instruction per line. You can assume the number of the instructions would not be exceed, and all these instructions is executed at t

Programming to determine tournament order

5 athletes took part in the 10-meter diving competition, and someone asked them to predict the outcome of the game a contestant said: B First, I'm third. B contestant said: I second, e fourth. C contestant said: I first, d second. D contestant said: C Finally, I third. E contestant said: I am four, a first. After the game is over, each player is half right, please program to determine the position of the match. #include Operation Result:A = 2, B = 1, c = 1, d = 3, E = 4Please press any key to co

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