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Calculate the date one months from today

1 fromDatetimeImport*2 ImportCalendar3 4 defget_monthago_date ():5Nowtime ()6Nowtime_year =Nowtime.year7Nowtime_month =Nowtime.month8Nowtime_day =Nowtime.day9 TenOnemonthago = nowtime_month-1#minus one months, judging whether it is 0

How many months have you mastered in English?

  The Gregorian calendar has 12 months, but many people do not know the English name of 12 months. The Gregorian calendar originated from the ancient Roman calendar. Rome's English was originally only 10 months old. The emperor of ancient Rome

Junior high school students to do SEO after four months of real experience

While writing this article, I was both nervous and excited, tension is because a junior high school has not finished reading the article can have much readability, exciting is that I will share their four months from school experience, which has

Step by step to teach you 3 months to build 100,000 IP traffic (actual walkthrough) _ Website Operation

Recently I want to write an article like this, I want to sum up all the common and not commonly used methods of promotion. Analyze how to build a High-traffic site in the short term. Yesterday in the company wrote a preface, but the company's

Go How to get a date in SQL SERVER 2005 (the last day of one months, the first day of the year, and so on)

This is the SQL script that calculates the first day of the one month:SELECT DATEADD (mm, DATEDIFF (Mm,0,getdate ()), 0)--the first day of the monthSELECT DATEADD (mm, DATEDIFF (Mm,0,getdate ())-1, 0)-the first day of the monthSELECT DATEADD

How can a computer senior complete a compiler in six months? What do you want to learn?

There is already a problem about how a senior computer student can complete a simple operating system within six months (around the evening. What should I learn? In the answer, I see many people who recommend writing compilers. I want to know what

Website example sharing 10 months Baidu weight 8, traffic over 200,000

There may be a lot of people who see the headline and think it's exaggerated, can not even believe that I have never seen a website in 10 months time (in fact, 8 months when this is the case), to achieve the weight of Baidu 8, and daily traffic over

Four months of my internship in Beijing

We are finally leaving Beijing today to formally end the intern journey at Intel. Now at the capital airport to write the 4 months of life in Beijing, the Intel internship some of the experience and insights.Internship at Intel At the beginning of

Website optimization three months of experience and we share

After three months or so of the site maintenance and optimization, from the beginning to now in addition to not catch up with the February site revision (also not called the revision, in fact, is the old domain name under the use of a new site just),

SEO rookie within three months how to achieve Baidu weight 3 to the departing webmaster

Little Brother Contact SEO is not very long, understand is also very shallow, today just took some of the road I have walked and get some experience to share with you, the Masters can bypass ~       Let's talk about the

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