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G1 using mobile phone wifi to connect to laptop WiFi shared broadband Internet access

} 11 // Save the disk and exit 12 // Where 'mode = 1' indicates that htcg1 is an ad-hoc Network 13 In addition, please note: wpa_supplicant.conf will not be visible here after the Rom is refreshed. Please switch the Wi-Fi connection once and wait for the system to automatically generate wpa_supplicant.conf and then overwrite it! After completing the above operations, turn on the mobile phone WiFi functio

WiFi Sharing Master Mobile phone connection is always in the IP access status?

recently, users have responded to us with the question of what to do when a WiFi-sharing guru creates a successful phone connection that is always in IP access, and the WiFi sharing guru teaches you how to solve the problem of how the WiFi share master has been in IP

Android mobile phone Wireless WiFi access through laptop

Document directory Enable win7 hide virtual AP for mobile phone sharing WiFi Enable win7 hide virtual AP for mobile phone sharing WiFi How can I share Wi-Fi access? In fact, there are a lot of software on the Internet for this feature, such as Lenovo's flash link anyway,

Mobile phone access to the Tomcat Server site sample via laptop WiFi

I always want to use the mobile phone to connect the server tomcat, tried for a long time not connected, the lab a sister will this technology, I also want to learn, their own groping to learn a few times, did not succeed, tonight to think of a way to try, you can connect, you can do mobile website development, which is also part of mobile development Oh! 1. Turn on your computer's WiFi, your

A graphics and text tutorial on WiFi access to the red meter mobile phone

How to connect the red meter mobile phone to WiFi, red meter phone How to set static IP. Some wireless routers must be in the mobile phone to set up static IP to be able to connect, if you do not, then hurry up and see this tutorial. Dynamic IP is automatically acquired and can be set without setting. The specific ste

WiFi location principle and IOS WiFi list access

Signalstrength:wifi signal strength, which is between 0.0-1.0 Secure: The network is secure (no password is required for Wifi, this value is false) Autojoined: The device is automatically connected to the WiFi, the current test automatically connected to the previously connected WiFi is also false. Justjoined: Whether the network has just joi

How to build WiFi for mobile phone in Ubuntu

Objective My computer under the Ubuntu, Wireless has been a problem, the current problem is not to build WiFi, this problem is puzzling me for as long as a year. After the Ubuntu upgrade to ubuntu14.04, the use of two foreign methods to build a mobile phone connected to the Internet WiFi. Originally those who said that the computer does not support the constru

What do you mean, WiFi access? How to use WiFi wireless internet!

WiFi Internet is simple to understand that is actually wireless internet, many smartphones and most tablet computers support WiFi, WiFi full name wireless fidelity, is today's most widely used wireless network transmission technology. In fact, the cable network signal into the wireless signal, as in the beginning for everyone to introduce, the use of wireless rou

The WiFi password is correct, the phone is not even, everyone else is normal?

Small Series Summary: If you hit the WiFi password correct phone can not even, the other people are normal problems we first look at the small set their own sharing method, restart the phone if not, the current WiFi delete, and then reconnect the input password can generally be resolved. Method 1: Settings-

Win7 System install WiFi Sharing wizard after the phone can not connect the Internet how to solve

Win7 System install WiFi Sharing wizard after the phone can not connect the Internet how to solve? Wi-Fi has become an integral part of everyone's lives, with mobile phones and laptop devices connected to WiFi access. After the Win7 system installs the WiFi Sharing wizard, y

Canon 70D and so on with WiFi function camera How to connect the phone?

Now canon, Nikon and other new product lines are equipped with WiFi features, can connect the computer, mobile phone, printer, television, and camera of the mutual transfer of photos, many novice buy the camera for the first time to set the connection parameters, methods, such as IP address some head big can not line (small series of 70D just start on the Niang check a lot of, Again through the attempt to g

Mobile phone through computer internet, computer to turn WiFi

The first is to create WiFi directly through the menu (official method, you know) The second is to establish WiFi through the command prompt (more complex, not recommended, and other methods are not feasible to try) The third is through the software set up, only the English version oh, Pro! (recommended, relatively simple) Note: I only tested the Win7, other systems are similar, please self-test!!! Have

Gionee mobile phone network and WiFi connection solution

  No internet solution for mobile network In case you are sure that your phone card is not in arrears and your phone card hardware and local network conditions are normal: 1, first to open the cellular data, open method: You can enter the setting-network-data connection to open the cellular data 2, after opening the screen need to display the Internet icon, according to the user's different SIM and netwo

Le wireless wifi marketing: Little red dot Function--put your shop into the customer's cell phone

Le wireless wifi marketing: Little red dot Function--put your shop into the customer's cell phoneHave you ever thought about not having to invest heavily in street ads, without street flyers, as long as the WiFi signal appears in the customer's cell phone, there is a chance to get a profit?Ever thought, do not download, do not install, as long as the connection o

(original) Look at my phone and pc in various poses to see the WiFi password connected to

Today, a goddess came to my home, she asked me wifi password, but I have miraculously forgotten (especially when the heart of the 10,000 grass mud horse stepping past), let me in front of her embarrassed to seek son, so in order to prevent you also appear this situation, I specially put all sorts of methods, so interested friends continue to look down!Use your computer's cmd command line to view your password1. Press and hold the Windows key and R key

WiFi analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version ))

Http:// analyzer (# Android # mobile phone version) posted on 2011/03/13 by delxu Original delxu document. For more information, see the source. Thank you! A new HTC Desire HD mobile phone has been launched over the past few days. It's

What's wrong with the Android/Apple phone that doesn't even have wifi?

Why mobile phones don't even have WiFi: 1, wifi password input error, please check the password; WiFi password This is the lowest error, your password is not correct to ask what the question, this I do not say more. 2, WiFi signal is too bad, not normal connection; Signal difference this refers to only one case of

Remove the USB cable without a wireless router. Use a laptop (Win7 system) to quickly connect to your Android phone (requires Wifi support)

Are you still using a USB cable to connect your mobile phone to access sdcard ?, You are out. This article will tell you that if you connect your laptop to your mobile phone through wifi and quickly access sdcard, you certainly do not need a wireless router. Prerequisites

How does a Win7 laptop set up a shared network for mobile WiFi access?

Mobile phones want free high-speed Internet access, you must connect WiFi, for many home users, WiFi mainly by wireless router to achieve, if there is no router, you can share the notebook network as a WiFi network. Next, small compilation teaches everybody Win7 notebook how to set up the shared network for the cellula

Turn Windows 7 laptop into a WiFi hotspot and share the Internet with your mobile phone and iPad!

Change the wireless network of Windows 7 laptop into a Wi-Fi hotspot, so that mobile phones and laptops can access the Internet. We use win7 to establish a wireless LAN, which enables shared Internet access and local network games. As we all know, the "set temporary network" in the laptop network settings cannot be connected by a mobile phone. In this way, th

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