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How to add a menu for setting dual-card ringtones in android Music

How to add a menu for setting dual-card ringtones in android Music 1. Enable the scenario mode to set the feature of the dual-card ringtone: MTK_MULTISIM_ROINGTONE_SUPPORT, but the dual-card ringtone cannot be set in Music. To add "Us as SIM1/SIM2 ringtone" in

How to add a menu to set up a dual-sim ringtone in Android Music

ringtone for the KK version of Music, continue with the following modifications:1. Add the following code at the beginning of the java.util.List;Import Android.provider.Telephony.SIMInfo;2. Confirm that the library of Telephony-common is added to the of music:Local_java_libraries + = mediatek-framework \Telephony-common3, add th

Add music for Android

Package COM. llkan. setup; import Java. util. hashmap; import Java. util. map; import Java. util. random; import COM. llkan. r; import android. content. context; import android. media. audiomanager; import android. media. mediaplayer; import android. media. soundpool;/*** sound control class * @ author WYF **/public cl

Android music player and android music player

Android music player and android music player Reference instance:Http:// FilenameFilter is an interface that filters objects in the list and listFiles methods of objects in the File folder. The listFiles method without any paramete

Litchi FM How to add music to Litchi FM Add music Tutorial

How to add music to Litchi FM? 1, open the Litchi FM, and then hear the need to download the show when you click on the middle of the "drop-down button." 2, select "Download" In the expanded menu, then choose the quality version of the download, you can download the program for offline listening. Well, the above is a small series for you to organize the whole process of adding

Mobile QQ music Local song where to add mobile phone QQ Music Add Local Song method

1. To add a local song we just click on the QQ Music "local song" to open into 2. Then we click on the right menu to open the entry 3. Then we find "Scan song" Click Open to enter 4. You can choose "Custom Scan" and "scan filter" as shown in the following figure to open the entry, details as shown in the following figure 5. After we open into the "Custom Scan" that is, se

Live Racer How to add background music quick background music Add method

1, in the mobile phone we open GIF quick, as shown below and then we click on the "Photo" button 2, then in this interface we select the Picture mode button, as shown below. 3, after opening, and then we click on "Processing local photos" effect as shown below. 4, click the soundtrack, here we can choose their favorite music to add a Well, the above is a small series for you

QQ space How to add background music? QQ Space Add background music tutorial

QQ Space Custom background music does not need QQ green drilling to open, just follow the text of the text of the tutorial to enjoy a permanent free background music, so that your QQ space moment tall. QQ Space background music how to add free 1, first in the computer to login their QQ space, and then open the page t

NetEase Cloud Music App Radio music add song single tutorials Share

To the users of NetEase cloud music software to detailed analysis to share the radio music to add a song list of tutorials. Tutorial Sharing: 1, first we need to download radio music to the mobile phone. 2, open the download of the Radio Music save path: SDCARD

Add music to webpages and music to webpages

Add music to webpages and music to webpages Recently, I am tossing a Web page. For a person with obsessive-compulsive disorder, I want to insert music (as background music) into the web page, and then I have Baidu many materials; here is a summary: Step 1: We need to

Android obtains the music information of a third-party music player.

Recently, I am working on an Android phone to obtain the music information of a third-party music player. At first, it was a headache. It was too difficult to collect third-party information. I read the blog post about how to listen to the music playing information of the system, it is found that the broadcast will be

How to Write a serious Android music player 2 and android music player

How to Write a serious Android music player 2 and android music playerThis article describes how Interaction with music playback Service If you have a little experience, you know that you can put operations on the Service for a long time. How can you effectively communica

Mobile phone cool Dog Music app How to add music to cool groups?

1 Enter the Music app and click on the "Cool group" in the interface, click on the cool group to add music (as shown below) 2 Click on the top right corner of "three points",-"View song list";(the following figure) 3 Click on the top right corner of the "Add", select the song to share and then click

Android music player-Karaoke lyrics (1), android music player

Android music player-Karaoke lyrics (1), android music player We have all seen Cool dog's rolling lyrics. Of course, the first step for us to implement it is to make similar lyrics. For more information, see the following link video, which describes the general principle of implementing the lyrics. Http://www.du

QQ Space background music How to add network music?

1. We find a piece of music background in Baidu, which is your favorite network music. 2. Music background ready, we enter their QQ space, open after we click "Music" as shown in the picture. 3. Then in the open music scene we click inside the "background

Win8 How to add music to a music application

To add music to the music application in Windows 8 release Preview, do the following: 1. On the computer's Windows 8 default screen, locate and click the desktop tile. You will then go to the classic desktop view. 2. Select Windows Explorer (the Manila folder next to the Internet Explorer icon). 3. Under "Library", select "

How to Use the Android listening system music player to play music

";*/ private static final String CMDPAUSE = "pause"; private static final String CMDPLAY = "play"; private static final String CMDPREVIOUS = "previous"; private static final String CMDNEXT = "next";public void click(View v){Intent intent = new Intent(SERVICECMD);switch(v.getId()){case{intent.putExtra(CMDNAME, CMDPREVIOUS);}break;case{if(playing){intent.putExtra(CMDNAME,CMDPAUSE); ((ImageView)findViewById(;

Android get Baidu music download music and lyrics download link

) {System.out.println ("The song information is empty and cannot be downloaded");return null;}else {System.out.println ("encode=" +encodenode.gettextcontent ());}if (Lrcidnode = = null) {System.out.println ("lrcid = = null");}else {System.out.println (Lrcidnode.getnodename ());}if ("Lrcid". Equals (Lrcidnode.getnodename ())) {System.out.println (Lrcidnode.gettextcontent ());Lrcid = Lrcidnode.gettextcontent ();}else {System.out.println (Lrcidnode.getnodename ());}Get the value in encodeString Tem

Android Sound focus----from music back to luncher adjust the volume to show the volume of music

; Normally in the audio and video interface to adjust the volume of the stream is Stream_music, back to luncher adjust is stream_voice_call, but this switch a little delay streamoverride.sdelayms, resulting in the exit tone, After the video interface is adjusted immediately, the change is still the size of the Stream_music:You can modify the/frameworks/base/media/java/android/media/ file /** * For code clarity for Getactivestreamtype

Android sound focus ---- adjust the volume of Music from Music back to Luncher

Android sound focus ---- adjust the volume of Music from Music back to Luncher Sound types are defined in the AudioSystem. java file. /* The default audio stream */public static final int STREAM_DEFAULT = -1;/* The audio stream for phone calls */public static final int STREAM_VOICE_CALL = 0;/* The audio stream for system sounds */public static final int STREAM_S

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