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How do you check the efficiency of the PHP script execution (usually the script execution time) and the efficiency of the database SQL (usually the database query time) and locate and analyze the bottleneck of script execution and database query?

Php:It is usually the beginning of the code you want to check to record a time, the end of the record a time. Take the difference value,the efficiency of database SQLSQL explain (MySQL), enable slow query log to record slow queries. Usually also depends on the database design is reasonable, the demand is reasonable and so on.But this time is generally very fast, in less than a second, so you can not directly use mktime ()function Getmicrotime () {List ($usec, $sec) = Explode ("", Microtime ());

How do you check the efficiency of the PHP script execution (usually the script execution time) and the efficiency of the database SQL (usually the database query time) and locate and analyze the bottleneck of script execution and database query?

1.php Execution Time:$begin=Microtime(true);//gets the time that the program started executing//some code here to execute$stop=Microtime(true);//gets the time that the program execution endedList($m 0,$s 0)=Explode(" ",$begin);List($m 1,$s 1)=Explode(" ",$stop);$runtime=($s 1+$m 1-$s 0-$m 0) *1000;Echo' $etime-$stime.‘ microseconds; 2.SQL

SQL script for automatic backup of sqlserver2008 database and execution of script with bat command

-----SQL ScriptsDECLARE @fileName varchar (255),--Define the backup file name variable@dbname varchar (255)--Define the backup database name variableDECLARE mycursor cursor Fast_forward for select name from master: sysdatabases ORDER BY name--Define a cursor objectOpen MyCursor--opening cursorsSet @dbname = ' PYSF 'Set @fileName = ' D:\bakck\1\ ' [email protected]+convert (varchar), GETDATE (), + '. Bak ')--Define the current backup file storage pathB

SQL Server executes on 100MB SQL SQL Server cannot execute script does not have enough memory to continue execution

that you have to be patient, the execution of large scripts, it takes a certain amount of time! Actually, too!What is Osql?osql is a Microsoft Windows 32 command Prompt tool that you can use to run Transact-SQL statements and script files!How do I use Osql?Type cmd in Start-to-run, using "OSQL-?" command, you can display Help for the osql command line.Note: The

Implementation of batch SQL script execution in DB2

The following describes how to implement batchcompute SQL scripts in DB2. If you have encountered similar problems in batchcompute, I believe it will help you learn about the batch execution of DB2. Environment: Windows DB2 client or server I. Preparations Run db2cmd or db2cw to open the DB2 command line processor. Enter the SQL

Script: View historical SQL Execution Information

Script: View historical SQL Execution Information SELECT * FROM (SELECT '1. v $ SQL '| 'instance No.:' | GV $ SQL. inst_id source, SQL _ID, plan_hash_value, TO_CHAR (FIRST_LOAD_TIME) begin_time, 'end_time, executions "No. of exec

Linux crontab timed task run shell script (Shell execution SQL file)

simple shell script that executes SQL PrecautionsThe newly created cron job will not execute immediately, at least 2 minutes. If you restart Cron, it will be executed immediately. The following is attached to an introduction:************************************************************************************ Cron is a timed execution tool under Linux that can r

Oracle Import SQL script execution and common commands

Inside the Sql_plus execution: sql> @full_path/test.sql; Example:sql>@d:/test.sql;No commit required; Generally in the Test.sql inside the last add a commit;However, it is important to note that ";" must be added to each statement in the Test.sql file to represent the execution of a statement.Common operations:The [email protected] command invokes the current dir

Looking at a strange phenomenon of SQL script execution

Script | Execution when we make up a piece of code, the execution time takes several 10 seconds or more, such as a cursor program that accesses all the records and changes them. I When I found out that all the records I had done in the Query Analyzer tool would change as I wanted, the program would appear only to update the previous one when switching to the foll

MySQL command line execution. SQL script details

, 'Computer class', 88.00 ); Insert into book values ('20170101', 'vb 9787302167792 . NET 2005 advanced programming ', '(US) Bill Evjen; Billy holis; Bill Sheldon ', 'Tsinghua University Press ', '2017-2-00', 2008, 'Computer class', 45.00 ); Insert into book values ('20140901', 'javascript advanced programming Design ', 'Nicholas C. zakas ', 'People's post and telecommunications Publishing House ', '2017-11-0', 2006, 'Computer class', 59.00 ); 2. En

SQL batch processing script execution in DB2 (1)

This article describes how to execute SQL scripts in batches in DB2, including preparation, execution of different types of SQL statements, and writing batch processing scripts, hope to help you. Environment: Windows DB2 client or server I. Preparations Run db2cmd or db2cw to open the DB2 command line processor. Enter the

UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM), resulting in SQL script execution error

UTF-8 Unicode (with BOM), resulting in SQL script execution errorFor the differences between BOM with and without BOM, let's take a look at the discussion above.Link: What is the difference between BOM-free UTF-8 and BOM-free UTF-8?During recent development, SQL Files written in windows always report errors when execut

Zabbix SQL injection Vulnerability script Execution bounce shell

Tags: pytho share picture one Zabbix ubunt http exploit login monitoringEXP detects if there is a SQL injection vulnerability[Email protected]:~# python http://ip:9090/+------------------------------------------------------------+Python zabbixSuccess+------------------------------------------------------------+Zabbix SQL injection vulnerability exists!Administrator user name password: NoneAdminist

Script execution SQL statement under Windwos

Tags: Test line information Database SDA ima span enum txtTables in my database: CREATE TABLE `test` ( `name` char(5) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY , `dte` char(8) default NULL ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 My script insert into Sqlcookbook test ( name DTE Span class= "pun" >) VALUES ( ' a ' Span class= "pun", ' 1212121 ' INSERT INTO sqlcookbook.test (name, dte) VALUES (‘A‘, ‘12asda21‘); Command to

PowerDesigner16.5 Generating SQL Script execution error: Collate chinese_prc_ci_as

Tags: des io sp for on CTI BS code ADPowerDesigner16.5 Generating SQL Script execution error, collate chinese_prc_ci_asPoint Database-edit current dbms--left Script-objects-column-add, left value input box paste in the code, save.If you encounter a save failure, run as administrator and then operate.%20:column%[%comput

Optimize SQL Execution path to improve report performance and SQL Execution path report

Optimize SQL Execution path to improve report performance and SQL Execution path report When performance problems occur in reports and data source computing needs to be optimized, it is difficult to determine the execution path. Therefore, intervention is one of the challeng

Summary of oracle script execution commands

, including the SQL statement you entered.Generally, we use the SPOOL method to export the tables in the database as text files in two ways, as shown below:Method 1: script in the following formatSet colsep '|';-set | column SeparatorSet trimspool on;Set linesize 120;Set pagesize 2000;Set newpage 1;Set heading off;Set term off;Set num 18;Set feedback off;Spool path + file name;Select * from tablename;Spool

Scheduled shell script execution in linux

the input of another command Grep-qa compat | more Redirection: output the command result to a file instead of a standard output (screen) > Write the file and overwrite the old file > The output is appended to the end of the file and the old file is retained. 3) Process Control If...; then ... Else if...; then ... Else ... Fi Generally, you can use test commands to test the conditions, such as comparing strings and determining whether a file exists and whether the file has the

Linux timed shell script execution

command is: $ crontab-e You can modify the C R o N T a b file as you would any other file using V I and exit. If some entries are modified or a new entry is added, C R o N will perform the necessary integrity checks on the file when it is saved. If one of the fields has a value that exceeds the allowable range, it will prompt you. Save and exit. It is best to add a comment above each entry in the C R o N T a b file, so that you can know its function, run time, and more importantly, know which u

PHP script execution timeout solution

, modify the max_execution_time value: Max_execution_time = 500 // you need to reload php. ini and restart the web server to make the modification take effect. Set the script execution time through the. htaccess file: php_value max_execution_time 500 Set the maximum execution time in the script: ini_set ('max _ executi

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