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Transport layer (i) TCP three-time handshake and four wave and close socket principle

A TCP connection requires three handshakes to be established, and four handshake is required to disconnect the connection.    Client TCP State Migration:Closed->syn_sent->established->fin_wait_1->fin_wait_2->time_wait->closed    Server TCP state

The recv blocked after the Linux close socket is not returned immediately

A strange phenomenon was found in the development of a program based on rtmp chat.Under Windows, when we perform closesocket operations, the blocked recv immediately returns-1.And under Linux, when we do the close operation, the blocked Recv will

Network Programming: elegantly close socket/time_wait/close_wait/solinger

A very special parameter affects the behavior after the socket is closed, whether to release immediately or enter the time_wait status and wait for a period of time (unit: seconds) to release. This parameter can be set in socket, and setsolinger is

Java uploads files to the server and client, and java uploads files

Java uploads files to the server and client, and java uploads files Write a server and client that can upload files in JAVA. The specific content is as follows: Server Class Server {public static void main (String [] args) throws Exception {//

C + + Socket communication

The following code goes from CSDN:Server:Server.cpp:Defines the entry point for the console application.//#include "stdafx.h"#include "winsock2.h" #pragma comment (lib, "Ws2_32.lib")#include using namespaceStd;int _tmain (int argc, char*Argv[])

Java socket packet communication (I) socket establishment, socket Packet

Java socket packet communication (I) socket establishment, socket Packet Java socket packet communication (I) socket Establishment Today, I will share with you how to use socket for communication in java. Let's take a look at TCP/IP and

Getting Started with Windows networking programming

Version of Windows Sockets:Header file: WINSOCK.hLibrary files: wsock32.libDynamic Trap: WINSOCK.DLLHeader file: WINSOCK2.hLibrary files: ws2_32.libDynamic Trap: Ws2_32.dllService side:Wsadatawsd;//wsadata variable socketsserver;//server socket

Python Sockets basic usage

Python sockets basic Use socketSockets are also commonly referred to as "sockets," which describe IP addresses and ports, and applications usually make requests to the network through "sockets" or respond to network requests, which can be considered

Java TCP protocol Socket Programming learning

The following is a one-to-two communication programming implementation, and will continue to learn a server to listen to the implementation of multiple clients.The main steps I've learnedFirst step: Create a new socket object with a specific port (e.

Socket communication PHP As a client, C + + as a service-side communication problem.

Recently want to do a title such things, now PHP send can succeed, C + + to make the correct corresponding: send a JSON string, but the C + + message sent by PHP can not receive ... Don't know why this is. Would you please help me? Is there a

Java uses NIO to establish a Socket server

Java uses NIO to establish a Socket server The Socket Channel registers an action on the Selector. The Selector uses the select action to monitor the actions of all the channels registered with the Selector. If a corresponding action is detected,

Java-error-prone knowledge points

Purely personal opinion. If you have any mistakes, please correct them!I. Switch 1. it can accept four data types: Char, byte, short, int2. Default can be placed anywhere in the switch, but it will be executed only when the given condition does not

Perl socket programming

Use Perl socket To use the Perl Socket API, you must first load the socket module.Use SOCKET;========================================================== ====================================Socket (file handle, af_inet, data type, protocol

The object is written to XML and scoket for communication.

Package COM. jiDi. service; import Java. io. bufferedinputstream; import Java. io. bufferedreader; import Java. io. file; import Java. io. fileinputstream; import Java. io. fileoutputstream; import Java. io. ioexception; import Java. io.

Discussion on thread and network communication in remoting

InBefore using remoting, you have always been concerned about its concurrent processing capabilities. I have written a small test. Two client threads access remote objects. One should be returned immediately, and the other should be returned after

Java (Socket programming basics), socket programming Basics

Java (Socket programming basics), socket programming BasicsI,Two main problems in Network Programming One is how to accurately locate one or more hosts on the network, and the other is how to transmit data reliably and efficiently after finding the

JAVA 62nd-TCP protocol exercises

JAVA 62nd-TCP protocol exercises Understanding TCP transmission problems through practice Exercise 1:Create an English capital conversion Server The client enters a Letter of data and sends it to the server. After receiving the data, the server

C # Socket simple example

Socket, also known as Socket, is divided into connection-oriented and connectionless sockets. They have their own processes in use. Connection orientation: Server 1 instantiate socket 2bind local endpoint 3listen listen 4accept accept connection

UDP-based Winsock programming (C + +)

The UDP-based Winsock programming is only missing a step compared to the TCP-based Winsock programming. For server, the process of accepting connections (accept () function calls) is missing, and for client, the process of requesting a connection

PHP Open Multi-process Method _php Tutorial

PHP Open Multi-process method The example in this article describes how PHP opens a multi-process approach. Share to everyone for your reference. The implementation method is as follows: The code is as follows: $IP = ' ';//windows

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