how to configure mx records

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Why cannot cname and MX coexist?

Http:// Problem Source   Since our cloudxns system opened customer service QQ, the most asked question was: "Why does your system prompt that Mx and cname cannot coexist, but I don't have such a prompt when I use

Multiple Exchange Server settings Intranet MX record

Tag: Mail server send and Receive message priority record roleMX Records (mail exchange Records) are used to indicate the host name (a record) of a mail server in a DNS zone, so create a record for the mail server before creating the MX record, most

Dig Command (reprint)

Dig command use Daquan (domain name query on Linux)It can be said that the process of translating this document is my re-learning the process of DNS, Dig command can help us learn the principle of DNS, configuration,As well as its query process. The

The Linux dig command uses

Dig Introduction:Dig is a tool that queries DNS for information such as NS Records, A records, MX records, and so on in Unix-like command-line mode. Because it has been missingDig man page document, this article right when a Dig use the wizard.Dig's

SPF detailed 2

What is SPF? The SPF here is not a sunscreen index, but the sender Policy Framework. Translation is the originator of the policy framework, relatively awkward, usually directly referred to as SPF. SPF is a DNS-related technology whose contents are

How to install and configure a DNS server in CentOS

[Introduction] Domain Name Server ). Domain names and IP addresses on the Internet correspond one by one. Although domain names are easy to remember, machines can only know each other's IP addresses. The conversion between them is called domain name

Dns settings in linux

For details about dns settings in linux-Linux Enterprise Application-Linux server application, see the following. ① Introduction DNS is the Domain Name System, which can convert a Domain Name such as to an IP address such as 211.152.50.

How to configure sendmail enterprise Post Office experiment in linux

In linux, configure sendmail enterprise Post Office lab guide-general Linux technology-Linux technology and application information. For more information, see the following. How to configure sendmail enterprise Post Office experiment in linux This

About Mail Flow in Office365 hybrid deployment with local Exchange

About Mail Flow in Office365 hybrid deployment with local ExchangeThe previous article introduced the hybrid deployment of local Exchange and Office365 Exchange services. After the hybrid deployment is configured, some mail delivery errors and

Linux introduction how to install and configure a DNS server

Article Title: Linux introduction how to install and configure a DNS server. Linux is a technology channel of the IT lab in China. Includes basic categories such as desktop applications, Linux system management, kernel research, embedded systems,

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