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Ubuntu under the Extract File command Daquan

Ubuntu below RAR Decompression Tool installation method: Compression function Install sudo apt-get install rarUninstall sudo apt-get remove rar Decompression function Install sudo apt-get install UnrarUninstall sudo apt-get remove Unrar Ubuntu below

Common commands for Linux systems

System InformationThe processor architecture of the Arch Display machine (1)UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)Uname-r displaying the kernel version in useDMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system

Collection: Comprehensive WinRAR practical skill Series

WinRAR can also manage my desktop for a long time. There are too many things on the desktop. How should I manage it at ordinary times? If you have installed WinRAR, you can ask it for help and use it to clear useless desktop files or icons. Take the

r8-Batch Build folder, bulk Read folder name +r file Management system operation function

I. Batch build folder, bulk Read folder nameToday, the work encountered a problem: Boss gave us more than 200 companies ID code (such as 6007, 7920, etc.), need to search for the download news according to these ID numbers, so that the download to

Linux Command Summary

$ System Information# Arch Display Machine Processor Architecture (1)# UNAME-M Display the processor architecture of the machine (2)# UNAME-R shows the kernel version being used# DMIDECODE-Q Display hardware system components-(SMBIOS/DMI)#

Search for directories and files under Linux

Reference URL: command:The which command is used to find and display the absolute path of a given command, and the environment variable path holds the directory that needs to be traversed

Linux File Operations

Linux File-related operation file operation to enter the directory cd directory name example: cd/home to home cd without parameters, to the previous directory cd-cut to the previous directory cd .. view the directory or file in the upper-level

Compression and decompression commands under Unix

Example:. tarUnpacking: TAR-XVF Filename.tarPackage: TAR-CVF Filename.tar DirName(Note: Tar is packaged, not compressed!) )---------------------------------------------. gzDecompression 1:gunzip filename.gzDecompression 2:gzip-d

Ubuntu Extract Files Command Daquan

Ubuntu under RAR Decompression Tool installation method:Compression function Installing sudo apt-get install rarUninstalling sudo apt-get remove rar Decompression function Installing sudo apt-get install UnrarUninstalling sudo

LINUX Operations Command Daquan

System Information The processor architecture of the Arch Display Machine (1) UNAME-M display the processor architecture of the Machine (2) uname-r display the kernel version dmidecode-q display hardware system parts-(SMBIOS/DMI) hdparm-i/dev/ HDA

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