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SCORM and Internet education

SCORMAnd Internet education Written by nius: 2011-10-22 Blog: The last simple translation of the SCORM protocol (portal), from the complexity of the protocol, we can roughly understand why this standard is still, at least in China, obscure. We can use SCORM to discuss Internet-based education.The instructor is a user SCORM aims to develop a comple

Introduction to blckboard Online Teaching Management Platform complying with SCORM standards

relevant course content; Publish notices, course materials, tasks, links to teaching resources, Professor and student profiles, and other information; Upload course files over the Internet and manage course content conveniently; Supports uploading and sending various format files, including: Microsoft Office Adobe Acrobat PDF Html Digital Image Digital audio files Digital Video Files Multimedia (such as flash, Shockwave, and Authorware) IMS, SCORM, a

Multiple SQL Injection Vulnerabilities in WordPress SCORM Cloud Plugin 'ajax. php'

Release date: 2011-09-07Updated on: Affected Systems:WordPress SCORM Cloud system:WordPress SCORM Cloud id: 49484Cve id: CVE-2011-5216 The WordPress SCORM Cloud plug-in can convert WordPress sites to LMS. WordPress

SCORM courseware learning status

See the learning status value of the shared learning component (SCO) in the SCORM standard. Learning status value of the shared component According to SCORM's definition of learning components, learning assets simply point to learning resources, while content aggregation architecture refers to the abstract concept of combination. Only learning shared components (SCO) it has the ability to send messages to each other with the Learning Management Plat

Do not click on a feature to create a new page, to minimize the creation of new pages (for example: The guide, click on a department to create a page, select a specific item, and then create a page, so create too many pages)

This is the case, can be based on the Click Department Value (department ID) to the background to query! //gets the type of event that is displayed in the background according to the zoning configuration 20150228 Zhangh if(BaseParameter.SERVICETYPE_REG_FLAG.equals (Baseparameter.yes)) {if(!Common.isnullorspace (Areaid)) {System.out.println (Into); Hql.append ("and ((Sb.servicetype in (select S.code from zwdt.pojo.ServiceTypeConfigure s where S.districtid =?)) or (Sb.otherservicetyp

Class Create, device Create, device create file

From: Http://,_device_create,_device_create_fileWhen I started writing Linux device drivers, I used the Mknod command to manually create device nodes (including many examples in ldd3), and in fact the Linux kernel now provides us with a set of functions that can be used to automatically load the module The corresponding device node is created under the Dev directory, and the node is removed when the module is unloaded.

Class create, device create, device Create File

When writing a Linux Device Driver, you often use the mknod command to manually create a device node (including many examples in ldd3). In fact, the Linux Kernel provides us with a set of functions, it can be used to automatically create a device node in the/dev directory when the module is loaded, and delete the node when the module is detached. The struct class struct is defined in the kernel. As the name

Oracle command-Create a tablespace, create a temporary tablespace, create a user ____oracle

Create a table spaceCREATE tablespace "Tbs_etl_meta"LOGGINGDataFile '/opt/oracle/oradata/etl/tbs_etl_meta.dbf ' SIZE 4000MEXTENT MANAGEMENT local SEGMENT spaces MANAGEMENT AUTO; Create a temporary table spaceCreate temporary tablespace portalco_tmpTempfile'/OPT/ORACLE/ORADATA/PORTALCLM/PORTALCO_TMP.DBF ' size 100mExtent Management LocalSegment Space management manual;

1.20, create a parent class, create three methods in the parent class, override the third method in the subclass, create an object for the subclass, transform it upward to the base class, and call this method.

1 Public classPerson {2 3 //Method4 5 Public voidEat () {//define how to eat6 7System.out.println ("Defines the parent class person."));8 }9 Ten Public voidWork () {//define how the parent class works One ASystem.out.println ("Define the parent class person."); - } - the} Public classChildextendsperson{ Public voidWork () {//methods for defining sub-class workSystem.out.println ("Sub-class child does not love work"); } Publ

Create Ejs project in Nodejs Express, solve express under the default create Jade, cannot create ejs problem

Recently, looking at the node. JS Development Guide, I saw a problem with preparing to create a Ejs project when using Nodejs for Web development.The order of the book is:? 1 express -t ejs microblog But after execution, the Jade project is still being created.Originally, the Create Ejs command in express3.x,express4.x was updated to:// namely ejs,-j (i.e. Jade)Of course, the

Some of the less-used operations of Access databases, ASP, create database files, create tables, create fields, Adox_ application tips

Copy Code code as follows: If Trim (Request.Form ("tablename")) '----setting to open a database connection dbs= "Data source=" +server.mappath ("Database.mdb") + "; provider=microsoft.jet.oledb.4.0; " Set Conn=server.createobject ("Adodb.connection") Conn.Open DBS ' Define ADOX, specify connection Set ADOX =server.createobject ("ADOX.") Catalog ") Set ADOX. ActiveConnection = conn ' Create TABLE, write properties Set objtable= Se

Storyline 2: Easily create interactive e-learning courses

unrestrictedLet students all over the world freely decide how they want to access the course.Almost all devices are optionalProvide more ways for students to access the course. The course can be published as a single click in the HTML5 format supported by the mobile browser, the Flash format supported by desktop and laptop computers, and the formats supported by the IPAD and Android user Articulate Mobile player.Localized contentEasily translate courses for students from all over the world. Sto

[Hive-languagemanual] Create/drop/alter View create/drop/alter Index create/drop Function

Create/drop/alter View Create View Drop View Alter View Properties Alter View as Select Version InformationIconView support was only available in Hive 0.6 and later.Create View CREATE VIEW [IF NOT EXISTS] view_name [(column_name [COMMENT column_comment], ...) ][COMMENT view_comment][TBLPROPERTIES (property_name = property

Follow me. Windows Azure uses SQL Azure to create a database server, create a database, create a table

Log in to the Windows Azure PortalEnter the account number and password that we registered in the last lesson and click Login.Select SQL database, select ServerSelect Create Database serverSet the login ID and password to access the database serverClick OK to complete the creation of the database server.Then we select the database server that we createdSelect Create DATABASE.Enter our database name, here my

Rice Chat Create Guild How to create, Rice Chat Create Guild method

The first step, open "rice chat" software to find the "circle" in the rice chat interface, the effect is as follows. In the second step, we click "Initiate" in the Open interface and click on the "Create Guild" effect in the interface as shown below. The third step, then we click on the name in the interface, then click "Next" Then we click "OK" effect is as follows. Fourth step, go in and click on their favorite guild tags, and

Few Access Database Operations, ASP, create database files, create tables, create fields, ADOX

CopyCode The Code is as follows: If trim (request. Form ("tablename ")) '---- Set to open the database connectionDBS = "Data Source =" + server. mappath ("database. mdb") + "; provider = Microsoft. Jet. oledb.4.0 ;"Set conn = server. Createobject ("ADODB. Connection ")Conn. Open DBS 'Define ADOX and specify the connectionSet ADOX = server. Createobject ("ADOX. catalog ")Set ADOX. activeconnection = Conn 'Create a table and write PropertiesSet

Oracle Create tablespace error, ORA-01119: Create database file; ORA-27040: File creation error, unable to create file; O/s-error: (OS 3) The system could not find the specified path.

Scenario: Create a table space in Oracle, assuming the space name is tbsp_1, the file location is d:\app\administrator\oradata\orcl/, and the space size is 10M. Steps: To create SQL:CREATE tablespace tbsp_1 datafile ' e:/oracle/product/10.2.0/tablespaces/weblogic.dbf ' SIZE 10M; However, the following error message appears:Error message:ORA-01119: Error creating database file ' e:/oracle/product/10.2.0/tabl

Create Ejs project in Nodejs Express, solve express under the default create Jade, cannot create ejs problem

Recently, looking at the node. JS Development Guide, I saw a problem with preparing to create a Ejs project when using Nodejs for Web development, and the book commands:Express-t Ejs MicroblogCopy CodeBut after execution, the Jade project is still being created. Originally, the Create Ejs command in express3.x,express4.x was updated to:EXPRESS-E microblog//i.e. ejs,-j (i.e. jade)Copy CodeOf course, the most

[Reverse migration] Create a table in Oracle, create a sequence, create an auto-incrementing field, add a comment, add a record, add a trigger, and submit

Most people are used to the operations of other databases. One field is an auto-incrementing sequence field, but Oracle-related help is queried. View the relatedArticle, Repost this article to share with you // Create a sequenceCreate sequence car_guid increment by 1; // Create a tableCreate Table car(Guid number not null primary key,Phoneid char (11) not null,Username varchar (20) not null); // Add c

Cocosd-X create genie, Cocosd-X create genie

Cocosd-X create genie, Cocosd-X create genie Genie: Cocos2d is similar to any other game engine. It can be moved, rotated, scaled, animated, and converted. Cocos2dx Sprite is composed of Texure, frame, and animation, and is rendered by openes. The main class relationship is as follows: a simple process can be described as: Using Texture2D to load images, you can use Texture2D to generate the corresponding S

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