how to delete wordpress site and start over

Learn about how to delete wordpress site and start over, we have the largest and most updated how to delete wordpress site and start over information on

Install PHP7.0.3 for WordPress compilation

How can I install PHP7.0.3 for WordPress compilation? First, it occupies less memory than PHP5; secondly, it doubles the performance faster; finally, the QPS of WordPress can be increased to about three times. Comparison of WordPress 4.4 QPS: The

[Windows Server 2012] WordPress Security Settings method

★ Welcome to The Guardian God · V Classroom, website address:★ Guardian God · V Classroom is a Web site dedicated to providing server instructional video for the Guardian God, updated weekly video.★ This section we will lead

Build NFS shared directory to solve WordPress load balancer image upload problem

1. Story ReviewIn my previous blog, I built two Web servers and then built an nginx load balancer server on the front end to distribute the requests to two different servers ( The previous test is not a

Linux System Web server environment build LNMP One-click installation package Detailed

Latest Version: lnmp-2.5 Update Time: 20140702 MD5 Value: D4d52e39066f041569b8ef2daa033e15 Installation Instructions: Please ensure that the server can be normal access to the Internet, yum command can be

101 Ways to make your site a great one

This article was originally published in Awesomeblog.I was chatting with an old client last week and she told me, "Nick, I think my site needs to be improved, but I'm not sure what I really need to do."So I went to ask a lot of people around,

One week self-study dynamic site design

(Site: framework of this site and the implementation of the 0.1 version number have taken a total of six days and nearly fifty or sixty hours. In fact, the time spent on demand analysis, page and system design took nearly

Install Nginx, MySQL, PHP (LEMP), phpMyAdmin and WordPress on Ubuntu

Reprinted from Http:// Update Apt-getTerminal command: sudo apt-get update2) Install MySQLTerminal command: sudo apt-get install mysql-server php5-mysql3) Install Nginxsudo apt-get install NginxNginx does not

WordPress Cos-html-cache Cache Plugin Source code interpretation

The code is as follows Copy Code /* Config */Whether to create a static file on the first pageDefine (' Is_index ', true);/false = does not create home page cache /*end of config*/ Define (' cosversion ', ' 2.7.3 '); To define a

Reasons and countermeasures of Baidu not included in website

Baidu included how much, ranking whether by the front, is the most concerned about the problem of each webmaster. But for a lot of stationmaster, the fact is not the desire of the truth, Baidu is not included your website, is included also just

How did you start to write python crawlers?

After reading simple tutorials and stupid ways to learn python, you can't start to write crawlers. You need to continue reading books and exercises. After reading simple tutorials and stupid ways to learn python, you can't start to write crawlers,

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