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C disk space is not enough to do? Low disk space Cleanup tips

Method One, the system with tools to clean the hard drive 1. If we select "My Computer" on the computer desktop, double-click to open enter. 2. And then on my computer, I see a "C disk," and we right-click on it. 3. Click "Properties" on the pop-up menu 4. Go to the property interface and click "Disk Cleanup" as shown in the figure. 5. Then we click on the object to be cleaned up 6. Cleanup

Shell script third--monitoring the host disk space, when the use of space more than 90% by sending mail to send a warning

Tags: space size pac echo ifconf mil service DDR MonShell Script third-- Monitor the host's disk space and send mail to warn when more than 90% space is used#!/bin/bash#monitor available disk space#提取本服务器的IP地址信息ip= ' ifconfig eth

Disable Windows XP disk capacity warning

The computer will remind you that the hard disk space is insufficient. This warning is sometimes too annoying.For a Win98 System, right-click the disk icon and you will be able to see the cancel option. However, in WinXP, You need to modify the system registry to disable thi

Graphic Operation Method for low disk space

. Select the "low level Current Device" command in the main menu and press the Enter key, "Do you want to use LBA mode (if not sure press (y/n )?" If you are sure, Press Y. Otherwise, press n. If your hard disk is larger than 540 MB, You Need To format it in LBA mode. Otherwise, the entire disk can only use MB space. P

Hard Disk repair mistakes, defects, parameters, and low Space

Hard Disk repair mistakes, defects, parameters, and low Space Author: Gao Peng Jump out of hard drive misunderstanding In 1995, I accidentally saw a strange object from my colleague and curiously asked what it was. My friend replied, "this is a hard drive for a computer !" This is the first time that Gao Peng knows about hard disks. Over the past few years, more

Critical value for optimizing insufficient disk space warning

In general, Windows warns you when the partition's disk space is less than 10%, but you can modify the percentage of disk usage for the warning, rather than having the system follow the instructions. Run Registry Editor, open Hkey_local_machinesystemcurrentcontrolsetserviceslanmanserverparameters, and then locate the

Common problems with Mysql storage engine myisam (table corruption, inaccessible, low disk space) _mysql

length represents index file size max datefile length represents the maximum file size max keyfile length represents the maximum index sizeYou can extend the data file size by using the following commandALTER TABLE table_name max_rows=88888888 avg_row_le=66666 Third, the data directory disk space is insufficient 1, for MyISAM storage engine You can store the data directory and index directory on diffe

How to disable mysql log to protect hard disk space _ MySQL

Lnmp how to disable mysql log Protection hard disk space LNMP Today, we found that the VPS hard disk is almost full. The first reaction is: it must have been caused by a log file of something, because it had similar experience in WINDOWS before. After analysis, find the reason: MYSQL log file. You can al

Win XP How to set the Remove "low disk space" hint

System is Windows XP, recently my system disk space is only 200MB, delete some files after the system will not be prompted to low space, I do not know if there is no way to cancel the system automatically prompted disk space

Win7 system Low disk space notification how to shut down

Friends who have used the Win7 system know that when the system is not enough space for each disk 200M, the Win7 system will be on the desktop tray pop-up prompts that the system's disk space is not enough, has been the old pop-up prompts people are very annoying, there is no way to let the lack of

Low Disk space Tips

Windows XP issues a "low disk space" notification when the capacity of a disk drive is less than 200MB, and if you want to stop this feature, you can change the logon file by pressing the program: At [Start]–>[run]–> type [regedit]–>[hkey_local_machine]–>[software]–>[microsoft]–>[windows]–>[ CurrentVersion], add an it

What is the reason why you are upgrading your memory and causing your hard disk space to be low?

Q: I added a new 1GB of RAM to the machine, but the system suggests that there is not enough space left on the C disk. When I took the memory strip off, the system hint disappeared again. My computer is installed with Windows XP. I have never seen such a strange phenomenon, but what is it? A: This may be because the virtual memory is set in the C disk, and the f

ADSL broadband Connection "could not create the specified connection, this may be due to low memory or insufficient hard disk space"

As shown in the following illustration, I am prompted to create an ADSL connection, which may be due to insufficient memory or insufficient disk space Method One: 1. Click Start, and then click Run;2. Type cmd.exe, and then click OK;3. Type the following lines, and then press ENTER after you type each line. When the RegSvr32 dialog box appears after each command is executed, click OK.regsvr32 netshell.d

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