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Resolves an effective way for IIS not to publish MVC3 projects (WINDOWS7,IIS7,MVC3, enable directory browsing)

First of all, we seem to have a common feeling about website publishing: Just three or four steps, just a few points, it's easy to remember.However, after clicking OK, success is successful, but not successful. We don't seem to have any way, try

IIS Express Enable directory browsing

When running debugging, often encounter the need to start directory browsing problem, try to modify the directory permissions to find or not, finally follow the relevant instructions to configure the fix:The first method:Use CMD to enter the

How to enable the Nginx directory browsing feature

Location/{ Root/data/www/file//Specify the actual directory absolute path; AutoIndex on; Open Directory browsing function; Autoindex_exact_size off; Close detailed file size statistics, let the file size display MB,GB units, default to

Enable directory browsing in nginx

Use nginx as the download site to enable directory browsingAdd the following content to/etc/nginx/sites-enabled/default:Autoindex on;Autoindex_exact_size off;Autoindex_localtime on;Note:The first option is the directory browsing function.The second

Enable directory browsing in apache

Apache enables directory browsingModify in the main configuration file httpd. conf:1) add a support module.LoadModule autoindex_module modules/mod_autoindex.soLoadModule dir_module modules/mod_dir.soBe sure to have these two modules. Otherwise, the

Web pages enable gzip compression to improve browsing speed

1. What are the benefits of opening gzip?A: When Gzip is turned on, the data exported to the user's browser will be compressed, which will reduce the amount of data transmitted over the network and improve the speed of browsing.2. How to enable the

Methods to enable Nginx directory browsing _nginx

Today's job needs, to provide customers with a patch download address, so want to use the Nginx directory browsing function to do, need to let the customer see a directory to specify a list of files, and then let him choose to download that file;

Web pages enable gzip compression to improve browsing speed

Benefits of enabling GZIP compressionIts benefits are obvious, improving the speed of web browsing, whether it was previously said to streamline the code, compressing the picture is not as good as gzip enabled. The effect after gzip is enabled.Gzip

Resolve WebBrowser Access "to protect your security" warning and turn on IIS directory browsing features

1. Resolve WebBrowser Access "to protect your security" warning When you use WebBrowser to link local Web page files in WPF, "to protect your security, your Web browser has restricted this file from displaying active content that may have access to

Nginx Open Directory browsing function (AutoIndex)

Nginx default is not allowed to list the entire directory. For this feature, open the nginx.conf file or you want to enable directory browsing virtual host configuration file, add AutoIndex on to the server or location segment, and enable directory

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