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linux-centos6.4 Install memcached+memcached extensions + Install Memcache extensions +memcache several ways to synchronize session

/local/php/bin/phpize[root~]./configure --with-php-config=/usr/local/php/bin/ Php-config--enable-memcache--with-zlib-dir[root~] make make install/usr/local/php/lib/php/extensions/ No-debug-non-zts-20121212/[root~] Vim/usr/local/php/etc/php.iniextension =/usr/local/php/lib/php/ Extensions/no-debug-non-zts-20121212/memcache.sosession.save_handler = Mem

Ubuntu 17.10 uses apt to build a lamp environment, install phpmyadmin, redis and extensions, mysql extensions, enable error messages, and configure virtual hosts,

Ubuntu 17.10 uses apt to build a lamp environment, install phpmyadmin, redis and extensions, mysql extensions, enable error messages, and configure virtual hosts,Final environment: Ubuntu17.10, Apache2.4.27, MySQL5.7.20, and PHP7.1 1. install apache Official sources: Install

Ubuntu 17.10 uses apt to build a lamp environment, install phpMyAdmin, Redis and extensions, MySQL extensions, turn on error prompts, configure a virtual host

of PHP extensions, including Redis, Memcache, MongoDB, and more.To add a ppa:ondrej/php Source:sudo add-apt-repository ppa:ondrej/phpsudo apt-get updateInstall php5.6:sudo apt-get install php5.64. Restart ApacheSudo/etc/init.d/apache2 restartMore options:usage:apache2 {Start|stop|graceful-stop|restart|reload|force-reload}5. Check ApacheAccess http://localhost/. This is the Apache server's default page un

Reactive extensions (RX) entry (2) -- install reactive extensions

Original article: Author: Hehe Yiwen Installation Method For RX installation, you can directly download and install through the reactive extensions (RX) Home Page, of course, you can also use nuget to import DLL ( nuget is an online DLL Deployment Tool integrated with vs, which is very convenient]. RX,

Simple! How to install PHP extensions in IIS, simple iisphp extensions

Simple! How to install PHP extensions in IIS, simple iisphp extensions Many online blogs introduce many configuration changes when installing PHP in IIS. In fact, most of them are unnecessary. For those who need to find out how to install PHP extensions, in fact, the most im

Install redis and php extensions in windows and redisphp extensions

Install redis and php extensions in windows and redisphp extensions Step 1: Download redis I am an environment in Windows 7. Go to download the redisof Windows 7; Step 2: Configure path info My file C: \ Redis-x64-3.2.100, add this path in path Step 3: Test redis Open the console, enter redis-server, and the

How do I install the chrome extensions? such as the Json-handle plugin how to install

Chrome Plugin Installation Method: Way one, online installationPlug directly into the Json-handle address and addHttps:// users in China cannot access Google's services, so they can also be installed offline using mode two.Mode two, offline installation:Http:// download files to Local2. Open a new tab in Chrome, enter: chrome://

How to install Redis in Ubuntu and PHP install Redis extensions, CI framework sess using Redis

Once again misled by those tutorials on the web decided to write one yourself. I've been misled by the strange tutorials a few times, and I've been studying other things before. The egg hurts.Installing RedisYou can use the Apt-get command directlysudo apt-get install Redis-serverThe installation will ask you a thing, enter Y on the line.The Redis service will start automatically after installation, and you can see whether the process has started by f

Linux compile and install PHP7 and install Redis extended swoole Extensions

Compiling installation PHP7 and installing Redis Extended swoole Extensions On the machine that compiles PHP7, there is already a version that has been installed over php5.3, thereby relying on the library to have This php7 is compiled into fpm-php use, If it's Apache then the compile parameter should be --with-apxs2=/usr/local/apache/bin/apxs Compile and install PHP7 Wget-c

Install PHP7 memcache extensions and install server memcached on Linux

----------------------------------------------- ------------------------------------The following is an extension of PHP memcache installed.Using the previous version of PHP installation is no problem, but with the PHP7 installation Http:// under any of the memcache will be errorAfter exhausting everything, I found the Pecl-memcache branch version of GitHub .This underground load, HTTPS://github. COM/websupport-sk/pecl-memcache/archive/php7. zip 1. The RZ comma

"Go" how to compile and install PHP extensions

This article references When we started to install PHP, we didn't know what extensions were needed, so we only had to wait until we actually used them to install them.The simplest way to install PHP extensions is tosudo apt-get inst

Build lamp environment and install Swoole extensions under Linux

First, CentOS 6.5/CentOS 6.9 use Yum to quickly build the lamp environmentPreparation: Update First Yum source I installed the environment is: apache2.2.15+mysql5.5.60+php5.6.36Enter the following command: Yum-y update1. Installing Apache[Email protected] ~]# yum-y install httpd# Boot from Boot[Email protected] ~]# chkconfig httpd on# Start httpd Service[[Email protected] ~]# service httpd start# # # installs Apache some

Ubuntu install Swoole and Mac install Swoole extensions

Ubuntu PHP installation Swoole Easier1. Download the source code from git2. Download Pcre make Install3. Enter Swoole source codePhpize./cofigureMake make InstallEdit php.ini Add extension = swoole.soRestart Apache in effectMac installation SwooleMy Mac is installing XAMPP. brew

How to install PHP extensions after Mac homebrew-1.5

this statement should be put into the php.ini in this area:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; Dynamic Extensions;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;It doesn't affect the operation, but it always feels weird! But I still do not go to move it, because all plug-ins are so loaded, each move a bit too much trouble, anyway this can also use!That is, if you want to install the extension using PECL, you need to reinstall the latest versi

Install PHP extensions from source code compilation

When I used curl today, I found that no extensions were installed when I installed PHP. I installed PHP using the source code, here we will use the source code compilation method to install the extension. 1 first go to the php source package cdhomebanditdownloadsoftwarephp-5.5.25extgettext2 under the curl folder Production When I used curl today, I found that no extensi

Install MongoDB and PHP extensions in Ubuntu

Install MongoDB and PHP extensions in Ubuntu MongoDB is a scalable and high-performance open-source NoSQL document database. It is mainly developed using C ++. For document storage, full index support, replicable and high availability, automatic sharding, and other features. Among non-relational databases, DRDs is the most versatile and most similar to relational database document databases. The data struct

Lnmp How to install Cache Acceleration Class extensions, ImageMagick, Ioncube

This tutorial is only available for LNMP1.2 or higher versions, Eaccelerator, XCache, memcached, ImageMagick, Ioncube, Redis, Opcache These PHP caching, accelerated class extensions are not available to everyone, We can choose the installation we need, and the same kind of extension does not recommend installing multiple, worrying about causing errors. Please see below for details:These extensions and compo

Pecl easy to install PHP extensions

When building a PHP environment, we usually do not install all the extensions, and as the requirements continue to increase, you may need to install new extensions, and here is an easy way to install them. Here is an example of the extension.1. Go to the PHP installati

Linux Install PHP extensions

Already Curl for exampleFind the installation package for PHP, CD into the installation packageCD Php-5.6.25/ext/curl/usr/local/php/bin/phpize (search for your phpize in the root directory)Tip No Curl-devel installedYum Install Curl Curl-devel (Install Curl's dependency pack)If the following error occurs: Cannot find autoconf. Please check your autoconf installation and the $PHP _autoconf environment variWo

CentOS6.4 install Redis2.6.13 and phpRedis extensions

Address State Tcp 0 0 3306 * LISTEN Tcp 0 0 6379 * LISTEN Tcp 0 0 20587 * LISTEN Tcp 0 0 875 * LISTEN Tcp 0 0 6380 * LISTEN Tcp 0 0 6381 * LISTEN 2.5 disable redis /Usr/local/webserver/redis/src/redis-cli-h 6380 shutdown /Usr/local/webserver/redis/src/redis-cli-h 6379 shutdown /Usr/local/w

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