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Tatsunami iphone3gs Jailbreak Tutorial: Successfully upgraded the IPHONE3GS phone into a ios6.1.3 system, the perfect jailbreak, to solve the no service and the problem of large power consumption

this step is necessary to go.Step Two:Download Jailbreak tool (Red Snow) redsn0w and IPHONE2,1_6.0_10A403_RESTORE.IPSW (I have a system under the official lower version number)Unzip the redsn0w into a computer disk, open a redsn0w.exe program inside:First click on ' Extras ', enter the following interface, click "Select IPSW", select the IPHONE2,1_6.0_10A403_RESTORE.IPSW you just downloaded ,Then, click "Back", return to the main screen, click "

Touchflo's Important upgrade: touchflo 3D, HTC released a diamond mobile phone that competes with the 3G iPhone.

HTC has run the 3D effect well this time. You can go Http:// Id = 46294 Feel this URL. All operations can have a good 3D effect. This is the disadvantage of the iPhone. IPhone: multi-touch + 2d HTC: Single-touch + 3D Both of them are thick and thin, and the iPhone application multi-touch has been used for a year; It took two years for HTC

HTC Phone data Loss Recovery step data loss considerations

HTC is one of the imported handsets in the Chinese market, and HTC has a certain market share in the Chinese market, and a growing number of people are opting to use HTC handsets in addition to the HTC Mobile smartphone, so there is also software for HTC Mobile data recovery

Multiple HTC mobile phone transfer security vulnerabilities, such as thunder and blot

Security researchers said several HTC Android phones, including Evo 3D, Evo 4g, and Thunderbolt, contain security vulnerabilities, other applications that can automatically connect to the Internet may read personal data, including text messages, local information, emails, and phone numbers. Three security researchers, including Artem Russakovskii, Justin Case, and Trevor Eckhart, found

HTC Onex Mobile Phone How to connect the computer

Specific steps 1. We enter the Android theme download network to find a "360 mobile phone Assistant" To download to the computer. 2. Then we put the phone "USB debugging" switch ("menu", from the pop-up menu, choose "Settings"-"Application"-"development" option, and in the open window check "USB debugging"). 3. Now we have just downloaded the 360 assistant to install, and then the south of the mobi

Xap installer Implementation of Windows Phone jailbreak deployment software tutorial Series

------ Environment Introduction and Preface I am a fan of Microsoft and novogene, focused on Microsoft platform software development, recently bought novogene 710 mobile phone, the method of using xap installer for cell phone jailbreak has been developed and released, hoping to benefit Windows Phone us

Preparations for connecting HTC Android mobile phone debugging programs

1. First download the latest HTC Sync to your computer, address is 2. Enable the mobile phone debugging Function Choose "Settings"> "application ".Program"-- Select the" USB debugging "project in" development. In "Settings"> "connect to PC", set the default connection mode to "HTC Sync ". 3. Connect the computer and the mob

HTC a510c Telecom Mobile phone brush machine process

HTC a510c Telecom Mobile phone brush process recordWrited by Peter Hu (2014.6.7) on win7_64The steps required to brush the machine:1) s-on encryption protection to remove, change to S-off mode, so as to brush the machine, this step is the most difficult.2) Brush into the recovery package (commonly known as RC)3) swipe in ROM packageS-on status set to S-off stateThe way to change the s-on to S-off is to try

Apple phone iOS9 Jailbreak cydia not open the flash back what reason?

ios9.0-9.0.2 Perfect Jailbreak picture and text tutorial First, iOS9 jailbreak did not install plug-ins/software Cydia Flash-back solution: This may be a jailbreak failure, we can through the DFU mode brush machine and then the cell phone again jailbreak. Second

Windows phone jailbreak Tutorial: how to unlock and deploy software using a student account)

the upper right cornerThen log on. (on my computer, click it to log on automatically) Then find the left Select the second item and proceed step by step. Then you can see an email in your edu mailbox. Copy your activation code to log on to the the activation code and click Verify. Congratulations! Your student developer identity is verified successfully! The student account is successfully registered. Step 2: register the APP hub account.Open W

IPhone 6 plus no jailbreak logo ad phone method

Prepare toolsInstall the latest 360 security guard version on your ios device. You can search for free installation and download in the appstore.IPhone 6 plus no jailbreak logo ad phone method1. We open the 360 security guard in ios, and there will be a harassment recognition feature on the interface. We click to enter2. You can identify the birth number, so that an advertisement

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