how to read mysql slow query log

Want to know how to read mysql slow query log? we have a huge selection of how to read mysql slow query log information on

MySQL error log, binlog log, query log, slow query log simple introduction

ObjectiveThe log of the database is a strong basis for helping the database administrator to track the various events that have occurred in the database before. MySQL provides error log, Binlog log (binary log), investigate log, slow query log. Here,

MySQL error log, binary log, slow query log, transaction log

Error log:By default, the error log probably records the following areas of information:1. Information during server startup and shutdown (not necessarily error messages, for example, how MySQL launches InnoDB tablespace files, how to initialize its

MySQL slow query (ii)-Pt-query-digest detailed slow query log pt-query-digest slow log analysis

Essays-66 Articles-0 comments-MySQL slow query (ii)-Pt-query-digest detailed slow query log one, Introduction Pt-query-digest is a tool for analyzing MySQL slow query, it can analyze Binlog, Gene RAL Log, Slowlog, can also be analyzed via

MySQL Slow query log (Slow query log)

Like most relational databases, log files are an important part of the MySQL database. MySQL has several different log files, usually including error log files, binary logs, generic logs, slow query logs, and so on. These logs can help us locate

Mysql optimization (1) show command slow query log explain profiling

Directory I. Optimization Overview Ii. query and index optimization Analysis 1. performance bottleneck locating Show command Slow query log Explain analysis Query Profiling Analysis Query   2 Index and Query Optimization Iii. Configuration

MySQL Slow Query Log)

MySQL Slow Query Log) Like most relational databases, log files are an important part of MySQL databases. MySQL has several different log files, such as error log files, binary logs, common logs, and slow query logs. These logs help us locate the

MySQL slow log function analysis and optimization enhancements

MySQL slow log (slow log) is a class of information that MySQL DBAs and other developers and operators need to keep an eye on. Use slow logs to find SQL statements, such as long execution times or indexes, to provide a basis for system tuning. This

MySQL in slow query log slow log query analysis

Slow query log in MySQL is a very important feature, we can turn on the MySQL slow query log function, so that we can analyze the state and performance of each SQL execution to optimize.One, slow query log configurationTo turn on the slow query log,

MySQL reads slow SQL statements by slow query log

When MySQL uses the slow query log to locate those SQL statements that perform less efficiently, and start with the--log-slow-queries[=file_name] option, Mysqld writes a full execution time of more than Long_ Query_time The log file of the SQL

My MySQL learning experience (15) Log

This article "My MySQL Learning experience (15)" will explain the MySQL logThe logs in MySQL are divided into 4 categories, and using these log files, you can see what's happening inside MySQL.respectively is1, error log: Log the MySQL service start,

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