how to release table lock in sql server 2008

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Installation of the SQL Server Management Studio 2008 Release

a restart causes Setup to fail. You need to restart your computer. You must restart your computer to install SQL Server. The methods and steps to solve the problem are as follows:A, restart the machine, and then install, if you find that the error, please follow the steps belowB. Enter regedit in Start-to-runC, to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager (click) locationD

SQL Server 2008 Space release

Today, a former colleague called to say that their two tables add up to 1.2t (each table has thirty or forty fields, 600 million records), after the index was created, the space grew to 2.2t, and then no success was performed. The problem is that although the implementation is not successful, but the space is not released, the entire system only 2.2t of space, now is to want data backup out also can not engage. So there was a call to me so out.The ind

SQL Server 2008 Table variable parameter (table-valued parameter) usage

The table-valued parameter is a new parameter type in SQL Server 2008. Table-valued parameters are declared using a user-defined table type. With table-valued parameters, you can send m

SQL server lock mechanism (II)-Overview (Lock compatibility and lockable resources)-SQL server lock mechanism (I)-Overview (lock type and scope) SQL server lock mechanism (I)-Overview (lock type and scope)

cache table if exists (select * from tempdb .. sysobjects where name like '# temp %' and type = 'U') begindrop table # tempcreate table # temp (spid int, dbid int, objid int, indid int, type varchar (3), resource varchar (20), mode varchar (20), status varchar (5 )) endbegin tranupdate WBK_PDE_head set [COP_ EMS _NO] = 'abcde' where wbook_no = 'be404942850177' i

Summarize the factors that affect SQL Server lock application and release.

Factors that affect SQL Server lock application and release 1. transaction isolation level selectionThe higher the transaction isolation level, the higher the isolation level and the lower the concurrency level. If you select a relatively high isolation level, SQL will inev

SQL Server lock table, unlock, view pin table

current transaction (an error) to interrupt the deadlock. 2.2 View DMV:sys.dm_tran_locks 2.3 SQL Server Profiler can visually display graphical events for deadlocks. Three: Lock compatibility Lock compatibility Controls whether multiple transactions can acquire locks on the same resource at the same ti

SQL Server transaction isolation level and lock request and release

will read the copied version, the modification will create a new version, this process can ensure that the read and write does not block each other Serializable The serializable requirement is that, in addition to repeatable reads, other transactions cannot use the Read key value of any statement in the current transaction for insert and delete operations until the current transaction completes. SQL

SQL Server 2008 data table compression

SQL Server 2005 SP2 brought us the vardecimal function. At that time, a new storage format-vardecimal was introduced for the decimail and numeric data types. The vardecimal storage format allows storage of the decimal and numeric data types as a variable length column. This feature allows the original fixed-length decimal data to be stored in a variable-length format in the data file. It is said that this f

SQL Server 2008 Manual modification of table structure, table cannot save problems and solutions _mssql2005

Clicking "Save text File" will pop up the dialog box that saves the text file. The contents of the saved text file are as follows: /*April 5, 2010 0:34:53User:Server: LonggelDatabase: LonggelApplication:*/ Childcaiclass Saved for me is simply useless information, just recorded the occurrence of the transaction time and some relevant information, the result of this operation of the database structure is still not able to modify and save, but continue to pop up the window, which I am depressed

Note-microsoft SQL Server 2008 Tech Insider: T-SQL language Basics-02 single-Table queries

byValExecution Result:Case-Search expression:SELECTOrderID, CustID, Val, Case whenVal 1000.00 Then ' less Then' whenValbetween 1000.00 and 3000.00 Then 'between' whenVal> 3000.00 Then 'More than' ELSE 'Unknown' END asvaluecategory fromSales.ordervalues;Execution Result:Sorting rulesIf you want the collation of a column to be case-insensitive, you can modify the collation of an expression as follows:SELECT Empid, FirstName, LastName fro

SQL Server 2008 error when modifying a database table "prevent saving changes that require the table to be recreated"

When a user changes the table structure in SQL Server 2008 Enterprise Manager, you must delete the original table and recreate the new table to complete the table changes, and if you fo

1-sql Server 2008 Using SQL statements to create a table with constraints

for the column PersonID --nameNamenvarchar( -) not NULL,--Create a column with Unicode non-fixed length (up to 20 Unicode characters stored) name --AgeAgeint not NULL CONSTRAINTCk_ageCHECK(age>= - andAge -) ,--Create an integer that constrains the check constraint to a column age --SexGenderbit not NULL CONSTRAINTDf_genderDEFAULT(1) ,--Create a column of type bit with a default value of 1 (True) gender --Identity Information [Identity] nchar( -) not NULL CONSTRAINTCk_identityCHE

SQL Server 2008 prevents you from saving changes that require a table to be recreated _mssql2008

The solution to the error of SQL Server 2008" prevent saving changes that require recreating a table " is what we're going to introduce in this article: when you insert or modify any column after we have finished building the table with

View lock information in SQL Server 2008

; with Tran_locks as (Select Resource_type,db_name (resource_database_id) as Db_name,resource_description, object_name (resource_associated_entity_id,resource_database_id) as Object_name,request_mode,request_type, request_status,request_session_idFrom sys.dm_tran_lockswhere resource_type= ' OBJECT 'UnionSelect Resource_type,db_name (resource_database_id) as Db_name,resource_description, object_name (p.object_id,l.resource_database_id) as Object_name,request_mode,request_type,request_status,reque

How SQL Server 2008 creates a partitioned table and compresses database space

])DROP INDEX [clusteredindex_on_fq_fa_636040955802353043] on [dbo].[Entry_head] With (ONLINE = OFF) COMMIT TRANSACTION Direct F5 operation can be done. 4. Added partition table "New partition boundary" 1, first add file groups and files, for example: GROUP3, and establish a good correspondence relationship 2. New Boundary value ALTER PARTITION SCHEME fq_fa NEXT used [GROUP3] ‘ syntax ": ALTER PARTITION Scheme

SQL Server 2008 Block Save setting method that requires a change to recreate table problem

It is not very clear why the option to prevent saving changes to the table is required in 2008. The symptoms are "blocking" you when you modify the table structure. And I met the situation is actually sometimes stop you, sometimes do not stop you, can not touch the mind.The solution to the error of SQL

Convert the value of a column field in a table to a column name in Microsoft SQL Server 2008

Label:CREATE TABLE Test(Department varchar (10),Customer varchar (10),Cost name varchar (10),Amount int)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' a ', ' phone fee ', 10)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' a ', ' run at public expense ', 11)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' a ', ' Bus fee ', 9)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' B ', ' phone fee ', 10)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' B ', ' public expense ', 10)INSERT into test values (' A ', ' C ', ' Bus fee ',

Meaning of SQL Server 2008 table Partitioning

10 similar partitionscheme and 10 partitionfunction to give them a separate use?2. Section III: "3. create partition Table Using Wizard" The last two steps are "create Partition index", "Delete Partition index", why do you create partition index and delete this partition index immediately?3. If a table already has a clustered index, I do not want to use the clustered index column to partition, you can use

SQL Server lock table, unlock, and view sale table,

SQL Server lock table, unlock, and view sale table, Lock a table in the database Copy codeThe Code is as follows:SELECT * FROM table WITH (H

SQL Server lock table, unlock, view pin table

Lock a table in a database The code is as follows Copy Code SELECT * from table with (HOLDLOCK) Note: The difference between a table that locks a database The code is as follows Copy Code SELECT * from table

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