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Docker Quick Start-common docker commands

Docker Quick Start-common docker commands 1. Introduction to docker commands 1. Introduction to docker commands You can run the sudo docker or sudo docker HELP command to view the

Docker Quick Start series (2): container concepts and related operations, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (2): container concepts and related operations, docker Quick StartWhat is container To put it simply, an image requires a carrier, which is a container. As mentioned in the previous article, an additional writable file layer will be started after the container loads the image.Let's take the VM as an example. The VM virtualizes the entire

Docker Quick Start series (4): Concepts and operations of data volumes and data volume containers, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (4): Concepts and operations of data volumes and data volume containers, docker Quick StartIntroduction Sometimes, some logs are generated when our services are running, or we need to back up the data in the container, or even share data between multiple containers, this must involve data management operations on containers. There are tw

Docker Quick Start series (5): basic network configuration and communication during storage, docker Quick Start

Docker Quick Start series (5): basic network configuration and communication during storage, docker Quick StartIntroduction Two major functional modules that are essential for a web service to run: business processing, data services, and large web services require more components, which usually requires multiple containers, however, we also need to allow network

Docker Quick Start-create a docker Image

Docker Quick Start-docker image creation I. dockerfile Script 1. Introduction to dockerfile script Dockerfile is a text file that contains an instruction. Each instruction creates a layer. Therefore, the content of each instruction describes how to build the layer.Dockerfile example: # Dockerfile format # This dockerfile uses the Ubuntu image # version 2-Edition

Docker Quick Start: Write a book with Docker + Gitbook

by Falcon of tinylab.orgTai Xiao Salon Phase II @ 2015/04/26Preparing Gitbook environment to install Docker Take Ubuntu as an example$ echo deb docker main | sudo tee /etc/apt/sources.list.d/docker.list$ sudo apt-key adv --keyserver --recv-keys 36A1D7869245C8950F966E92D8576A8BA88D21E9$ sudo apt-get update$ sudo apt-get install -y lxc-

Docker----Start (2)----Install the latest version of Docker CE on Ubuntu

Previously wrote an article about Docker installation blog, when recently used again, in the official Docker document found the latest version of the Docker (V18.03) installation method and a little bit different, some commands found to be useless. (really is a day do not study, will be beaten AH). Specific and before the same command or place, I'll mark it as Re

Start Docker and go to Docker

CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES [root@i-k11xnd1o ~]# Docker ps-a CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS NAMES 4c7a7f772b51 Hello-world "/hello" Seconds ago Exited (0) seconds ago Hello afffac98fb68 blockchain101/ethereum-geth:1.6.5 "Bash-c"./rungeth.s "Hours ago Exited (137) hours ago Geth-cluster0 92A18ADB1ACD blockchain101/ethereum-geth:1.6.5

[Docker] Install Docker on Windows (HP) and start with kitematic

Well, on the Windows costs a little bit effort to run Docker.1. Need to enable Virtulization:OH hp Windows machine, your need to Turn Off You laptop Start it and click ' Esc ' repeatly Until If jumps a menu, you click F10 to enter ' BIOS setting ' Then find ' Virtualization Technoloy (VTx) ' Select it and save exists. Computer would restart, finally go to the ' Task Manager ' to ch

Docker (15): Start a standalone version of TIDB in Docker mode

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. 1, about TIDB Tidb is inspired by Google's F1 and Google Spanner, TIDB support features that include traditional RDBMS and NoSQL.SQL fully supports MySQL, while others are also a distributed database.What Sub-Library sub-table are weak, this direct division, super convenient. And it's open-source.Is the domestic technology of large Bezoar Dongxu company Pincap developed.It was the man who wrote Codis before.Htt

To set the Docker method of automatic startup __ Set the method for Docker to start automatically

1. Use Ststemctl command Systemctl Enable Docker 2, move the Docker Docker.service service to the system service # cp/usr/lib/systemd/system/docker.service/etc/systemd/system/# systemctl daemon-reload # Systemctl Restart DockerAfter restarting the Docker, the symbolic link is automatically generated under/etc/systemd/system/ [ro

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operations

Docker Quick Start series (1): Image concepts and related operationsWhat is Docker? One of the first questions I encountered about docker is what can docker do? What is docker? Here, let's take a look at Baidu encyclopedia's brief

Docker Quick Start and environmental configuration _docker

faster than the traditional virtual machine approach Docker is highly utilized for system resources and can run thousands of Docker containers on a single host The following picture compares the differences between Docker and traditional virtualization, and the visible container is virtualized at the operating system level, directly reusing the local host's op

Docker Quick Start Tutorial _docker

Docker container, in the development of the program → Test → release, the whole process can ensure the consistency of the environment, and greatly reduce the workload and time. This is the main reason why Docker is very popular. Speaking of which, you may not be able to wait, let's use the Docker. 3. Use Docker The

Preliminary analysis of Docker Registry service start-up process

When we pull a registry image or make a mirror ourselves, using the command Docker run-d-P 5000:5000 Registry, you can start a private container service, so how exactly does it work?First, Docker PS shows that cmd is "docker-registry", but it is not entered when it is started.[Email protected]:/home/opuser#

Start the docker journey on Raspberry Pi in four simple steps

installation method. What does it do? It's easy. He downloads a series of packages we put on GitHub to your machine and installs them. There aren't many packages, just right. Simplified steps1. Insert the SD card and install arch Linux on the SD card. 2. start your Raspberry Pi, find its IP address (how to set the [set Raspberry Pi IP address]), and log on to the root account through SSH. The default root password of arch Linux is root, if you have

How to quickly start a MySQL test using Docker on a Mac _docker

This article mainly discusses the method of using Docker to quickly start a MySQL test, including the MAC environment. Let's have a look! There has been a lot of discussion about Docker in the industry these days, and the ecosystem is developing very quickly, however, it is easy to find mature technology from simple "getting Started" or "guiding" articles, but

Docker Quick Start series (3): warehouse concepts and related operations

Docker Quick Start series (3): warehouse concepts and related operationsDocker Hub First, we need to distinguish two concepts: warehouse and registration server.In Docker, the repository stores images in a centralized manner, while the registration server stores images in the repository,A registration server can store multiple warehouses, for example: The address

Start the Docker container

Exit 0 fi if [-f "] then #文件存在, delete the first row sed-i ' 1d '" $ "else #文件不存在 sleep 1s check Conffile "$" "$" fi} #docker run Dockerrun () {#判断是否启动confd服务 if ["$DOCKER _options_mount_info"! = ""] then STA rtconfd fi Log "$LINENO" "DEBUG" "Docker run-d--name $DOCKER _container_name--net=host-l namespace=app-e host_

Linux Operations and Architecture-docker Quick Start

issues.In general, the interface of Docker is quite simple, and users can easily create and use containers and put their own applications into containers. Containers can also be versioned, copied, shared, and modified, just like managing normal code.Third, the use of Docker1, provide a one-time environment. For example, local testing of others ' software, continuous integration provides unit testing and built environments.2, provide flexible cloud se

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