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Create an HTA without the "close" button in the title bar

Q: Hello, script expert! How do I create an HTA without the "close" button in the title bar? -- AK A: Hello, AK. You know, your problems have put us in a moral and ethical dilemma. After all, if we give the answer to this question: this world may suddenly be overwhelmed by a large number of HTA that cannot be closed. In front of our eyes, there is a picture:

[HTA]-HTML Application

syntax requirements of HTA are looser than those of HTML, and even Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware)>Example2.hta-->FarewellWang WeiLet's ask where you want to drink the wine....... Note: The above is all the code of the entire HTA file. 2. You can use Code hi

Use HTA to inject remote web pages locally to solve the problem that HTA does not share the IE session and some permissions.

"). scrolltop = $ E ("MSG"). scrollheight;// $ E ("MSG"). insertadjacenthtml ("afterbegin", text + '// $ E ("MSG"). scrolltop = 0;} Window. Openurl = function (URL, fun){Cleartimeout (window. winer );If (URL! = ""){Try{ ument;Window. Win. Location = URL;Showtext ("replace win object URL .");} Catch (E){Showtext ("Win object does not exist, create .");Window. Win = open (URL, $ E ("Winn"). value );}If (window. Win = NULL){Showtext ("An error occurred while creating the window. Does

What is an HTA (HTML application)

the specified window as a thick borderdialog window specifies a dialog boxNone specifies a window without Bordersthin specifies that the window is a narrow borderBorderStyle Property (BorderStyle)This property sets the border format for the HTA window, and the default value is normal.It can be set to Normal normal border format Complex bump Format combo Border raised extruded 3D border Static 3D border format Sunken recessed 3D Border Caption

What is an HTA (HTML application) _hta

default is normal. It can be set to Normal normal border format Complex bump Format combo Border raised extruded 3D border Static 3D border format Sunken recessed 3D Border Caption Properties (caption) This property sets whether the HTA window displays a title bar or caption, and the default value is yes. Icon Property (icon) This property sets the icon for the application. Maⅺmizebutton Property (Maximizebutton) This property sets whet

How to Use vbs to encode scripts in HTA

partially Encode the VBScript of HTA, use the '** Start Encode ** tag to mark the Start of the part to be encoded. In other words, the Theoretically, you can run Screnc.exe and pass two parameters (the existing HTA file (Test. hta) name and the name to be specified to the encoding file (Encoded. (hta) to encode the s

Launching an application from an HTA _hta

: Copy Code code as follows: WScript.Echo "Hey." Notice that we did not create the Wscript object, which was created automatically when we called Windows Script Host. But this is limited to Wscript objects. There are other WSH objects that you can create, including Shell objects. For example, here is a simple little HTA that creates a Wscript.Shell object and then runs Notepad.exe (and opens the file C:\Scripts\Test.txt in this

How to encode scripts in an HTA with a VBS _HTA

want to encode. In other words, the, In theory, this allows the script to be encoded by running Screnc.exe and passing two parameters (the name of the existing HTA file (Test.hta) and the name to be assigned to the encoding file (Encoded.hta): C:\scripts>screnc Test.hta Encoded.hta Unfortunately, this is not a viable option. Why? Oh, we're really not sure. However, we know how to make a real pass. All we need to do is change the extension of an exist

How to pause a script in an HTA _vbs

running under Windows Script Host. You are actually running under the script host provided by Internet Explorer. Because you are not running under Windows Script Host, you cannot automatically access the Wscript object, and you cannot access wscript.sleep because you cannot create your own Wscript object. In high-tech terms, it's "paralyzed." This is not a big deal if Internet Explorer provides a method similar to Wscript.Sleep; Unfortunately, it is not provided. So is there some kind of magica

JS Cool TV Series Collection Support Lianbo (HTA)

JS Cool TV Series Collection Support Lianbo (HTA)Applicationname= name value of "XF"//hta: CustomThe window border type value for the border= "dialog"//hta is: Thick/thin/dialog/nonemaximizebutton= the "No"//hta window displays a maximized button value of yes/noscrollflat= "

How does VBS determine which text is selected in an HTA? _hta

Ask: Hello, Scripting Guy! How do I determine which text is selected in an HTA? --Do For: Hello, do. You know, most people think that writing every day "Hello, Scripting Guy!" "The column is one of the most fascinating and exciting jobs in the world," he said. If the Scripting Guys who write this column are not so lazy, maybe so. For example, many times he chooses a question he thinks can be scripted. Usually he does not have the script to complete th

Simple tutorial of HTA on the GUI of VBS script (network collection and sorting)

Author: Xue jinglan The toolbar, address bar, and menu bar in the web page are not displayed in this window. You can also use the vast majority of tags and scripts in html, this gives you more control over the interface design. (My God, when I saw this sentence, I was so excited. Isn't it a gui designed for vbs scripts ?) Compared with a common HTML webpage, it has an HTA: APPLICATION tag, which provides a series of APPLICATION-oriented functions, al

How to make an HTA located in the center of the screen (Win32_DesktopMonitor) _hta

We can resize and center the window (if needed), but do so with a momentary flicker on the screen. This is not too obvious, and the actual result is what you expect: The HTA will be in the center of the screen. We want this process to be a little smoother, but at the moment we have to use this method.The following is the code for the HTA example. (To implement this procedure, copy the code, paste it into No

HTA JSMin (Omitted modifier) based on javascript

. js files. You may find some error messages or be intercepted by anti-virus software.HTML Application is short for HTA. as its name implies, it is an "HTML Application"-it executes scripts in the same loose security conditions as the Windows Script Host, unlike Windows Script hosts, HTML applications often have a good GUI. Essentially, an HTA file is actually an HTM file with a special extension. If you do

Be a tough hta downloader

1. There are two novel vbs Downloaders on this blog. One is made of the CDO. Message component and the other is made of Microsoft. XMLDOM. For details, see One of the two Downloaders is difficult to use and needs to convert the exe file in advance. Second, cscript.exe accesses the network, which is not concealed. Second, some machines do not have these two components and use them to ADODB. Stream, so there are some drawbacks. 2. Let's talk about lake2 downl

Vbs+hta code that includes multiple subroutines in a single OnClick parameter _vbs

Ask: Hello, Scripting Guy!In your HTA example, you showed us how to click a button to make a subroutine run. So how do you add two or more child routines to a button's onClick argument? --FM For: Hello, FM.You know, there's an interesting branch of cognitive psychology called Problem discovery, and the theory is that your ability to answer questions is usually the first thing you ask.For example, you – an

To be a difficult HTA downloader _hta

First, there are two newer VBS downloads on this blog, one is made with the Cdo.message component and the other is made with Microsoft.XMLDOM, see One of the two downloads is more cumbersome to use, you need to transform the EXE in advance. The second use of Cscript.exe will visit the network, not too covert. The second is that some machines do not exist on these two components and the use of, so there are some drawbacks. Second, again the Lake

Packaging HTA as EXE publishing

When an HTA is opened, it is sometimes blocked by anti-virus software and not executed, and more importantly, it is often possible to right-click to view the source code, which can easily be understood by others if it involves a domain name or some other detail. There are some HTA on the network to EXE, similar software is basically foreign, and to pay, from some messy place to download the "cracked version

Graffiti effect implemented by HTA

HTA: HTML Applications HTA is HTML executable. Program The file *. htm is changed to *. HTA. However, HTA has its own unique tag HTA is an excellent choice for creating small programs. The following is an example. It was written a few days ago when the company was bored.

How to pause a script in HTA

Q: Hello, script expert! How do I pause scripts in HTA? -- TJ A: Hello, TJ. You know, since ancient times, people have spent a lot of time and energy exploring the meaning of life. Script experts have never been involved. Why? Well, let alone lazy. We know that doesn't matter: Even if you find the meaning of life, no one cares about it. No one wants to know why we exist. On the contrary, they-just like you-just want to know how to pause an embedde

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