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How to contribute code to the Hyperledger Fabric project

How to contribute code to the Hyperledger Fabric project Installation Environment It is recommended to develop the code in the Ubuntu 14.04+ environment and install the following tools. git: Used to get the code; Golang 1.6+: Environment variables such as configuration $GOPATH after successful installation. Get Code First register the Linux Foundation ID and log in to https://gerrit.hyperledger.org/to add

IBM Blockchain blockchain Open source project Hyperledger/fabric first experience __ Blockchain

1. Configure the application demo marbles of the Blockchain project developed by IBM to Bluemix Marbles's access address is https://github.com/IBM-Blockchain/marbles, click the Deploy to Bluemix button and the app will be deployed automatically. BlueMix is the latest cloud product from IBM. IBM BlueMix is a platform-as-a-service (PaaS) product based on the cloud Foundry Open source project that provides e

ubuntu16.04 under Hyperledger to build fabric environment simple operation (five-step start e2e_cli)

://github.com/hyperledger/fabric.git~/go/src/github.com/hyperledger$ CD ~/go/src/github.com/hyperledger/fabric~/go/src/github.com/hyperledger/fabric$ sudo git checkout v1.0.0~/go/src/github.com/hyperledger/fabric$sudo chmod 777 release~/go/src/github.com/

Hyperledger-Super Ledger study report

use of the blockchain must be a privileged management, the relevant information will be protected, typically such as the UnionPay organization. second, what is Hyperledger. In December 2015, the Linux Foundation led the founding of the Hyperledger project jointly with 30 initial members. The emergence of the project

Build the Hyperledger Fabric 1.2.0 environment on Ubuntu 18.04

00 Introduction The open source Blockchain distributed ledger--hyperledger Fabric, launched by the Linux Foundation, has ushered in the 1.2.0 version. The project focuses on performance and reliability, as well as cross-industry collaboration to drive blockchain and distributed ledger technology. Hyperledger Fabric can be used for scenarios such as global supply

Hyperledger Fabric CouchDB as the state database--use CouchDB

time, which may miss this "virtual value" during this process. COUCHDB is run as a standalone database process with peer, so there are additional considerations for setup, management, and operation. We can consider starting with the default embedded Leveldb, which can be transferred to COUCHDB if additional complex rich queries are required. modeling Chaincode Asset data as JSON is a good practice so that we can execute the complex rich queries we need in the future. Using the CouchDB in Ch

Blockchain technology: Super Ledger (Hyperledger)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Summary The Super Ledger (Hyperledger) is one of many projects under the Linux Foundation. The blockchain project, introduced in 2015 by IBM, Interlaken, and the financial companies, GP Morgan and other joint agencies, also includes 5 framework projects: Sawtooth, Iroha, Fabric, Burrow, Indy, and 3 tool projects: Blockchain Ex

Hyperledger fablic 0.6 installation and deployment in a CENTOS7 environment

Hyperledger Fabric Super Ledger The basic principles of the project agreement are: attaching importance to the modular design, including the trade, contract, consistency, identity, storage and other technical scenarios; Code readability ensures that new features and modules can be easily added and extended, evolving paths that evolve and evolve new projects as needs go deeper and more scenarios are applied

Build Hyperledger fabric test and run environment (latest version)

-compose>=1.8.0 Download Fabric 0.6 Image Docker pull YEASY/HYPERLEDGER-FABRIC:0.6-DP \ docker pull YEASY/HYPERLEDGER-FABRIC-PEER:0.6-DP \ Docker pull YEASY/HYPERLEDGER-FABRIC-BASE:0.6-DP \ Docker pull Yeasy/blockchain-explorer: Latest \ docker tag yeasy/hyperledger-fabric-peer:0.6-dp

Super Ledger (i) Hyperledger Fabric environment

I. Concepts Hyperledger is a umbrella project of open source Blockchains and related tools, started in December 2015 by the Linux Foundation, to support the collaborative development of blockchain-based ledgers. Hyperledgerfabric is a subproject based in Openblockchain denoted by IBM. Hyperledger Fabric is a platform for distributed ledger solutions, underpinned

Hyperledger Explorer Installation Deployment (PG version)

IBM Blockchain Series Hyperledger, in addition to the most core of the fabric network also out a series of tools and engineering, this is recorded under the Blockchain browser installation deployment, the current version is to use the PostgreSQL database to store data (previous version using MySQL).Browsers use Psql and Nodejs to develop, so for Java or Golang small partners, will definitely touch some nails. (The official installation is not very det

Installing Hyperledger Fabric v1.1 on Ubuntu 16.04?—? Part I

There is a entire library of Blockchain APIs which you can select according to the needs that suffice your application. Some Libraries is open-sourced and Some are private. For examples, IBM ' s Hyperledger Fabric Project, Ethereum, Openchain, Multichain is few of the open sourced models which a Re popular in the industry today.This tutorial aims to help you get started and setup your development environmen

Super Ledger Hyperledger-fabric local compilation and installation (from blockchain-principle, design and application) __ Blockchain

Super Ledger Hyperledger-fabric local compilation and installation From Yang Paohua and other "blockchain-principles, design and Application" Local compilation installation deployment Super Ledger fabric network. The super ledger fabric is based on the Go language implementation, and local compilation is recommended to configure Golang1.7 or later environments. Here's how to compile a binary file that generates components such as Fabric-peer, Fabric-

Hyperledger Fabric Source Parsing-peer

0x00 In fabric, peer is an important binary program, its function is mainly to provide peer related operations, regarding peer concept, can refer to official Document 1 and Official Document 2, peer this CLI tool, as a client, can be launched to the Blockchain Network ( channel ) peerrelated from the operation, this command contains a lot of sub-commands, this article will not be introduced, this is not the purpose of this article, this article is mainly through the analysis of the peer source c

Write the blockchain smart contract chain code for Hyperledger Fabric (Super Ledger) in Java

Com.makotojava.learn.blockchain.chaincode.solution.ChaincodeLog handlequeryinfo: * * * query:for key ' Chaincodelogsmartcontract-clsc-key-2, value is ' a log message. ' * * *Congratulations to you! You have taken the first step towards the future.You are encouraged to modify the Chaincodetutorial project, add methods to it, change the implementation, and so on. You are also free to write the chain code. Good luck and good coding!ConclusionThis tutori

Ubuntu under Hyperledger fabric development environment Construction

. IbmBluemix garages for blockchainHelp businesses accelerate the design and development of blockchain applications, for more Info-https://www.ibm.com/block Chain/garage.html. Let ' s get started. As you can see from the below snapshot, I am using Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS machine with 8 core processor and GB RAM. Using Putty I am accessing it as superuser. Make sure network was configured properly and Internet is accessible. You can check/etc/hosts and/etc/resolv.conf. Try to ping any Web address t

Hyperledger Fabric (iii)-Fabric-sdk-java

First, the Fabric SDK The latest official document for Hyperledger fabric (V1.1.0-preview), the description of the Fabric SDK is still poor, just a few simple descriptions, plus two GitHub links: Fabric-sdk-node Fabric-sdk-java In fact, through the Hyperledger project on GitHub we can see that Hyperledger fabric also

Hyperledger fabric on SAP Cloud Platform

Today's article is from Wen Aviva, who is a face-to-face programmer of Jerry. Jerry has introduced Aviva in his previous article titled "displaying the 3D model view of product master data with pure Javascript in sap ui, other colleagues in the SAP Chengdu c4c development team commented that:"Beauty and wisdom embodiment","Queen of the cloud age","Is the Guide to cutting-edge technologies". Because Jerry and Aviva are in a group, my opinion is that these reviews are all named. For example, Jerry

Hyperledger Fabric Deployment v1.0.0 Network

Take a look at the samples two department network three automation scripts have done what to boot block chain network execution Scriptsscriptsh scripts four themselves perform Channelchaincode related operations start the network into the CLI container create channel add to channel install C Haincode initialization chaincode Chaincode Query method Chaincode Invoke method Chaincode other methods A. Download Samples Note: build the basic environment first, then follow the steps below. git clone ht

Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 Mirrored download

1. Way One Direct download to the Docker hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/hyperledger/ Docker Pull hyperledger/fabric-peer:x86_64-1.0.1Docker Pull hyperledger/fabric-orderer:x86_64-1.0.1Docker Pull hyperledger/fabric-ccenv:x86_64-1.0.1Docker Pull hyperledger/fabric-ca:x86_64-1.

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