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Linux Platform x86 compilation (II): Processor instruction code and IA-32 Platform understanding

Tags: script register "copyright notice: respect for the original, reproduced please retain the source: blog.csdn.net/shallnet, the article only for learning Exchange, do not use for commercial purposes"at the very bottom of the computer operation,

UVA 101 The Blocks problem

Original question:BackgroundMany areas of computer science with simple, abstract domains for both analytical and empirical studies. For example, an early AI study of Planning and Robotics (STRIPS) used a block world in which a robot arm performed tas

About the operator overloading of C + + those things

Label:C + + for some time, today suddenly to overload an operator, found himself a little forgotten, and then check the data to do a little summary of C + + operator overloading.One, what is operator overloadingThe overloads of the operators are

These 18 backs, no one dares to fool you. Cpu_ Application Skills

1. Frequency The clock frequency is also called the unit MHz, which is used to indicate the CPU's operation speed. CPU's frequency = FSB x Frequency multiplier factor. Many people think that the frequency of the CPU to determine the speed of operati

Computer composition, North-South Bridge, octave, communication, frequency of the same can communicate

Tags:-o full slot connected Power coded test table cot windowsHow does a computer get on the run"How the program runs.""Computer assembly and hardware repair from the beginning to mastery""Self-cultivation of programmers"Three principles of computer.

"In-depth understanding of computer system 02" ISA and Memory model

Label: Article Two: Understanding ISA(Instruction Set Architecture)Key Concepts: "ISA" "IA-32": Intel changed the name of the 32-bit x86 architecture x86-32 to IA-32, a common Isa "Memory Model" "Procedure Call" Isa

Two ways to load DLLs (pend) + delayload

Label:Having seen the invocation example of a dynamic library, I decided to do it:DLL's external interface declaration header file, Mydll.h:Mydll.h#include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include "Public.h" #define Dll_export/*extern "C"

Simple triangular drawing of Directx11 HelloWorld

Learn the SDK and make a simple triangular drawing in d3d11 to familiarize yourself with the Direct11 drawing process. This article refers to the basic demo of the previous Directx11. The relatively Directx11 basic demo, which draws a triangle in Dir

"C + + Primer" objects, arrays, object-based design, generic design

Array C + + does not support an abstract abstraction of arrays nor does it support operations on an entire array we sometimes want to manipulate the entire array, such as assigning an array to another array for equal comparison of two arrays or to k

C + + language Learning (17)--Templates

Tags: two semantic file delete char* sizeof so LSE error EOFC + + language Learning (17)--Template IntroductionGenerics (Generic Programming) refer to the meanings that can be manipulated on a variety of data types. Representative works of generic

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