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[NodeJS] Simple explanation of common modules

First, global objectsCommon Global Object __dirname, __filename__dirname the directory name of the current module, equivalent to Path.dirname (__filename)__filename the file name of the current module, which is the absolute path.Second, module

Comparison between encodeURI and encodeURIComponent, encodeuri

Comparison between encodeURI and encodeURIComponent, encodeuri Both the encodeURI and encodeURIComponet functions are used in javascript to encode the URI and convert the relevant parameters into data in the UTF-8 encoding format. When URI is

Python network programming learning notes (6): Web Client Access

6.1 simplest Crawler Web Crawler is a program for automatically extracting Web pages. It Downloads Web pages from the World Wide Web for search engines and is an important component of search engines. Python's urllib \ urllib2 and other modules can

Quick Search for the Internet using the command line

Firefox has a function that is very useful, that is, inputting g and adding the keyword to search, you can automatically search on Google. This function is called quicksearch. I want this feature to be available in the command line, so I wrote a

Python web crawler (1)--url asked about parameter settings

Environment: Python2.7.9/sublime Text 2/chrome1.url access, call the Urllib library function directlyImport urllib2url=''= urllib2.urlopen (URL) HTML ()print html2. Access with parameters, with the Baidu search

Continue node Crawler-The hundred lines of code self-made automatic AC robot to conquer Hdoj__hdu reptile in daily solution

Preface Do not speak, first jab ranklist to see my ranking. This is to use node automatic brush problem about half a day of "record", this article to explain how to use node to do an "automatic AC machine." Process First to pull OJ (online judge).

Use the opera shortcut to search for the Internet

Currently, my commonly used browser is opera. the reason is that some of Opera's shortcut keys are faster for me. for example, in myie2 or IE, the shortcut key for moving the control focus to the address bar is Alt + D, while in opera, the shortcut

Python network programming learning notes (6): Web Client Access

Reprint Please note: @ small Wuyi 6.1 simplest CrawlerWeb Crawlers automatically extract web pages.ProgramIt is an important component of a search engine. Python's urllib \ urllib2 and other modules can easily

Urllib using four--urlencode

Urllib.urlencodeConvert dictionary data to URL encoding # -*-coding:cp936-*- import urllib params = { " score ' : 100, ' name ' : " Crawler basics ", " comment ": " Very good " }qs = Urllib.urlencode (params) print (QS) After

A question about whether PHP programs are executed on different browsers at the same time

This is a problem that determines whether a PHP program is executed on different browsers at the same time. I have a program (assuming a single page). when this program is running, I don't want multiple browsers to run at the same time, because

Ask Google if PR is required

Index. php code [code] title query echo $ _ GET [url];? Prtitleforpolichodgetinputnameurlinputtypesubmitvaluegetpagerankformif (! Empty ($ _ GET [url]) {includegoogle_pagerank.php; print does not contain BRahref. $ _ GET [url]... $ _ GET [url]. a's

[Python] Google Translate applets

A translation function is used in the project, that is, after the translation is submitted to Google, the returned results are obtained. First, find out the context of Google translation:Request Processing After submitting the translation, check

Python calls Google Translate API for translation

Call Google translation API for translation #!/usr/bin/python #coding: UTF-8 import sys reload (SYS) sys.setdefaultencoding (' UTF8 ') from xml.etree import Eleme Nttree as ET #引入解析xml文件的模块 import re import urllib,urllib2 #引入接入网络接口API的模块 from

In Java, the Nginx reverse proxy obtains the client IP and obtains the related coordinates and so on information

On the use of Sohu Sina IP Library query interfaceDirect output of guest IP and city:Scriptsrc= "Http://" >Script>Scripttype= "Text/javascript">document.write ('IP:'+Returncitysn.cip+'

Resolves query parameters of a URL to a Dictionary object

This topic appeared in a number of companies in the interview, of course, is too typical, the solution is nothing more than Chaizi or with regular matching to solve, I personally strongly recommend to use regular matching, because the URL allows

"Python learning Notes" Using Python to crawl Baidu search results __python

The first is the library you need: URLLIB,URLLIB2-----Build Access Requests SYS-----Python standard library BeautifulSoup-----Parse Crawl Results first, build access requests In Python, Urllib.urlencode can convert a key-value pair such as key-value

Java Crawler crawl Baidu Bar

Java to the final exam, the teacher unexpectedly said no test volume, we write procedures to grade ... I'm not a little defensive ... Anyway, I'm going to write a Baidu stick crawler to him, in order to facilitate the use of Jsoup to parse

Interface Test Lesson Three (Introduction to HTTP protocol)--reprint

First, open the Baidu URL detailed:Open Baidu Web site with a browser, enter any keyword search:  The detailed URL address is copied as followsHttps:// %95&rsv_pq=d87c1

Golang Native crawler Simple crawler implementation of non-reliance on third-party package library easy to understand technology principles (I.)

This is a creation in Article, where the information may have evolved or changed. Exploration technology on the road should be built on their own wheels, even if there are more choices on the market, their own hands-on attempt is necessary, the

Help Weibo follow user table design-php Tutorial

Ask Weibo to follow the design of user tables. This post was last edited by anydy2008 at 10:43:13, January 11 ,. The query requirements are as follows: 1. query which users are concerned. 2. query which users are paying attention. 3. query the

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