if then statements in html

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Java if-then and if-then-else statements (translated from Java tutorials)

From http://www.cnblogs.com/ggjucheng/archive/2012/12/16/2820834.html English from http://docs.oracle.com/javase/tutorial/java/nutsandbolts/if.html If-then statement If-then statements are the most basic control flow statements. It

JavaScript statements--expression statements, block statements, empty statements, and declaration statements

Previous wordsIf an expression is a phrase in JavaScript, then the statement (statement) is a JavaScript whole sentence or command. An expression evaluates a value that the statement uses to execute to make something happen. A JavaScript program is

How to Create helpcontextid in HTML Help Workshop and Press F1 in the vbprogram to pop up the corresponding Context

How to Create helpcontextid in HTML Help Workshop, Press F1 in the vbprogram to pop up the corresponding context, the documents in chm format have been written, the tables of context and index file have been written. What should I do next? Please

Nginx implementation of And,or multiple judgments in IF statements

The principle is to use set variables.and is superimposed with a variable, or is toggled with 0 or 1.The logical and/or logical OR operation of the IF condition is not supported in Nginx configuration, and the nested syntax of if is not supported,

13 Rules for writing high-performance SQL statements

1. First, you must understand what an execution plan is? An execution plan is a query solution made by the database based on the statistics of SQL statements and related tables. This solution is automatically generated by the query optimizer, for

Optimizing SQL queries: How to write high-performance SQL statements

1, first to understand what is called the implementation plan? An execution plan is a query scheme that the database makes based on the statistics of SQL statements and related tables, which are generated automatically by the query optimizer, such

How to use the standard HTML code in Web page making

  Many web designers make the most common mistake is that when its web page can be normal display in IE, the code is correct, and even often see someone complaining about their site rankings are not ideal, to their site to simply look at it can be

Learning Summary of cyclic statements in ASP (for beginners)

Beginner's | cycle | statement The function of a circular statement is to repeat the execution of the program code, which can be divided into three categories: a class repeats the statement before the condition becomes "false", a class repeats the

SQL statements and tutorials frequently used in ASP

1. SELECT statement In the world of SQL, the most basic operation is the SELECT statement. When using SQL directly using database tools, many people will be familiar with the following operations:   Copy codeThe Code is as follows: SELECT what FROM

ASP tutorial: ASP Script Looping statements

In this article two, we learned the scripting language VBScript variables, functions, procedures and conditional statements, this article will continue to introduce Vbscipt loop statements, and the scripting language in the ASP application to

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