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Install Web Server IIS

This topic describes three methods for installing IIS: Use the "Configure your server wizard ". Use "add or delete programs" in "Control Panel ". No one is involved in installation. This topic also lists the directories created during

From the configuration file format to Gui and CLI

Take a look at the windows ini format configuration file:[Startup]Cmd = A. batPara =......Windows configurations are all the preceding INI files in the following format:[Section]Name = Value...Although this configuration file is not as shameless as

IIS compression and Performance Optimization

IIS compression is not a new technology, but for Sharepoint sites, IIS compression can play a major role. After the IIS compression function is enabled on the IIS server, before the IIS server sends the page content to the browser, It compresses the

Log Parser 2.2 + log Parser lizard GUI parsing IIS Log Example

Log Parser logs analysis tool, with command-line operation, can parse IIS logs,event logs,active directory,log4net,file system,t-sqlLog Parser Lizard operates in a visual interface, using SQL-like syntax queries:Log Parser

Significance of IIS Web server for Virtualization

Web servers may be a good candidate for virtualization, but like any other server virtualization project, you should not blindly want to virtualize your IIS server. Before moving forward with the virtualization Internet Information Service (IIS),

Use a self-signed certificate on IIS 7.0 to enable SSL

[Original address] Tip/TRICK: enabling SSL on IIS 7.0 using self-signed certificates SSL Allow the browser to exchange information with the Web server over a secure channel to prevent eavesdropping, tampering, and message forgery. You should always

IIS Hang Troubleshoot

Your website Maybe stop working and response very lowly. How do I find out the reason? Below is the guide, hope it'll help you out!Identify It's a hangWhat website hang really means? An IIS website hangs whenever it appears to stop serving incoming

Securing the Windows Server 2003 IIS server

Overview This module focuses on the instructions and steps required to harden your IIS servers in your environment. To provide comprehensive security for WEB servers and applications in your organization's corporate Intranet, you should protect

Windows IIS does backdoor, hidden access, no logs

Windows IIS5/IIS6 do backdoor, hide access, do not leave access record or leave logHard to attack a windows2000/2003 IIS server, you must be thinking, how to long-term possession of the "broiler" it? Smart you will think of the way to leave the back

How to optimize IIS Performance

IIS, an Internet Information Server that comes with Windows Server, is a common tool for setting up website servers. It is simple and troublesome, new users can use the IIS server to set up a decent Web site. However, it is not easy to configure and

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