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IIS PHP Windows IIS PHP 52 installation and configuration method

Step one: Download the PHP 5.2 for Windows installation package and unzip to C:\php. Note that this decompression directory can be under any disk, however the directory name cannot contain spaces; Here is the file directory for php5.2: c:\php --dev |

IIS php mysql about IIS php calling the COM component permissions issue

1. Running Dcomcnfg.exe 2. Component Services-computer-My Computer ――dcom configuration-Find a Microsoft Word document 3. Click Properties 4. Select "Security" 5. Select "Use custom access rights" and "Use Custom launch Permissions" 6. Edit the

PHP debugging environment (IIS + PHP + MYSQL) _ PHP Tutorial

New users configure the PHP debugging environment (IIS + PHP + MYSQL ). Objective: to configure the environment for running PHP (IIS + PHP + MYSQL + CF + Perl) support for php + cgi + asp + jsp and other operating systems: Windows advanceserver (sp3)

Does the website developed by apache + php + mysql be stored in iis + php + mysql?

Apache + php + mysql combined development website, put in iis + php + mysql what is the problem? apache + php + mysql combined development website, what is the difference between the two combinations in iis + php + mysql ?? ------ Solution ----------

Iis + php prompts Anerroroccurredontheserverwhenprocessingthe_PHP tutorial

Iis + php prompts anerroccurredontheserverwhenprocessingthe. Iisphp prompts anerroccurredontheserverwhenprocessingtheurl error frequently when using the iis + php environment, but no good solution can be found on the php official website. When using

Windows 7 + IIS + PHP environment setup tutorial

I have talked a lot about how to configure the php environment in iis before. Here we will introduce you to loading a php extension for iis In a Windows 7 32-bit system, so that iis can run the php environment. Because the computer uses a Windows 7 3

IIS + PHP + MySQL + Zend configuration (video tutorial) _ PHP Tutorial

IIS + PHP + MySQL + Zend configuration (video tutorial ). Haha, haipi. I am thinking about how to write the IIS + PHP configuration tutorial. I accidentally found a video tutorial on the Internet, which really saves a lot of time, it's convenient

A course of windows7+iis+php environment setup

Because the computer uses the Windows 7 32-bit system, has the own IIS, does not want to install a server software for PHP, went on the net to look for some related iis+php the construction method, following is the blogger according to the on-line

Iis php fastcgi mode pathinfo value error Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability repair method, fastcgipathinfo

Iis php fastcgi mode pathinfo value error Arbitrary Code Execution Vulnerability repair method, fastcgipathinfo Description: The target has the arbitrary code execution vulnerability. Cause of vulnerability: the default PHP configuration IS

IIS + PHP + MySQL Configuration

I found many methods for configuring IIS + PHP on the Internet. After I tried it, many methods won't work. So after summing up most of the articles, we came up with this method: (this operating system uses Win2000 as an example. If you want to

Windows iis+php solve large file upload 500 wrong problem

Linux changed to iis+php, upload more than 2M out of 500 wrong, changed the php.ini in the upload_max_filesize also not, and finally resolved as follows:First step: Modify the php.ini upload size limit(for example, above 500M files of the size)Look

iis+php server cannot upload picture solution _php Tutorial

The main purpose is to test my php.ini not set the value of Upload_dir_tmp, the uploaded files temporarily saved where, after this test found that the original php.ini upload_dir_tmp value is not configured, the default storage location is in C:

Apache+php+mysql combination development of the site, put it in iis+php+mysql what's the problem?

Apache+php+mysql Combination development of the website, put in Iis+php+mysql What's the problem? Apache+php+mysql The combination of the development of the site, put to iis+php+mysql what is the problem, what is the difference between these two

iis+php Fast and Stable configuration method under Win2003 _win server

Here in the cloud Habitat Community Small series according to our experience of such a long time, special sharing under Windows 2003 System iis+php configuration method, simple and easy to use, but also stable. First step: Download this software

PHP Environment installation configuration (including Iis+php+mysql+zend OPTIMIZER+GD library +phpmyadmin)

Iis+php+mysql+zend OPTIMIZER+GD Library +phpmyadmin installation ConfigurationFirst, software preparation1, windos20032, IIS6.03, Php-5.2.11-win324, Mysql-5.0.27-win325, Zendoptimizer-3.3.3-windows6, phpMyAdmin- (Chongqing Firefly Special

Setting up the IIS + PHP environment in ten steps

Setting up the IIS + PHP environment in ten steps Suddenly, I thought that I had been using the Apache + php mode. I want to know the IIS + php mode. Let's say it's a 9-18 bend! Part 1: ISAPI. dll extension According to the information above, I

Advanced tips for IIS php mysql PHP mysql programming

The author has made the following attempts. $data _time= "1998-12-31 23:59:59"; $c $query _id=mysql_query ("Select Date_add (' $data _time ', INTERVAL 1 year)", $connect _id); $data _time=mysql_result ($query _id,0); Mysql_close ($connect

Differences between apache + php pseudo-static writing and iis + php pseudo-static writing

Differences between pseudo-static writing in apache + php and pseudo-static writing in iis + phpThis is the apache + php pseudo static configuration method.RewriteRule/newhouse/m-(d1_0000.html $/newhouse/model. php? Id = $1RewriteRule/newhouse/p2-(d1

Ten steps easy to fix iis+php environment to build

A sudden whim to think that they have been using apache+php mode, want to understand the iis+php mode. It's Jiuqu 18, right? Part I: In the form of ISAPI.dll expansion The result according to the information above said I just can't find a

Win2003 Configure Iis+php+mysql+zend graphics and text to support Asp,.net,cgi,perl and Php_win servers

Required software: ActivePerl, PHP, MYSQL, Zend (first, install the IIS6.0; second, configure the PHP environment; third, install MYSQL; install Zend Optimizer; v. Configure phpMyAdmin) Win2003 configuration under Iis+php+mysql+zend2, download the

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