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Learn more about icloud photos, photo galleries, and photo streams

. Sharing a shared album is a prerequisite for joining a member group of a shared album, which needs to be initiated and received by a person to complete. It is not appropriate for colleagues to share albums with each other occasionally, and the correct posture in this scenario is to select photos to be done through AirDrop, IMessage, or a third-party application installed. Photo Stream and photo gallery can be used to synchronize photos between devi

How does iPad air activate iMessage? How to activate imessage on ipad

Step 1: Set to activate imessage1. Click "set" on the ipad"2. Click "information" on the page"3. Click the Apple ID on the right of the window, enter the appleid and password, and click "log on"4. Next, the system displays the account address we use to communicate with others. Click "next" in the upper right corner, as shown in the following figure.5. Then, the system prompts you to verify your Apple ID account. You need to verify the account onl

Iphone6 imessage how to chat? iOS8 IMessage SMS Group chat tutorial

1. As shown in the following figure, we first open an information application and create a group chat. 2. Then we can put some iMessage to join the chat and then enter the information to click and send the message 3. After the information is sent, return to the SMS list, and then point to enter, as shown in the picture 4. So we'll see the message on the tip is "group" Now we click "Details" 5. Enter into the group we will see that there is

How to Implement iMessage Group Sending

How to Implement iMessage Group Sending Apple has two built-in FaceTime and iMessage applications on Mac OS and iOS operating systems. It perfectly replaces the operator's text message and phone number. In addition, the FaceTime and iMessage accounts are not only bound to the Apple ID, but also to the mobile phone number using this Apple id, such vulnerabilities

What is icloud Drive in Iphone6? icloud Drive How to use

What do you mean, icloud drive? ICloud Drive is an enhanced feature of Apple cloud services that enables better file synchronization between iOS and Mac devices in addition to system cloud backup. Simply put, you can think of icloud Drive as a cloud storage that can support the data storage and synchronization of Apple and third party applications. Not only iwor

Iphone6 Plus icloud free space is not enough to do? icloud space is not enough to solve

What files do users typically store using icloud? To solve this problem, you must first know what is in the icloud. In general, users in the 5GB icloud storage space, the stored files can be roughly divided into four categories, including: photos, backups, documents and data, mail. 1. Photo After iOS8.1, Apple provides the "

IPhone6 ICloud Drive Cloud sync data? iOS8 ICloud Drive Synchronous usage

icloud Dirve Introduction ICloud Drive can back up the data on the iphone to a cloud server, such as backing up documents, spreadsheets, PDFs, and images from iphones to ICloud, and ICloud can be applied to OS X, Sync files between different systems, such as iOS and Windows, and devices like the iphone, IPad, ipod Tou

IPhone5S icloud how to use? icloud Cloud Backup Tutorial

icloud backup usage in IOS6 ⒈ first found the "icloud stored in Backup" application on our iphone and then turned on the icloud Cloud backup option as follows: icloud Cloud Backup ⒉ "icloud Cloud Backup" opens, next icloud

IPhone5S icloud is what icloud how to use

What is icloud? icloud is a cloud service offered by Apple, where users can store 5GB of data for free. You can back up your photos, music, contacts, text messages, documents, etc. and push them wirelessly to all your devices when you need them. Manage your content becomes extremely simple, also do not need to connect the computer to copy paste, all let it complete for you, happy heart.icloud bad is will l

How to use the iphone icloud? icloud Backup Recovery Tutorial

Related reading How does Apple iOS7 register and activate icloud account? Http:// What should I do if the icloud storage space of the Apple handset is insufficient? Http:// Apple Data backup iphone How to back up data Http:// icloud Backup Recovery Tutorial Note

How do I restore icloud backup? Resume from icloud Cloud Backup tutorial

Specific steps (take the iphone as an example below) 1. In the mobile phone we click "Settings" > "General" > "Software Update", we see if it is possible to update the latest mobile phone system (this can be upgraded or not upgraded). 2. If you want to upgrade to upgrade it, do not upgrade we click on the iphone "Settings" > "ICloud" > "Storage and Backup" Here you will see the data we backed up, there is a "last backup" message, and the last back

How to restore icloud backup in IOS7.1? How to use the Apple 5s icloud

First step, open ICloud service 1. On the Apple phone we found the "settings" figure to enter the light point. 2. Then click on the "ICloud" menu in the pop-up page to enter. 3. Now you need to enter your registered Apple ID account and password, and then "login" if you do not have the right to register it. (Apple 5s How to register AppleID account number on mobile phone) 4. If the password is no

IOS 10 Create IMessage App

Original author of Australian 19-year-old--davis Allie----addressWhen the Mid-Autumn Festival, to the outside of the program Ape!Sao years, write an expression on your own. Dou-seal.svg.png First. Introduced With the release of iOS10 , Apple has opened the messages app to developers, and developers can now create their own IMessage appswith various types that can inline iMessage content. Conta

How to use Apple 5/5s icloud? Iphone5/5s icloud Use tutorial illustrations

Note: icloud is actually a backup server, we just put the data back to the server this is the need for the network Oh, so you must remember to back up when the large file uploaded to the icloud when the best use of WiFi network OH. icloud how to use 1, we need to register to activate your icloud, of course you need t

What is the difference between imessage and SMS in Apple's iphone?

What is imessage?IMessage is a chat tool in iOS devices, a bit like micro-mail, but imessage can phone video, chat, voice, SMS and so on.the difference between imessage and SMSIMessage send information is free and the message is charged and imessage as long as there is a net

[IOS] using imessage in IOS10

This article reprinted to Http:// imessage/theme in Ios10iOS DevelopmentUsing Imessage2016-06-22imessage in IOS10There are two new ways to imessage in iOS, 1. Built-in Emoji pack, 2.iMessage app1. Built-in Emoticons pack (sticker Packs)You can create it by creating a new sticker Pack application

How do icloud contacts in Apple iphone export? icloud Contact Export Tutorial

How to export ICloud contacts The first step: we open, then we click Login to find icloud account. The second step: in the interface we click on the "Address Book" as shown in the following figure to open the entry. Step three: Then click on a contact as shown in the following figure and press Command+a all (Windows Ctrl + a). Fourth step: Click on the lower left

Risks of cloud backup in iCloud

ICloud is a cloud synchronization tool provided by Apple to users. It is mainly used to easily restore the same information on previous devices when devices are lost or new devices are purchased. However, after a user's Apple ID is stolen, the user data may be stolen. ICloud backup-related information about iCloud, which Apple provides in Support [^ 1]:###

Mac can't connect to IMessage?

There are users who have recently encountered a strange thing-in any case not connected to the iMessage (that is, the "information" app in the Mac), and other Macs in the same network environment can connect, re-installed after the system is not resolved. Originally, the culprit is that the MAC has no serial number. Someone might ask, how does a Mac with no serial number exist? He just caught up. Sometimes, the serial number is lost after the motherb

Imessage Spam Complaint Script Usage tutorial

1, we first download Spamshot.applescript script file, and then open the information on the Mac. App, find preferences in the upper left corner-General, find AppleScript handler, choose Open Scripts folder from Drop-down menu, as shown in figure: 2, put the Spamshot.applescript script file into this newly opened Scripts folder, restart the SMS. App, and then applescript the handler to find the Spamshot.applescript option. 3, let the script automatically processing spam messages, we open

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