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The technology of supporting processor--the world of endless pursuit of speed books and information

saving is not. This book is written to a programmer who needs to improve the efficiency of a computer system, revealing the great difference between "knowing." Similar bibliography recommendation: "Deep Linux device driver kernel mechanism" Content Summary This book, with its easy-to-understand language and a large number of illustrations, introduces the history, basic structure and principle of the processor, as well as the popular virtualization technolog

About the book on mobile app Testing: Technology, tools and case books Corrigendum information

First of all, the negligence of our work to the "proficiency in mobile app testing: technology, tools and cases," the readers of the reader's apologies, and has been the issue of these questions to the publishing House editor comrade, reprint will be unified amendment;Second, please refer to the Annex PDF document, Errata information.Finally, I would like to express our gratitude to the readers of the supporting authors and sincerely hope to receive m

Recommended books for the communication Physical Layer

the Information Theory Perspective, so that you can clearly see the objectives of various technical designs.:Http:// wireless communications principles and practice, second edition Theodore S. RappaportThis book, together with Digital communications 4th edition, was one of the two essential books for learning wireless communication

Books and technical books unrelated to technology

Books and technical books unrelated to technology This article is from In fact, I seldom buy books and do not know what kind of books I want to read. In this case, I don't know the good books and

Comparison of near-distance communication technology and near-distance communication technology

Comparison of near-distance communication technology and near-distance communication technology Comparison of near-distance communication technology Compared with the traditional near-distance

NetEase reading: Information and books and support offline reading

blog and Weibo: Han, Fang, he Weifang, Xu Zhiyuan, Liu Yu, Lichengpeng, Liangwendao, Lang Salt equality; 4, has the influence vertical website: The color shadow Mowgli, the Vision China, the American empty net, the Hummingbird Net, Padmag vision and so on; 5, independent subscription: readers can subscribe to their own interest in micro-blog; 6, other information: such as "NetEase Open Class" Types of

On information design from information acquisition, expression, communication and communication

Today's society is already an information society, can quickly and efficiently access information, become the core of competitiveness, already more than 10 years ago, the popularization of the Internet has accelerated the flow of information, the way we get information has gradually shifted to a more efficient internet

Web and network basics, HTTP packets, working principles, HTTP Communication Technology in Java, java Communication Technology

Web and network basics, HTTP packets, working principles, HTTP Communication Technology in Java, java Communication Technology I. web and network Basics 1. HTTP history 1.1 concept of HTTP: HTTP (Hyper Text Transfer Protocol) is a communication Protocol that allows the Tran

Programming Technology Books

familiar with any of them. Programming Language C # is just a few months old. later, I always planned to read the second one, but it was a pity that I was either lazy or a new favorite (don't forget to average 2 new books per month, the value of this book is beyond doubt, and I believe that any one will learn. net will have heard of this book, and you should also look at it. many people say that the Chinese version is poor, but I still think that, in

Recommended several best Web Front-end development technology books

WebFront-end development with HTML5And more important. Building a high-quality site has become an important step in winning the game. We recommend the first online bookstore of several computer books, China-Pub.Best-selling WebFront-end development technical books. N0.1 Instant beauty: WebInterface Design how to make the user heart (09Top 50 in the annual best-selling list )(Full Color Printing,First Web"M

"Ansible Automation Operations: Technology and Best practices" books are on the shelves, welcome to read

maintenance of research, and long-term struggle in the domestic well-known internet companies, accumulated a wealth of experience. This book is a brother and a great effort, is also a domestic engineer to write the first ansible books, is full of thousands of goods, it is worth studying carefully.--Xu Yuanzhen, senior information security engineer, Youku Tudou, Inc.This article is from the "Old Wafangdian"

App Star teaches you to make ebooks (including graphic books), technology-Independent

, Content introduction information, upload e-book txt document, you can quickly generate an ebook of the mobile app installation files. The whole operation is a matter of minutes.If you have an ebook resource for a Word document, you can also convert it to an ebook in apk form using the "graphics" tool on the app's star platform, and the "graphics" tool also supports image and text blending. There are three big strides in concrete.The first step: Logi

What is management communication? What are the similarities and differences between it and information communication?

communication, mastering communication skills, can effectively communicate. The process of communication is complex, three-dimensional, cross-and dynamic. The relationship between the communication subject and the object can be changed dynamically, which can be said to be the subject (i.e. the action person). The

Analysis of wireless communication technology in smart grid

advantages and disadvantages, and analysis of its application in the power system prospects. second, wireless technology introduction (i) The concept of wireless communication technology at present, wireless communication and its application has become one of the most active research fields of

Android preliminary: Communication Technology & amp; Android introduction, Android Communication

Android preliminary: Communication Technology Introduction Android introduction, Android Communication Communication Technology: 1G analog system can only be used for voice calls. 2g gsm, CDMA sends and receives text messages and emails. 2.5g gprs, EDGE access to wap netw

China Communication Society Science and Technology Award and Jiangsu Communications Industry Scientific and Technological Progress Award Declaration Introduction

field of information and communication equipment research and development, technical transformation, network operation and management of tangible carriers to obtain applications, economic and social benefits outstanding software achievements.5, in the field of information and communication services, to promote network

View the four processes of Unified Communication Technology Development (1)

We have already learned a lot about the Unified Communication Technology. Do you know how enterprise communication develops in this aspect? Now let's review the development of enterprise communication. We will mainly introduce the integration and Unified Communication Techno

Application of ATM technology in computer Communication Networks

The computer communication network involves two fields of communication network computers. The communication network provides necessary means for data transmission and exchange between computers. Computer technology permeate the communication network and improves the perform

Java Remote Communication Optional technology and principle

mechanism, network IO (Bio/nio/aio), multithread,A transparent scheme for local invocation and remote invocation (involving Java classloader, Dynamic Proxy, Unit Test etc), asynchronous and synchronous calls,network communication processing mechanism (automatic re-connect, broadcast, exception, pool processing, etc.), Java serialization (private serialization mechanism of various protocols, etc.),The implementation principles of various frameworks (t

Java Remote Communication optional technology and principles

parses the message and processes it according to the JMS protocol.Answer:1. What is the standard transmission format?Message specified by JMS.2. How can I convert a request to a transmitted stream?Put the parameter information in the message.3. How to receive and process a stream?The JMS queue is trained to receive the message and process it after receiving it. After processing, the message is still sent to the queue or multicast in the form of messa

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