information security metrics ppt

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Information security trends (IV)

and individuals. I guess: in the future, there may be information security consultants like this. It may also be quite popular, just like private doctors and lawyers outside China. Step 4: Information Security Enterprises may disappear, but the information

New Field of Information Security-trusted Proof Technology

is in a trusted state based on the metrics of the certifier's security attributes and other content, the Inquirer can provide services based on the status of the certifier. In addition, it can also isolate untrusted hosts. Therefore, the research proves that the mechanism can provide a basis for ensuring the security and reliability of the computing platform, an

Information Security Human Resource management

training1.1 Information security ceremonies, education and trainingNovelty and variety, content livelyCan only be associated with the post, regularly updated and carried outBroad coverage, onboarding, on-site or online training, induction exams1.2 Management responsibility and disciplinary processManagement responsibility managers are advised to require all employees and external users to secretly organize

Introduction to testing methods of information security products

1 Introduction The biggest advantage of IP network is its openness, and support the intelligence of terminal, this makes the existence of a variety of rich and colorful business and application in IP network. But at the same time, the IP network's openness and the intelligence of the terminal also make the IP network face the unprecedented security threat; the information communication and transmission in

PHP User Login Cookie Information security analysis, user login cookie_php Tutorial

cryptographic tokens $hash = MD5 ($uid. Time ());//encryption token value $hash_expire =time () +3600*24;//encryption token value is one day validity $user = Array ("uid" = = $uid, "username" = > $username, "hash" = $hash); $user = Base64_encode (serialize ($user)); Setcookie ("User", $user, $hash _expr); Then $hash and $hash_expire into the member table in the hash and hash_expire corresponding fields, you can also deposit nosql,session When a user forges a cookie, the hash cannot be forged, t

PHP User Login Cookie Information security Analysis _php tips

This article describes the security of the cookie information for PHP user login. Share to everyone for your reference, specific as follows: We all know that after the user logged in, the user information will generally choose to keep in the cookie, because the cookie is to save the client, and cookies can be in the client browser free change, which will cause t

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