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PHP Tutorials: Magic Quotes

For Magic quotes, it is a commonplace question for phper. Today I accidentally see an article, combined with PHP Manual and its reply, here to do a simple summary. In short, the input data is automatically escaped when the Magic quotes is turned on.

About displaying double quotes and single quotes in an input box

Show about the display of double quotes and single quotes in the input box Foreground display Solution: method One: single quotes double quotes Method II: single quotes double quotes from the background to read the data foreground

The difference between single quotes, double quotes, anti-quotes, and backslashes in the shell

1. Single quotation mark (')grep403-212-4921212-234-2343If we're looking for Susan Goldberg and can't use the grep Susan Goldberg Phonebook command directly, GREP will treat Goldberg and phonebook as files that need to be searchedgrep ' Susan Gold '

About displaying double quotes and single quotes in an input box

About displaying double quotes and single quotes in an input box Foreground Display Solution: Method One: Single quotation mark Double quotes Method Two: Single quotes Double quotes Read foreground display solution from background: We should add

Processing of single quotes and String concatenation during Oracle Storage

In Oracle, single quotes have two functions: one is that strings are referenced by single quotes, and the other is escape. The use of single quotes is proximity matching, that is, proximity principle. In single quotes, this function is used as an

How to troubleshoot word Chinese double quotes into English quotes

resolve Chinese double quotes into English quotes Step 1: Method One: Word2013 input settings. Resolve Chinese double quotes into English quotes Step 2: First of all to see the landlord's discovery. In the Chinese input method, it is normal to

[Reprinted] differences between single quotes, double quotes, and anti-quotes in linux shell, linuxshell

[Reprinted] differences between single quotes, double quotes, and anti-quotes in linux shell, linuxshell Linux shell can recognize four different types of leading characters: single quotes character 'double quotation marks character "backslash

Explore PowerShell (15) quotes and escape characters _powershell

Basic Usage In conclusion: Single quotes in any case represent only the characters within the quotation marks. In other words, the contents of single quotes do not make the substitution of variables and the escape of characters. In double quotes,

Quotes PHP MAGIC_QUOTES_GPC A little understanding and analysis

Blankyao said, "The process of learning is to constantly find mistakes, and constantly correct mistakes"; Let's see what the manual says! For the average person, look at the first two paragraphs. Magic Quotes Code: Magic Quotes is a process this

POJ1488 UVA272 UVALive5381 TEX Quotes "input and output + water title" _poj1488

TEX Quotes Time limit:1000ms Memory limit:10000k Total submissions:10850 accepted:5630 Description TEX is a typesetting language developed by Donald Knuth. It takes source text together with a few typesetting instructions and produces, one hopes, a

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