install nodejs centos 6

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Install nodejs and websocket in centos

Software Environment: VitrualBoxCentOS6.4NodeJSv0.12.5 installation process: Step 1. confirm that the server has nodejs compilation and dependent software. if not, run the following command to install the software. [Root @ **** node-v0.12.5] #

CentOS 6 Nodejs MongoDB Installation

Wget (Stable version) Wget (Latest version) 2. DecompressionTAR-XVF node-v0.10.22-linux-x64.tar.gzCD node_xxx 3. Installation Yum Install gcc-c++ (

CentOS installation Nodejs and express development framework

This article demonstrates the installation of the Nodejs and Express development Framework on LinuxNote: I downloaded the latest Nodejs version number on the website.NodeJS v0.10.29 but in the./configure, said no path

CentOS installation Nodejs and express development framework

This article demonstrates installing the NODEJS and Express development Framework on Linux Software Environment:VMware 9 CentOS 6.5 Nodejs v0.10.24 installation process:Step 1, verify that the server has Nodejs compiled and dependent software,

Configure the Nodejs on your own VPS server (CentOS 6 x86)

1.SSH LoginRecommended Xshell (free, support for custom port numbers)Log in directly with root2. Installing the NODEJS compilation environmentYum-y Install gcc gcc-c++ openssl-devel3. Install gitYum Install git4. Install

Build a ghost Blog based on Nodejs on CentOS

Ghost IntroductionGhost 是基于 Node.js 构建的开源博客平台。Ghost 具有易用的书写界面和体验,博客内容默认采用Markdown 语法书写。Ghost 的目标是取代臃肿的 Wordpress。Build Ghost Blog System1. Native test environment[[email protected] ~]# cat /etc/redhat-releaseCentOS Linux release 7.2.1511

Install. NET Core R2 on CentOS 7 and run Hello World

Install. NET Core R2 on CentOS 7 and run Hello WorldPreface Last month, the latest version of. NET Core was available, but it was tested on the Window system. I originally wanted to try it on the Linux system when I was releasing the official

Install nodejs 0.9.0 in centos 6

Ensure that python is installed. Most installation failures are caused by the low Python version. Before installation, upgrade python to [Root @ SNDA-192-168-15-161 ~] # Python-VPython 2.7.3Start installation: 1

Install nodejs and centosnodejs on centos

Install nodejs and centosnodejs on centos 1. Download and install nodejs 1 wget 2 yum install gcc openssl-devel gcc-c ++ compat-gcc-34 compat-gcc-34-c ++ 3 tar-xf node-v0.10.25.tar.gz 4 cd

CentOS 7 installs Gitlab 8-6 Chinese Edition tutorial

1. Close SELinux [root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# sed-i ' s/^selinux=.*/#&/;s/^selinuxtype=.*/#&/;/selinux=.*/a SELINUX=disabled '/etc/ Sysconfig/selinux[Root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# Setenforce 0Setenforce:selinux is disabled[Root@ds-vm-node83 ~]# 2. Install Epel

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