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Code optimization--optimize Division

Abstract: The current CPU multiplication is very fast (about one CPU cycle, or two or three cycles are required, but each cycle can start a new multiplication command ), however, Division as a basic instruction is more than expected. It is a very

Code optimization-optimize Division

From:   Tag:CodeOptimization, division, Newton iteration, subtraction instead of division, Division Optimization Note:ArticleMany of the data may have different results in different

Code optimization-optimize Division

  Note: A lot of data in this article may have different results in new CPUs, different CPUs, or different system environments, and may not be comprehensive)X86 series CPUs can complete basic commands such as bit operations, addition, and

Integer Division-a dynamic planning of problems in the old growth talk

Integer Division-an old growth point:1) Practice and combine mathematical capabilities.2) practice recursive thinking3) practice DPIn short, it is a classic topic that can no longer be classic:This is a good question:1. Divide N into the sum of

How does the compiler implement constant integer division optimization for 32-bit integers? [C + +]

IntroductionIn one of my previous articles [ThoughtWorks Code Challenge--fizzbuzzwhizz Game General High Speed (C & C + +)] It was mentioned that the compiler was optimized to handle the division of the divisor as a constant, sorted out today, One

Division Method in C #3.0

Origin and order This past weekend is very meaningful to me. First, I got a copy of "God throw the dice?" on Friday. A popular science book about quantum theory, which has been seen from Friday night, has been touched by the inconvenience of many

Multithreading (III): dynamic task division & amp; static task division

First, this is the definition given by the teacher -- Static task division: the problem is divided into relatively independent sub-problems equal to the number of CPUs; Dynamic task division: when the problem has n (> Number of CPUs) relatively

C # comprehensive secrets-segmentation and Division Methods

In the object-oriented "Closed encapsulation" development principle, we always advocate encapsulating independent functions in a class! However, from Visual Studio 2005 development, the system provides a branch-class development method that has been

The implementation and negative-mode of division-C + +

One, the following questions you can do all right?1.7/4=?2.7/(-4) =?3.7%4=?4.7% (-4) =?5. (-7)/4=?6. (-7)%4=?7. ( -7)/(unsigned) 4 =?Answer:1-133-1-31073741822If you get it all right, you can ignore what's behind it ...Second, the division of the

C ++: recursive algorithm Integer Division

The integer division problem is one of the classical propositions in the algorithm. The explanation of this problem involves the basics of recursion. The so-called Integer Division refers to writing a positive integer N as follows: N = m1 + M2 +... +

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